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2 notifications this morning.....

Added: Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at 6:10am by Jollyonehere

and yet it says we have 1,488,172 users.


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Don't you think the number reflects people who would rather read what's here than add to the conversation? A lot of people are like that and I've seen it on other sites I have belonged to. They come to read but they're either too embarrassed or too busy to write anything. 


Too embarrassed?

If no one writes, there is nothing to read.

True but some people have a harder time expressing themselves than others. I have a friend like that. Even when she talks she doesn't talk very loud. It's almost like she's afraid someone will hear her. 

I am assuming she is not on a social network then.

Not that I know of. She's kind of gone into her shell since her mother died. I don't even hear from her very much anymore. She used to write once a month and now she only writes every six months or so. And we've been friends for over 49 years. 

Highly inflated number for a site that is about to implode.


That is what I am thinking....


Every active Blogster user could fit in my broom closet.

well there Scotty if I have to get into your broom closet, please remember I am claustrophobic

Lol Scott, too funny!  And here I was wondering what kept jabbin me in the neck, when come to find out it was your broom handle. {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

I have a nice chair against the back wall Tess, it's all yours ;)

Lol that was a ghost Dani. I keep the brooms in the garage {#what-the-oh-my.gif}

Uh oh....that's a bit scary.  {#looking_girl.gif}


Metalheart: Wait...where is your broom closet???

Wouldn't u like to know {#evil_laught.gif}


Yes I would.



I had 0 notifications when I checked mail this morning which I'd found odd but its slacking here more and more.

all but 10 are my old accounts



Ya know, I've been wondering about that.  Sometimes I wonder, "Where is everybody?!!

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