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the great battle between the trucks :)

Added: Tuesday, February 16th 2016 at 5:00am by jonny13143

4 Responses Created by jonny13143 on February 16, 2016


what is your favorite truck

  • ford
  • chevy
  • dodge
  • gmc
  • toyota
  • don't like trucks

User Comments

Cant see myself driving a truck, I'm a small car lady...lol

lol our poor truck was in an accident today...

Oh dear I hope no one was hurt.

you know how i had a week off from schooling? well in that week the truck was in 3 accidents!! 1)dad hit the pole at the drive though atm with the plow nothing damaged just a loud noise.. 2)went off road put a dent in the thing that goes over the wheel and a little... 3) mom was plowing out grandma and she went over a ditch hit the snow bank and ripped the running bored off of the driver side 

Big Smiley WOW, not good.

Birthday cake animation with way too many candles on it Little animated kitten flying a plane pulling a banner that says Happy Birthday Animated mouse checking out Birthday Cake on computer gif HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY JONNY.

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