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Top Places To Find An Example Of An Essay Outline With A Thesis

Added: Tuesday, February 14th 2017 at 2:35am by kathileroy

You probably know that an essay outline should include a paper topic, thesis statement, list of key ideas, and the most important supporting details. No matter what kind of an assignment you are working on, it is always helpful to have a good example at hand. The guidelines below will help you find top places with great samples to follow:

Visit the website of an academic writing center.

It is not necessary to go to your school writing center. Instead, you can use your search engine to find the websites of dozens of other writing centers with samples of outlines, templates, and student papers. Most of them are moderated by school staff, so the provided materials are reliable. To speed up your search, use the keywords, such as “essay outline,” “thesis,” and “writing center.”

Search through the popular writing blogs.

Bloggers always share different pieces of their writings online, including examples of a thesis, academic paper templates, and outstanding essays. There, you may also find directions on how to compose a strong assignment, what an outstanding thesis statement should look like, and what details to bear in mind while you are working on your paper. Usually, you can also contact a chosen blogger to ask for some advice.

Find online samples provided by writing services.

If you want to get documents written by professional writers, it makes sense to visit a website of a high-rated writing service where you will find a large collection of free outlines, parts of papers, and whole assignments formatted in different styles. These materials are uploaded for the writing service customers so that they could check qualifications of a chosen writer. Read 'Using essay writing service' to learn more.

Ask your academic advisor for some assistance.

Usually, academic advisors have a collection of the best works of their students. These papers are checked and formatted according to the school requirements, so you can use them as samples. Pay special attention to the comments provided by your professor. You may also ask him or her where to find reliable resources for your work. This will help you avoid common mistakes and receive a top grade. 

Remember that you should write about the ideas that you consider important in your own words. Try to develop a unique outline and thesis for your essay based on the best available examples. Make sure not to borrow the ideas of others without citing them properly or else you will be accused of plagiarism.

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