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at last!!!!

Added: Friday, October 30th 2020 at 3:57pm by katskorner

The furnace did not want to give up what was making it not work right. Finally got it done. I should have prayed for it at the very start. Nope waited until today to ask. It was the transfomer. I don't know what that is but Thank you Lord and thank you baby boy. yes stayed warm. gas oven low heat door cracked open. would have been a perfect time to make jerky.

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Happy for you! Better now than in December or January

 God's timing is always best

The guy who fixed my gas oven yesterday, asked if I leave it open and on to heat the place and I said no. 

He said he always askes people with gas ovens if they do and them gives them a lecture on how that can kill you. 

Good that you furnace is working now.

 yes it can kill a person

Thank goodness its fixed especially being that it was so c-o-l-d!!

 thank you

Glad stove is fixed kats.

 thank you

Your welcome. Glad you all are safe.


"Transformer" is prolly the thing that powers the control circuits...transforming 120-240AC to 28Volts

 I think I heard someting like that from baby boy

Funny how it is the little things that keep us going ;) 

 sometimes it is a lot of little things

Sounds like you mean Electrical Transformer, or maybe you mean electrical box that the heater is connected too that had shorted out. At least I hope it didn't cost lots too fix it. But I am sure to do that you needed an Electrial man and he had to replace the part of the electrical box or transformer that was messed up and then you had to have a contract number of the one that did the repair on it. Bro. Doc

 My repair person is my baby son. The cost was not much but worth it all

At least you have a member of your family that works in the field. They are not cheap otherwise. Bro. Dpc

 my family can be described as "jack of all trades and master of none"

I see but something they might know to do, you can't do it unless you are licensed to do it. That is the pits. Bro. Doc

Brr is better than BRRRRRR...

 it was qyite cold here too

Just stay warm my sweet kats. it's a loonnggg winter coming to you, {#what-the-oh-my.gif} mind you I would rather the cold than the stinking summer we are in for. {#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-cool.gif} {#basic-cool.gif}

 I am warm.....I like it about 68

That sounds like a good temp to me.

I'm glad you got your furnace working. It's getting really cold outside. Hubby and I were covering up with blankets last night just to watch TV. (We keep the heat turned down so we can afford to pay the bill.) 

 thank you

I'm sure it's a relief to get that fixed!

     if I had put God in charge to begin with it would of been much faster

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