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My morning

Controversial Content
Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 11:20am by katskorner

I have lived in this area for quite a long time. In all of this time the only people who knocked softly on my door was JW's and Mormons. I talk to them all.

I refuse to send anyone away from my door hatefully. I believe in being nice if I can be. Even in stores I will find a way around people standing and visiting with a friend rather than ask them to move. An excuse me is not rude but I would be butting into their conversation.

I had a forceful knock on my door just a bit ago. The knock that says answer me. I answered it. 

It was a Baptist Preacher inviting me to visit his church. His wife was with him. I took his invite and shook my head and said to him You did say Baptist? 

Never have I had a Baptist Preacher knock on my door here. I grilled him on what he believed. 

Now Baptists are bad about fist hitting the pulpit and preaching hellfire and brimstone and against all other churches. 

I do not want to hear how all other denominations are wrong. I only want to hear God's word and not what man thinks the words say, just what God says.

I may go check him out. we shall see.

Yesterday was a very long day. I did my ct scan. They try to do one once a year to keep check on my lungs. No big deal. My lung Doc likes to put me thru several kinds of tests on my lungs once a year.  It is like an update.

Then I took a long ride to pick up tires and an air compresser. I did not have to get out of the truck anywhere and I got lunch bought for me, we chose the Sonic to have lunch. 

Tomorrow I might have to go grocery shopping. We shall see.


User Comments

I usually get alot of Jehovah Witness members come knocking on Saturday mornings.  If I see them knocking at the neighbor's before coming to me first, I quietly close my wooden door and not respond.  I just don't care to be talked to about beliefs. So I just avoid it altogether.  I don't care what religions other people follow, but its up to me to seek outside of my own, if I so choose.

I need to get new tires for my car soon.  The ones I have now are 4 years old.  Tires can sure run high, geez.

I hope you have a good week end, kat.  Mild temps here today, nice & sunny @ 66°.

I send the JWs and Mormons packing as soon as I can. I don't want to waste my time or theirs.

I tell 'em, after a warm-up time...that, "We obviously disagree, and, not everyone can be right. So, will you agree with me that we pray for each other for this?  That we both come to be only on the right paths with God ?

I get agreement every time.


Good for you!  This is exactly how it should be.

Religion is not vacuum cleaners, for Pete's sake.  People shouldn't be trying to sell it door-to-door.

He did not try to sell me anything he only invited me to come to the church where he is the preacher. He answered my questions only with his beliefs and no Bible verses were read.

The same JW  woman has stopped  by with a partner every other month on a Sunday at one for over five years now. The first time she knocked, I told her I was Catholic and not a candidate for conversion and she said OK. She just hands me her pamphlet when we're finished chatting about everything but religion. Amen {#basic-wink.gif} 

Congrats on your clean scan! 

I go to Sonic every.single.day for my caffeine in the form of a Route 44 diet Coke with vanilla and one plain one.   

That is how it is here. We may share a verse but I get to tell them what I think it means

I'm very lucky, with Mindy running and barking up the drive when anyone goes to come in the gate, for some reason all of our door knockers have ceased...lol

It's been many years since JW or Mormons have come to the door. My neighborhood is mostly Hispanic now as are the JWs that come around, so they know not to come to the white guys door I guess.

The last time two blond white guys with the Mormons came around they walked right pass me and went to my Hispanic neighbor who pulled the 'I don't speak English' card, but got fooled when one the guys spoke Spanish. I did chuckle at that.

I don't get many witnesses of any stripe out here in the boondocks ... but they keep developing areas nearby and the little lane has now become a rumbling thoroughfare. I suppose the worriers of my miserable soul will come with their pamplets of hope along with the suburbs ... 

I used to accept the JW pamphlets every month, but wouldn't read them.  Finally, as politely as I could, i told them it was probably a waste of their time and not to come anymore.   

Lets hope he preaches God's Word and not his!


hmm I avoid this by not answering my door or my phone anymore unless i can see or tell who it is. It doesn't sound like the Preacher was pushy or badgered you but rather extended an invitation to you in the name of witnessing for God.

Be careful out there with the flu hitting the USA. It's a different strain then other years. Good to know you were able to get to the center for you annual check=up without problems. I know it's something you have to keep up with now.

The first thing any of them will find out when they knock on my door is I will be friendly but do not put up with pushy. I think I was the one being pushy with the preacher. 

Baptists generally don't go door to door unless they are opening a new church, have hired a new preacher, or are handing out flyers for vacation Bible school or some other large function. 

A lot of them go on missions though, some only for a few weeks, where they'll do something like major home repairs @ no charge to the poor (my family's church usually ends up somewhere down south in WV) or help clean up after disasters.  Other, more zelous believers go out of the country for longer missions, sometimes years, doing various good works throughout the world, like digging fresh water wells, opening schools and orphanages, etc.

If my local Baptist church had a hell-fire slinging pastor, I'd be attending.  Instead, like most church services I've been to in recent decades, they're lukewarm and nap-inducing, lol.

I don't care much for JW's, having had unpleasant interactions with quite a few when I asked them some legitimate questions. 

Not so with the Mormons, they've always been very nice, willing to answer anything you ask them without hesitation, and unthreatened by those who believe differently.

Mormons are always ready and willing to do work for you, anything you need. 

I had thought after the Preacher left here that he might be new. There is a website, I looked. He has been here for a few years. I don't mind hell fire preaching but I do not want to hear about other denominations. JW's always just ask how I am feeling and doing. Sharing a verse if I say ok. and then go their way.

How have you been lately. 

Hanging in there, best I can.  Don's skip those CT scans, they dont take long and there's no discomfort, though it does feel strange when the dye hits your bloodstream, doesn't it?

I said elsewhere that the one good thing about COPD is the number of xrays of the lungs you end up subjected to, not just the CTs but I get em any time pneumonia is even remotely suspected, so anything else going on in there is detected early.

Strange place to find a silver lining, but we gotta take them where they're found, right?

I do not have dye. I am allergic to all metals and the dye is a type of metal.  My lung doc would give me a huge lecture if I miss a ct. So yeah I will be good.

All I have to do to get JWs to stay away from my door is smile, look them in the eye and tell them, calmly and quietly, what I believe about the Bible and about religion in general. They look at me like I've just sprouted horns and a tail and scamper away like scared rabbits.  

That is funny

Both baptists and police officers have pounding knocks. When I open the door, I'd much rather be the first of the lot! 

I have to agree with you

We have a group of ladies wandering the street, pouncing on unsuspecting pedestrians, they're harmless but I always cross the road. 

A group can always turn into harmful so I also would cross the road if I saw them

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