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I am just gonna leave this right here....

Added: Wednesday, August 5th 2020 at 11:53am by Jollyonehere

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I've been saying for a long time the numbers don't add up. My state has 525,605 cases and less then 10K deaths in a state of 40+ million people. Is that a reason to be shut down for the last almost 5 months.

It's very hard to know how deep the deception goes.

I think it is a game with those people that give out these numbers to keep the people in a state of confusion and trying to still keep control over the people until after election. It is so hard to figure this mess out.

If obama were still president, there could be 4X the Covid-19 deaths and the media would tell us what a marvelous job he was doing. 

The media DICTATES the perspective. 

.6% pandemic, 99.4% bullshit.


Pretty much.

Good thing Trump wasn't in charge during the ebola crisis. The death total would be enormous.


Trump did travel bans and safety measures when that worthless Pelosi scary bitch said "NO!! Come to Chinatown and enjoy!!"


keep drinking the koolaid, 200,000 dead now and double that by Jan 20, great record of keeping you safe.

What the fuck are you drinking to be SO wilfully ignorant or incredibly stupid to NOT see the skewed numbers? There isn't 1 inch of depth to anything you say.

less than 10,000 dead of actual Covid.

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