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I Hear You Crying, Lord,

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, June 3rd 2011 at 5:46pm by JTruant


Blogster, it's been awhile. I keep my comments to myself mostly these days. You might ask why, it's not likely of course because most of the people here these days are too self absorbed and utterly craptastically boring to ever ponder anything outside of what mass produced fast food monkey grub to shovel into their grotesque jiggling mouth hole. Honestly, the sense of community and the awesomeness of being here have been replaced by moronic mouth breathing cunts just waiting to run to the bosses and whine. I find better ways to occupy my time than blogging here which... is easy thanks to the population of crybabies and drama queens.


So I don't post, I rarely lurk and still there's people out there who just can't shut the fuck up about me. You know what? You are a failure. I am literally better than you in every facet of living and you can all suck the absolute fattest part of my enormous prick you pansies. Chickenhawk conservative wasteland, I dub thee blogster.



Oh yeah, I usually charge people to analyze my pictures long enough to call them smut. The middle finger offends thee? Grow up.

User Comments


A wild douchebag appears

If you werent playing cat and mouse I'd reply 'what a pathetic respose for a such a talented ranter' {#basic-laugh.gif} and a wild douchebag seems to me to be more useful than the first post. Are you a talented piano player, learning multiple mentalism, solving the energy problem - no - then I guess you will still amuse yourself by lurking around blogster.

Are you aware Kristy is 14 years old?  She's got more brains and smarts than most of the rest of us old farts (and this includes you) all put together................She is one sharp young gal....

She might be a future president of the United States.........

You should visit and post/comment more just because they love you so...{#rofl.gif}

You should visit and comment more just because they hate you so much...{#rofl.gif}

Hey...I don't like much about you...but you are absolutely entitled to your opinions, just like the rest of us...{#basic-smile.gif}

Was that for me or JT?

It was meant for jt!   {#basic-smile.gif}

Where you copied my line, I wasn't sure..sorry.

I can see why you might have thought that...sorry!  (look again...I didn't copy your line exactly...lol)

I don't get offended easily. Never had an issue with you. You are entitled to be YOU. Being unique is only being human.{#basic-laugh.gif}


so what ?

just  complain

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