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Anarchy, For Dummies

Controversial Content
Added: Monday, October 24th 2011 at 1:39am by JTruant
Category: Blogster > Suggestions > Blogs

For the most part I like to let this site stew in its own stupidity. Really, there’s not much I ever feel the need to say here anymore because I, unlike Holly, just don’t enjoy... most of you. Its a hammering kind of constant loathing too, the people I used to try to get along with are long gone and what’s left are cruel pantomimes of the interesting shit I’ve read here. However, its come to my attention that some of the teabaggers (a truly genius pseudonym btw) have been calling the occupiers (give us a job right now or we won’t shower for weeks!) “anarchists.” See, its the simple misuse of the language that gets on my nerves most of all.

I’m an anarchist. There are lots of different types of anarchists out there really so I’m not going to inundate you all with terms and things but suffice to say that anarchists want there to be no government. None. All anarchists want a stateless society where there is no rule by force over anyone else. The difference in the types of anarchy are the beliefs in how a society like that can be established and maintained. The people Occupying wall street right now and asking for more regulation from the federal government on how people make money and who they give their jobs to? That’s not an anarchist position. You are a silly person if you say that.

Jesus Christ, you’re all so fucking lame. Could you please run your shit through a dictionary first?

User Comments

I'm just curious, If you don't like it here why do you stay? My best guess is you like to watch us all be retarded?

Mmmhollywould forces me to read this shit. Sometimes though, the retardation is amusing as hell. Usually not though

The drama of late has increased. I don gotta tell you tho. Hea.

Awesome post, I just saw it now. If you haven't already, check out Hakim Bey (real name Peter Wilson). He's a weird kind of dude, but in a good way. http://www.evolutionzone.com/kulturezone/bey/index_body.html

Although I want to say one thing besides that for anyone who might not know: there's a difference between anarchy and anarchism. Anarchy is a state of chaos, Anarchism is a way of social organization that is rooted in socialism (not the same as communism or related to the USSR). 

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