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Can YOU?

Added: Monday, March 25th 2019 at 9:00am by Jollyonehere

User Comments

All of the above

That is what I am thinking.........

Same as Kat - all of them.


I have woke up yet, all of them sound pretty good, lol!  Good Morning!

Good Morning Miss Ellie!

I like the idea of the sleep, especially today. Cloudy and drizzling rain .

I am so tired today. Could barely get out of bed this morning....

I know that feeling. I wanted to sleep in but I thought a good cup of coffee sounds good too.

An XL coffee would do it for me, followed by a hug and then 2 weeks of sleep! [I don't like vodka.  Had it been tequila, we'd be in business!]


In that case....all of the above as the rest here!

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