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Feeling good

Added: Thursday, July 2nd 2020 at 9:28am by katskorner

Last year daughter and grand daughter needed a place to stay. I said yes. They both had jobs but the rent here is way to high.

It did not take long until grand became a caretaker for me (read that as I got lazy).Doing everything needing done.

She also tried to have a relationship with a guy. He did what he needed to do to convince her they would be together forever......until he grew tired of her. Then it was oh lets just be friends.  He left behind him a seed that started growing.

She told him....he demanded an abortion she sauid NO! He then filed rape charges against her. Court is still going thru the motions with filing false charges.

Baby came this morning shortly after midnight. An adorable little boy named Carter Lee. Can't wait to see him. number 12 of my great grands.

User Comments

My goodness, 12 grands :)

Hope it all works out Kats.

LOL that is Great Grands........it will work out I am sure

Yeah, those too LOL. {#bag-on-head.gif}


Awwww a sweet baby boy.  A dozen greats!  Can't go wrong with that :)


thank you

Midnight....the kid needs a watch. That's sleepy time not birth time....LOL

{#airborne.gif} {#blower2.gif} {#dancing6.gif}

I was asleep :)

Happy for you...too bad about the cad.

thank you

Cheaper by the dozen... that's so untrue. {#basic-cool.gif}

especially when it comes time for gifts




thank you

He filed rape charges against her? Did I read that right?

Congrats on the new bundle of joy.

LOL yes you read it right

 thank you

Oh my goodness. now I have heard it all. 

You are welcome kats.

animated-congratulation-image-0075 animated-congratulation-image-0099                       animated-congratulation-image-0126 I am very happy for you all.

thank you

What MAN worth his salt would admit to having been "raped" by a WOMAN? LOL He's just trying to get out of paying child support. I hope the judge will see that.

actually he was trying to force her into an abortion. my granddaughter stood her ground.

Glad he didn't succeed. After all, the kid is half your granddaughter's. 

all hers for now. I think with all he has done that the courts will hit him with a good size money support with very little rights

Well, that's a new one to me!  Girl gets pregnant and guy calls "RAPE".  What a 😈

However... you got a new grandbaby!  Congratulations!

thank you

No doubt, the enemy of our souls is fighting tooth and nail to make life difficult, especially for people bringing children into the world.   I'm so glad for your grand daughter's bravery and resilience.  You have good reason to feel good!

pWell he better be a wee wittle tinny think or it will be unbeleivable as the penis doesn't go up when stimulated by fear and abuse which RAPE constitutes.... Thus I just gave her her defense  possition.... Sad a little one should be brought into such a mess.. but Congrats and I know you will provide the love need to overcome any of this........ Blessing to all.

the babe is so very adorable

Im so glad she is with you....as said in this chaotic world you will provide the love needed.....

thank you


Sure hope things get worked out for her. 

thank you

Belated delving on my part.


12 great grands yes

It's like apostles made for you.


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