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Valerie Jarrett. The Real Power & Corruption Behind The Oval Office. Part 2

Added: Monday, June 4th 2012 at 10:15am by JoAnneMor

(Link to Part 1: http://www.blogster.com/ joannemor/ valerie-jarrett-the-real-po wer-corruption-behind-the- oval-office )

Valerie Jarrett. The Real Power & Corruption Behind The Oval Office. Part 2.

In Part 1, we told you of how Valerie Jarrett controls developing in Chicago. We told you of all the boards she sits on, her Development companies, her partner Allison Davis and her connections to Obama and Michelle.

Now we want to introduce you to other movers and shakers in the Chicago corruption machine that Valerie Jarrett controls.

Nadhmi Auchi is an Iraqi Billionaire. He was convicted of fraud in the oil for food scandal. Auchi is an arms dealer, Oil mogul and invests in many real estate properties. Auchi was barred from entering the US due to his fraud conviction.There is a lot of info on Auchi out there. More on Auchi: http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Nadhmi_Auchi

Three weeks before Obama bought his mansion, Auchi loaned Rezko $3 million Dollars. The mansion deal was arranged by Rezko, who we know was already doing business with Jarrett. Remember, she was on the boards and committees that controlled real estate & development in Chicago.

The bank was Mutual bank of Harvey , run by Amrish Mahajan.

The data available in the Sun-Times spreadsheet is corroborated by the following data, which is democratically available at the Federal Election Commission ‘s website:


12/20/2003 500.00 24020030170
04/14/2004 1000.00 24020461757

Not only was Mahajan a member of Rezko’s bundling network; his bank, the Mutual Bank of Harvey, granted Rita Rezko the $500,000 mortgage she needed in order to purchase the lot on which the Obama mansion in Chicago sits. As many of you may recall, the Obamas could not have purchased the mansion they could not afford unless transactions for the mansion and the lot closed on the same day. Obama needed to locate someone who would buy the lot, and he approached Rezko, the convicted slumlord with whom Obama toured the property before they mutually agreed to the following arrangement :

The home and lot sales closed on June 15, 2005. A land trust controlled by the Obamas bought the house for $1.65 million, and the Obamas secured a $1.32 million mortgage from Northern Trust to complete that purchase. That same day, Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, bought the side lot for $625,000. A $37,000- a-year Cook County employee, she secured a $500,000 mortgage from Mutual Bank of Harvey.

The structure of this transaction begs the following question: What bank would lend a government employee who earns $37,000 per annum a $500,000 mortgage? What bank would assume such a risk?

The Mutual Bank of Harvey, of course, for the Mutual Bank of Harvey’s President is a man who is deeply connected to the Chicago machine that backed Barack Obama. Indeed, Amrish Mahajan was one of Mayor Daley’s first political appointments in 1989, when he was named to a seat on Chicago’s Plan Commission, where he would be joined by Obama’s former boss and Rezko’s business partner Allison Davis and by Valerie Jarrett, Daley’s Chief of Staff who chaired the Commission from 1991-1995 . Mahajan, in other words, worked with those who devised and profited from Daley’s failed public housing experiment in Chicago , a public housing policy Obama helped fund as state Senator and US Senator .

Rezko, according to the Boston Globe , was one of the major beneficiaries of Obama’s legislative advocacy for funding of Daley’s public housing experiment. Other major beneficiaries are Jarrett and Allison Davis. Mahajan was also a beneficiary, for his bank had made $3.4 million dollars in loans to Tony Rezko’s slum landlord business since 2002 . A banker for one of the slumlords who benefitted from the Daley housing program Obama helped bankroll, Mahajan was returning a favor when he wrote a $500,000 mortgage in 2005 for the wife of one of his clients. Although Tony’s financial problems were mounting in 2005 , and althoughRita earned only $35,000 per annum, Mahajan underwrote the mortgage.

Via: http:// www.noquarterusa.net/blog/ 5382/ about-the-financial-institu tion-mentioned-in-the-sun- times-obama-tony-rezko-amr ish-mahajan-the-kenwood-ma nsion-rita-rezko/

Jarrett's long connections to Miner

" Jarrett was an associate between 1981 and 1984 at Ballard, Shepard and Pole Ltd. and then moved on to a real estate practice at Sonnenschein, Carlin, Nath and Rosenthal. But Jarrett "wasn't happy with private practice," recalled Judd Miner , ". . . and she wanted to get involved in the Washington administration." Miner recruited Jarrett to the city's Law Department with the corporation counsel under the late Mayor Harold Washington.

According to the Sun Times, “A few years later, back in private practice, Miner would make another recruiting coup: a young Harvard Law School graduate named Barack Obama. And over at City Hall, Jarrett, Daley's deputy chief of staff, would hire another lawyer fleeing corporate life, Michelle Robinson, Obama's then-fiancée.” Could it be possible that Jarrett already knew Obama at this point if she had worked for Miner? The Sun Times also mentions that Obama and Michelle's marriage might never have happened if they had not met at the Chicago law frim of Sidley & Austin in the summer of 1989. Michelle Robinson was the lawyer assigned to be his adviser. Somewhat curious....

It is noteworthy to mention that after Jarrett left Daley’s office she took Michelle Obama with her to the Chicago Housing Department to be her assistant. This coincided precisely with the time Obama was installed at Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland where he was writing the “bids” for Tony Rezko’s companies. Is it possible that these bids were coincidentally being approved by Jarrett and Michelle? Very curious…" VIA: http://theventingpost.com/ candidconcepts/ 114-who-is-valerie-jarrett- part-ii.html


Let's talk about the mansion. It is a known fact there is a lawyer named on the Deed. That lawyer is Micelli. Micelli just so happens to work at Miner Barnhill & Galland, Allison Davis' old firm. Micelli is also listed as esquire on many other Rezko, Jarrett, Davis & Obama documents.

"In 1993, Obama became an associate lawyer with a small Chicago firm, Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland . It was during this time that he first became involved with a real estate developer named Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who was subsequently indicted on charges of fraud, extortion and money laundering and will go on trial on Feb. 25. William Miceli, Obama’s supervisor at the law firm, said the firm represented the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., a nonprofit group that redeveloped a run-down property on Chicago’s South Side with Rezko.

What’s interesting to note is that the person the Washington Post interviewed regarding the Rezko-Obama ties, William Miceli, is the same person who is listed as the “owner” of Obama’s Chicago Greenwood home." via: http:// deathby1000papercuts.com/ 2008/12/ obamas-rezko-ties-cook-coun ty-clerks-office-lists-att orney-as-owner-of-obama-ch icago-home/

Now we know Micelli involved with Woodlawn, you know Valerie is involved We went over it.

: http:// www.chicagorealestatedaily. com/article/20091125/ CRED03/200036254/ fannie-mae-alleges-default- on-big-south-side-portfoli o#ixzz1wqIMPfTl



Auchi Bankrolled Rezko, Mahajan and the mansion deal.

Micelli is the lawyer who aided the deal.

Rezko facilitated it.

Valerie Jarrett was a long tiome insider, so she got a piece of every land deal. Micelli represents her Development Corp.

Allison Davis is former Partner in Davis, Miner, Barnhill  & Galland.

Judd Miner is a City Law director, partner in Miner Barnhill & Galland, Valerie Jarrett & Obama's boss on a few occaisons

Mahajan is one of the banks, but Shore Bank , Broadway bank, and Northern Trust are in the mix.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

We are discussing this expose on our show, Mon and will include the audio in part 3

User Comments

Joanne, kudos to you and your research team for all that you have uncovered. The fact remains that there are unknown connections and information still to be discovered to prove the level of corruption and where the road leads..to whom and for what purpose. Last month, I read an article written by a financial analyst that questioned why the Obama's had not refinanced  the high mortgage on their Chicago home loan with interest rates at an all time low. hmmmm

Today, Breitbart has a new post as additional proof that Obama lied about his past affliation with Bill Ayers since he attended a 4th of July Party in 2005 @ the Ayers home. The question remains: what do we NOT know ?




"As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama disavowed any conn ection with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, the Weather Underground radical who was one of Obama's early backers and his colleague on the board of the Woods Fund in Chicago. We now have proof that Obama's association with Ayers continued even after Obama had been elected to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate--in the form of a now-scrubbed blog post placing Obama at the home of Ayers and his wife, fellow radical Bernadine Dohrn, on July 4, 2005.

Dr. Tom Perrin, Assistant Professor of English at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama, was a graduate student at the University of Chicago at the time, and maintained a blog called "Rambling Thomas." He lived next door to Ayers and Dohrn in Hyde Park. He wrote at 8:44 a.m. on July 6, 2005:

Guess what? I spent the 4th of July evening with star Democrat Barack Obama! Actually, that's a lie. Obama was at a barbecue at the house next door (given by a law professor who is a former member of the Weather Underground) and we saw him over the fence at our barbecue. Well, the others did. It had started raining and he had gone inside be the time I got there. Nevertheless.

Dohrn is a Clinical Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University, and Chicago did, in fact, record rainfall on the Fourth of July holiday in 2005.


etc etc etc....."


I'll be bbl after I have more time to digest these two posts but believe we can surmise who wears the pants in the Obama Administration (sarc).


Thank you Hershey. Great to see you. The Breitbart team is awesome. They are workinmg hard to inform everyone of the truth too. See, we are not alone anymore. There are millions of us now. :)

JoAnne: Breitbart is doing a great job but like you told us several years ago the ground swell was coming but it would take time. When I read the reports about all that is being scrubbed from the net I'm in even more awe of you and your team for the diligence and patience you possess to sort through volumes of material to get to the truth. I know that you are addressing the shady land-bank deals but while thinking about your blogs last night I'm also very troubled by the connections with Jarrett and Iran. Is money being funneled by the players involved with these land deals for nefarious

purposes ? I'm not following this very well since I can't understand why there is a deed to a propery with Micelli named if the mansion is not paid for in full as we know by Obama's recent tax return where they take the mortgage interest deduction. Is the deed only to the land and not the mansion?  is the Greenwood Home where Micelli is listed as the owner a different home then the one you stated cost $1.65 million? And why would the Obama's continue to pay a high interest rate above 6.5 % or more on their mortgage if they could pay half of that amount or do they like to throw away their money like their throwing away the money of the American taxpayers? You don't need to answer any of these questions as I haven't read all of your links yet so the answers to my questions may be there.

This is the other concern that is troubling me : Jarrett born & lived in Iran short time =the Iranian mafia= Obama Administration policy toward Iran's nuclear development is weak( limp) at best= Obama Administration policy toward Israel is NOT supportive=Israel purchasing ships from Germany to transport weapons= Israel cannot depend on this Administration to stand by their word to them as has been demonstrated in past= Israel must do what is necessary to protect it's very existence.

This latest news today adds to my concern from Reuters:

An adviser to Iran's supreme leader has urged world powers to formally recognize its nuclear rights to bring about a "favorable result" at talks on its atomic program later this month, state media reported on Tuesday.

JoAnne: again many thanks to you and your team along with checking in with us here to keep us updated. You are a role model for patriotism at it's best. ~Hershey~

Hershey. I am not sure if she is somehow funneling money to Iran, but information is another story. Obama has leaked Israel plans, UK defense secrets and USA intel & ops.Sometimes that is just as important as money. Obama has sent letters directly dealing with Iran leaders. He was slapped for his troubles. Ever letter was ridiculed by Iran. There are things Obama is mad at too, like Stuxnet/Flame. While Obama is dancing with A'Jad, Bush programs are still at work. That is putting a damper on Obama's "negotiations", with Iran. (Obama is negotiating with himself. Iran leaders are laughing at him). We thought Obama was taking credit for Stuxnet/Flame, but in reality, it was a message that it's Bush's fault. Rumsfeld had a lot to say about Israel too. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/06/05/Rumsfeld-Israel-Cant-Trust-Obama


Sent! Again, thanks, JoAnne!

Hi Ajay! Thank you. Good to see you. :)

Good work JoAnne! Thanks!

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