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Just saying

Added: Tuesday, December 10th 2019 at 10:48am by katskorner


I have been busy with all kinds of tests. They all come out good.....not great but not bad. My AC1 is at 5.2.......Woo hoo. My white blood count is high but has always run high. I do not run fevers when I get sick either.

I have had a couple of ultrasounds done. They said I am normal. Those things hurt. I don't know why they keep checking me for cancer but they do. 

I got all kinds of family drama going on. I just roll my eyes at the one who is being dramatic and tell them I hear them. Sorry not xharing but it is all so senseless.

I am being as good as I can be. Which sometimes isn't very good.


User Comments

At least your tests are coming back normal and even better, no cancer!

So sorry to hear about your family drama Kat. Seems every family have their issues that are senseless and meaningless but they still occur, blegh...

Continue being good. Do not get on Santa's naughty list! :)

 but I can use the coal because baby it is cold outside

Its FINALLY cold here today. Yesterday was 78°  {#basic-undecided.gif}

Sometimes silence is very eloquent. When you don’t bite the bait, and just look at them as if they were from another planet they shut up

 not my family thats when they get dramatic


I think Sis. Kats, when you get at a certain age and it runs in the family cancer, they check you more often. Good that everything is fine. I guess family is family. Bro. Doc

yes family is family and I love them enough that I try to be truthful with them even if they don't like the truth, so instead I roll my eyes at them and say nothing. they hate that

I guess sometimes one needs to say what is on their minds, whether anyone likes it or not. Bro. Doc

May God lift you up with His healing, love and peace.

thank you

Tis the season for good news... {#basic-cool.gif}


I like good news and peace is nice

Looks like you will be having a merry Christmas health wise anyway and for family and drama - pop some popcorn and watch the show... 

{#popc1.gif}{#popc1.gif} good advice


Keep comin' back!


Glad the tests came out well. I hope the drama folks let up. I'm thinking I may finally have a handle on it.

I ignore as best I can. If they keep it up I will have to speak out and tell them they are nuts

Aren't those tests a pain? I sometimes think my doctor runs them because he just can't believe I'm as healthy as I am. If you have gray hair and wrinkles they always seem to assume you're ready for the undertaker.

I think you are right

Good test results are better then dealing with family drama any day.

I agree

I am glad that your tests came back all good kats.

thank you

you are welome.

"I am being as good as I can be. Which sometimes isn't very good."

HO HO Ho... you're a normal human being. 😉 it would be nice to if people just enjoyed the holiday season. 


{#giveflowers.gif} Wonderful news about your tests, I am just so happy for you, and the family.  Sending you lots of {#friend.gif} warm hugs.

how are you doing

Well really Kats, I'm up to sh*t, not very lady like I know but it is the truth, each day I hope I will be better, but if  could just be told Mindy was OK, maybe I would fee better, I will talk to you later, just so very happy you are OK..

Wonderful now you can move forward thinking only what you want your health to be instead  of worrying what it is..........................Mind Freedom is healing

I agree


Thank you

Just had my yearly a month ago. Tip top the Doc says. So how you been lately dear friend? 

Doing doc visits and some family drama keeps me busy.

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