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Added: Friday, December 4th 2020 at 12:22pm by Jollyonehere

What happened to Scott/Metalheart?

User Comments

He's been permanently banned by Admin.



you post behind anon?

As Danny and Anonymous says.

Oh my!  We still have to put up with you don't we?  Too bad, about that.  Have a good life Scott.

Censorship; it is all the rage today. 

On another note, I am unable to get into my mail but get messages that I have mail. So i am sent mail here and the system can see it but I cannot -- that is nice, really nice. 

Sadly, it is indeed a case of censorship. And at least two of those with the keys "don't care what you think" about it.

This is precisely what I DID NOT want.

Can anyone act like a grown up on here? Sheesh.

again behind anon?

why are people too chicken to use their names??

excuse me?

I hope that was NOT meant for me.

Well. You got your answer.

What does THIS have to do with the question I asked?

Stay with the conversation people. Thank you for your RESPECT.

I think someone came into MY page and removed a bunch of comments.



Some of those anon comments were Metal's.

Could be someone's way of retroactively enforcing the ban on Metalheart.  Censorship by admin or helper/s?

Rica hasn't been here in some while. Don't think she gets paid for this anymore and she has her own life in The Philippines... Kinda a thankless job for those who volunteered as helpers too.   

I suppose all it took to get banned was Scott standing on principle, not apologising to Statists Scarly666, Creative14, others?  Someone got pissed enough to bother Rica.    Rica doesn't have time for Blogster drama, Scott is not one to bow or bend the knee over a place he hates.

Rica axed him

The above is total speculation, but that's the general gist as I see it from the few clues.   


Some people hate he speaks the truth and will not put up with others crap.


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