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Added: Wednesday, October 13th 2010 at 5:29am by karasu
Category: Photos > Botanical > Flowers
Related Tags: japan, flowers, plant, nature

higan-bana (彼岸花)
A botanical name is "Lycoris radiata".
We call it "Higan-bana". It means "Death-flower".
Because it has a strong poison.
If we eat it by mistake, causes the diarrhea and vomiturition.
Sometimes it leads us to the death.

It is often seen around rice field and at the cemetery.
We have other name of it...Hell flower, Ghost flower, Razor flower, Abandoned child flower,,,they are inauspicious. But we have a fortunate name to it as opposed to inauspicious. The name is "Manjyushage"(曼珠沙華) It means "heaven-flower". It derives from the Buddhism. A lot of poisons are contained in the part of the tuber and the flower doesn't have them. And honeydew is so sweet. Maybe it is the reason that it has opposed names.

User Comments

Very nice photos and story about the flower. The cloud formation over the second pic of the flower really adds dimension and contrast in color. 

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

You are very welcome. I'll return often as time alllows.

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!  Thank you for sharing with us!

Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed.

I always enjoy your wonderful pictures. :)

Thanks a lot!!
Your word becomes an encouragement to me.

Beautiful and informative, thank you

They're in full bloom now in Japan. Thanks!!

Wow, this is neat! It's an ironic name to give to a flower that's seen at a graveyard. We have poisionous plants here in the States that we need to stay away from. 'Course, we have poison oak/ivy/sumac that leaves rashes, irritation. Very dangerous when it's burned and the vapors inhaled. But the flowers are pretty! Nice pictures!

Wow! Sounds dangerous. Your area has so poisonous plants!

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