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blogmom JaddieBlue

It is Wine Wednesday

Added: Wednesday, September 18th 2019 at 5:52am by Jollyonehere

User Comments

Image result for a guy whining

I'll take Betty White's wine over Skip's whine!  {#drinking08.gif}

Now you need some cheese to go with that whine

....and that wine needs to be from a store in Europe....where I am

I'm ready!



I had a wine Monday as it was my birthday. I took 3 bottles to my daughter's as didn't know which one I would like. I bought some Prosecco, an Echo Falls rose and a white Chardonnay (Australian). Well the Prosecco went down well πŸ˜‹and the rose one was nice and mellow. I was lovely and tipsy so left the white for her for Christmas. May have to try that again one day πŸ˜…

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