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Added: Wednesday, July 17th 2019 at 10:29am by katskorner

hatinman is alive and well and very busy. He is not on the internet much. 

feralpuppies does facebook and emails. 

still do not know about Us2nomads.

deanrussell is alive and well and is visiting us for a short while. 

Still no information on Mari Ana.

There are more MIA's out there that I wonder about? The list is a long one

User Comments

I saw Us2 logged in a few days ago, but didn't post anything.

aKuna....what happened to her?

Akuna is on FB.

I am here from time to time but not currently participating.

Ken, tell aKuna hello for me and I certainly miss you here!  You know I find your humor, hilarious.  I miss that!

I just want to make sure we are all stikk alive I think

I spoke with Akuna. She is locked out of her Blogster account. I will attempt to help her in a couple of days.

Oh yAy!  It'll be good to have her back if you can make it happen, Ken.

 Yay I liked reading her

I think Sis. Kats, lots of stopped coming here and have decided to be elsewhere like FB or not on the internet much anymore. With nice weather some are spending more and more time out of doors. Bro. Doc

Yep, hatinman got really busy. I noticed a lot of MIAs, but Mari Ana is the one who concerns me the most. 

I was asking Nate about that. A lot of folks are not here that was here six months ago.

Akuna= I left a comment on her blog awhile ago but rec'd no reply. She had invited me to connect with her @ FB but I told her I don't have an account there anymore. I know she gets disgusted with all the negativity here as do many others who left.

Mari Ana= don't know except her daughter Jodi designated Imperatrix as her Press Secretary/ spokesperson My guess: 1. either Jodi has not given Imperatrix updates 2. Jodi requested that no information be provided to us for whatever reason 3. the Press Secretary is too busy to update or prefers to control that info. 4. Jodi did say to write her a direct message however, I don't know if that is still what Jodi wants or not. 

It's a shame & very sad as many here had become good friends with Mari Ana. They are truely and rightfully concerned for her well-being.

Aren't we all tired of the negativity? And people who don't know shit from Shineola writing blogs as if they are authorities on subject which in reality they know nothing about?

No one is stopping you from sending Jodi a message, Hershey, or anyone else for that matter.  The account is still active, though I have no reason to believe Mari Ana will ever be returning to Blogster.

I know I am, Ken. 

A couple months ago I compiled a list of all my friends who left here. The list was very long...it made me sad  to read the list. That caused me to skip posting it on my blog....

They are definitely missed along with their intelligent thoughtful comments & great blogs posted. 

I miss riverchick also.  I loved her pics and blogs but she posts exclusively on WordPress now.  That makes me sad.

That is why I only list a couple of people and my blog is open so anyone can add a person that is mia

me, too. I loved her blogs.

My list is too long to list, Kats.

This is the date/ time I left the comment @ Akunas blog.

Checking to see if you are OK, Akuna.

▶ Hershey-OTR on Thursday December 27th 2018 at 10:36am • Link • Reply

Thanks for the updates. I was gone for over a year and wondered about the other MIAs. I don’t do Facebook so I guess I’m a MIA to my friends on there. 

It is good seeing you 

..Thank you for letting me know about feral puppies I appreciate it..

your very welcome. 

Con Edith on facebook

 I miss Neo. I think he was an awesome writer too.

yes he is missed by me also 

Hateinman, on face book, under a different name.  Feralpuppies is going by his real name on face book, if you want to contact them, and don't know how, message me, and I'll give you the information.


Well I just wish someone would tell us about Mari Ana, I think it stinks that nothing has been said about her recovery.

All I know is what was just told 

No one is stopping you from sending Jodi a message, Hershey, or anyone else for that matter.  The account is still active, though I have no reason to believe Mari Ana will ever be returning to Blogster.

▶ Imperatrix on Thursday July 18th 2019 at 3:55am this was to  Hershey-OTR   it is in the comments section above

Yes I have read that, and I'm sorry I do not believe our Ana would not want us to know how she is going, but it's not our fight, I just feel sad.

Sandra, there is no 'fight.'  If Jodi or Mari wanted this information posted on Blogster, Jodi could, and would, certainly post it.

I am not at liberty to, keeping my word to Jodi.  Not fighting with anyone about it, and neither is she.

I mean, who could blame them after someone from here made not one, but two phone calls filing what they knew to be false abuse reports?

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