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Monday night

Added: Wednesday, January 13th 2021 at 11:00am by katskorner

Monday night I just had to have Chinese food. about an hour after we ate daughter and I got very sick.  We had the same dish but hers was chicken and mine beef. Hubby had a different dish, one we found does not bother his blood sugar.

We think we got food poison and I am sticky with that.  I am better today but daughter got hungry last and ate more of her food.She is still sick.

User Comments

Awww kats, I'm so sorry to hear this about both you and your daughter.  Glad you're feeling better. I hope your daughter begins to feel better very soon.  {#friend.gif}

 thank you

...eating cats will do that... just sayin...

Cat's, that's new to me, since it's dogs they love to eat.  Lol!  Let's stop with the kidding now, lol!


Yes, that's what it sounds like.  I hope you both are doing much better.  Did you go to a Chinese Resturuant, or buy at Store?  Either way, the Resturuant, Store need to be notified.

  Resturuant, carryout

Oops!!  That is bad.

I'm sorry to hear that. 

 thank you

Sorry to read you got sick from the food. Bro. Doc

  thank you

so sorry...... leave it to the Chinese...{#bubble-gum.gif}

 I don't think I will be eating they're food again anytime soon

should be reported to the health dept... it may be all too old to eat

 I think I should have had the docs say it was food poison I can't prove it and with this covid they like to blame it

so true...... as long as your over it thats what is really important.

 Lol I am afraid to go see what is what because of this covid stuff. I talked with a nurse after I was better and she said "it might be covid "

Yeah, that happened to me once too, with muscle cramps.       I chalked it up to too much MSG in the mix, which is a nuerotoxin.

 I had some muscle cramps in my legs

So sorry kats. Having food poisoning is no fun. I have had it before.

BUT one time there were 3 of us that went to a fast food place, it was owned by a family though. Two of us got deathly sick, all night long we were so sick. The next day we called the other one who went with us, he didnt get sick, but we all ate the chicken. So we went to the doctor, he said, it was stomach flu. So, I dont know. but within 24 hrs we were good to go.

 It could have been a flu bug but it started about an hour after we ate

Did you order it or buy it at the grocery store? Is vomiting your only symptom? 

 A restaurant carry out and no vomiting but I think if I had of I would have felt better

I'm so sorry Kats. I hope you and your daughter are feeling better REAL soon. {#giveflowers.gif}

 Thank you, we do

Sounds nasty.  Hope you both feel better soon.

 Thank you I do

I think The Enemy and his useful idiots are REALLY busy these days...

Me?  Just ended 36 hours without electricty...

 I hope you stayed warm

Thankfully I am one of the few around here who still has an "approved" wood stove.

You might try to remember what you'd eaten the day before, because most food poisoning takes a day or so to develop.   1nderlander is correct, MSG is heavily used in Chinese foods, and can cause immediate symptoms, like headaches and muscle cramps.

Americans suffer from food poisoning more often that most would believe!  It's rarely deadly (unless it's botulism or hepatitis or a few other baddies) and most doctors (and most mothers, too) simply call it 'a 24 hour stomach flu.'

Not trying to be 'right' here or anything, just sharing some information.  Glad you're feeling better!

 I had thought might be flu, but whatever it was it was very nasty. thankful only 1 end was used and not both

Yeah, those 'double-barreled' attacks are the worst!

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