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The Democrats New Message for 2012.

Added: Monday, April 30th 2012 at 7:46am by johnnyclark

The Dems' new message: Incumbant Obama is a "firewall" against a return to the failed foreign, social and economic policies of the Bush administration. Anyone can tell that Romney is far more intelligent than Bush and will certainly not repeat Bush's bad policies. The Dems are only trying to shift the focus away from Obama's own disasterous foreign, social, and economic policies.

VP Biden has signaled that the Dems will focus less on positive promises and more on attacking Romney. Why? Because Obama has failed to keep a large number of his campaign promises and is hoping that the American public has forgotten them.

Said Biden: "One thing that can bring all this momentum to a screeching halt is turning over the keys to the White House to Romney". The Dems idea of momentum: high unemployment, trillions dollars of debt and 46 million Americans on food stamps.

User Comments

It's obvious that he can't run on his record on anything. The only thing that he can say that he's done is to slowly (for now) attacked the Constitution. Which if elected again it'll be done at a faster rate.

lmao, well he's done a ton if your to fricking dumb to see it and if yuo cant find it I'll be glad to post it here for you. One of the most accomplished Presidents inhistory, and all without the help of the republicans in congress too. Haters. Romney will drive this truck off  cliff.....or sell it to China.

On December 31, 2011 Obama passed the national defense authorization act which took away American citizens's Sixth Admendment rights including Habeas corpus. Thats's the accomplishment of Obama's that you're obviously most proud of.

You accuse me of being "dumb" yet you misspell 3 words you stupid idiot!

What does "Imao" mean? For you it probably means: "In my asshole opinion"

I'm not a typical Republican. My comments are not rude nor crude, but I understand why people like you think they are. You're more interested in the delivery and not the substance of an opinion or argument. You attack how I use my language yet completely avoid the more important issue of the National Defense Authorization Act and how it's going to effect all Americans including me & you. If what you want are sugar-coated comments, then you should avoid my posts.

Thank you for deleting your post. You obviously realized the error of your poorly misguided thought process.

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