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my local paper

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, September 20th 2021 at 3:12pm by katskorner

❗Breaking News: Vail Resorts to require proof of vaccination for guests at restaurants along with all workers



User Comments

😯  uh oh.

Good time to strike and picket Vail Resorts

 How would that work out?

It depends....

I don't ski and definitely not there, so I couldn't boycott. And you'd have to make it through the gates in order to picket. Nothing much we can do about it.

If Kat will keep us posted of developing events, if any? Thx Kat....

Too bad we don't have someone on our side who would do for us like the Soros organizations do for the anti-Americans... bus us there and put us up in hotels to burn Vail Resorts down. 

             I will post what I can. I don't ski or have anything to fo with Vail Resorts but this is close to my home.

I wonder how many of these large corporations have CEO's and board members whose names were in Epstine's black book?

This is not good.

People who got the jab are just as likely to get infected and to spread the virus.

Actually more likely, RG...

People who got the jab are just as likely to get infected and to spread the virus.

What do they do Sis. Kats with those that have medical reasons or Religious reasons? Bro. Doc

 newspaper din't say

They will probably tell them "sorry you're not allowed." Bro. Doc

Yep... CO is a Blue State


A PRAYER IN FIVE PARTS   = maybe we could pray something like this:

ONE = Father I sin sometimes and I need RE-reconciliation with Your desires for me; (I may have hidden sins, too!).  Please forgive me so me & Your Spirit can go on together with my Jesus-like servanthood.

TWO = I agree with and thereby support all those who are praying in these ways, below:

THREE = "Father it is your desire that NONE be lost to Hell, so I/we pray that YOU move the minds and hearts and values of all people in political positions &  all people in governments & their bureaucracies to embrace the desires of YOUR HEART,

                            ...and ...

FOUR = If any people in #THREE , above, refuse You, please remove them from leadership and other positions where they can do or propose or promote or propagate or legislate evils upon others.

FIVE = Too, Almighty God, please allow no evil power to prevent these things I/we ask, for Hell is too awful for ANY human."


((BTW , in 'THREE ', one could also use/enter   names of people or families, groups, states, countries, cities, etc., etc.   in the underlined area of #3, too))

"underlines' may not get printed by Blocster... but you get the idea.

yes it is a blue state. prayer isd always good


Ephesians 2:14 For He Himself is our peace... Amen! Sometimes I say to myself, “What a terrible world!” And I say to myself again, “Lord Jesus, come soon!”

  best prayer along wth Thy will be done

That is so wrong!!  1derlander is right, time for a boycott.

Profits have to be falling off with this kind of thinking. 

There is a factory in my town who is doing the same thing and many are quitting.

I will find out soon as ski season gets here


Proof of vaccination doesn't mean someone is virus-free. 

 they know this too but they are showing where they stand with this

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