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ultrasonic welding machine

Added: Thursday, August 19th 2010 at 10:26pm by kaerwelder

Ultrasonic welding machine is primarily used for secondary connection of thermoplastic. Compared with other welding techniques, it has the advantages of excellent welding quality, high production efficiency and wide application. By using imported piezoelectric ceramics vibrators and original vertical normal temperature-circulation self-cooled ultrasonic generators, our products enjoy the lowest failure rate among the same industry.

Main Features of ultrasonic welding machines:
. Aluminum alloy whole frame, high-rigidity;
. Rack and pinion lifting framework, easy operation, accurate positioning;
. AIRTAC pneumatic components durability;
. Automatic and manual operating mode, convenient for adjusting;
. Normal temperature-circulation self-cooled ultrasonic generator with original;
. Vertical type, the lowest failure rate of the industry;
. Constant power output circuit never overload for avoiding poor welding.Service

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