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Startling Reveletions. More going on in The Gulf Of Mexico Than An Oil Spill!

Added: Sunday, June 20th 2010 at 5:39pm by JoAnneMor


~~~The team is at it again!~~~


In the course of our investigation into the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we have uncovered some startling information.

What I am about to tell you will knock you out of your seats.

There is a lot more going on in the Gulf of Mexico than the oils spill.

This administration and many other entities like BP, Citi, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, holding companies along with Dept of Defense, Billionaires and Politicians are all vested in biofuels.

What is going on in the Gulf is directly related to this new industry.

There is an Algae these companies are interested in.

From the mouth of the Mississippi river, all along the Gulf coast and spreading down to the Everglades is prime area for growing this Algae. Crist is aware of this. He's funding it.There is a couple of other prime spots too. Chesapeake is one area and the Great Lakes is another. (Funny, we already had a Great Lakes Czar and a Chesapeake Czar.) (Now we have a Gulf Czar too!)

As you know, the oil continues to flow in the Gulf.

It looks incompetent when assessing the response to the crisis. It is not incompetence. It is intentional and willfull destruction.

They are spraying dispersants that are toxic to sea life. The dispersants hold the oil below the surface. Ask yourselves why you would want that. Wouldn't it be easier to vacuum the oil if it were floating?

They are not letting foreign tankers in to help. Even the few barges Jindal got his hands on were stalled, citing they need to be inspected to see if they carried enough life vests. They did.

They even pass the buck as to who is in charge. BP says they were in charge. O says he's in charge. The Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says he's in charge. They run us in circles to divert the real questions.

If you have noticed, most of their news conferences have very little to do with action response, instead focusing on claims processing.

This is not incompetence. It is an intentional strategy. They don't want to clean it up or even try to contain it.

What they are doing is in three steps.

First get rid of oil industry in Gulf.

Then turn Gulf into a dead zone. A dead zone is free of life or ability to sustain it. The oil, dispersants and fertilizers deplete oxygen. It kills animals and fish, also turning their remains into fertilizer.

Finally, use Gulf as a giant Algae farm. Algae grows on water surface, getting oxygen from air, not water. Fertilizers like Urea supply much needed nitrogen. The Mississippi and the other rivers that empty into Gulf also pick up fertilizers from the many farms along the way. This feeds the Algae at the mouths of these rivers.

The oil in the water won't hurt the Algae. It will only promote it's growth and burn factor.

Algae costs about $2. a Barrel to refine. This is potentially very profitable.

The down side is , there isn't enough Algae to  sustain the demand. It takes a lot of Algae to produce a single barrel. That means they need a huge place to grow and multiply the supply of this Algae. Right now they don't have this enormous Algae farm location. They have the desire, the technology, the investments and companies all set up.They have even taken the steps to map out the plan.

That plan involves projects in the Great Lakes., Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

This oil spill whether sabotage, negligence, accident or design is the perfect way to eliminate fossil fuels such as oil and to advance his biofuel agenda..

They will sacrifice the Gulf and all who live in or around it for this multi Trillion Dollar industry.

This also ties in with Carbon capture and exchange. You all know about the Chicago Carbon Exchange, Cap & Trade and even O's support of Kyoto, so I won't bore you with history.

For those who don't know details on those Bills and international climate agreements, please refer to back posts of mine, or those of others who have researched and posted.

There is a proposal to store Carbon that has been captured by industries, in the Gulf. The Carbon will enhance the Algae growth while making a fortune for companies like O's Chicago Carbon Exchange.

All the usual players as well as a few new ones are involved. There is everything from lies deceit, government stealth,to insider trading and intentional destruction going on.

My friend and research teammate has compiled a short summary. Please read this, then I will pick it up from there.

Via: Spongedocks:

Step by Step Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico

The lawsuit lists potential damage claims of about $2.5 billion to the Gulf fishing industry; $3 billion to tourism; $700 million in remediation efforts so far; $6 million a day in continuing costs and "incalculable damages to BP's reputation."
We have all heard it said, carbon is a bad thing for our environment.  Where did all begin? Junk Science, Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Barack Obama, Joel Rogers, Van Jones. Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Vivek Kundra, Carl Pope, need we go on?
So what is the motivation of eliminating Carbon? MONEY!!  Consider for a moment how wealthy these people and countless others are getting by promoting this carbon offset science and forcing alternative biomass science and technology. Frankly, determining the wealth of these people is an angry task.  Yet, how do these people profit from this forced change from oil to bio-fuels? Stimulus money, see 'Bombshell Expose', insider trading, government legislation, corporate shakedowns.
Let's examine some events and people:
Okay lets chat a moment about what happened. What the well explosion due to human error, was it on purpose by a human, was it the work of military for hire groups like Xe, Blackwater, DynCorp or Triple Canopy? We will never really know. Since SAIC has full control, they know the answer, but in the end, does it matter? The well exploded. Now the question is why?  Destroy big oil and American business and jobs. What will takes it place? Ah hah, glad you asked, algae.  Who is behind this? Crime, Inc. which by the way is much bigger than Beck is able to report and for that matter than we can report, but we are gonna try.
British Petroleum, one of the world's largest oil producers.  BP has had the most safety violations but why is that?  Enter MMS, Minerals Management Service.  http://www.mms.gov/   MMS is an Agency of the Department of the Interior.  MMS gave many waivers to BP for this DeepWater Horizon rig, not to mention a safety award. 
Why did MMS give waivers to BP?  http://www.allbusiness.com/company-activities-management/company-structures-ownership/8541318-1.html   Enter SAIC. http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_Applications_International_Corporation   Ok, who was head of SAIC while this agenda was being drafted and put into action?  Robert Gates, you know they guy that is now the Secretary of Defense.  But what qualifies Gates for this job? Hummm, good question. but why is he really on the payroll? Gates has a resume that includes:  Head of SAIC,Council of Foreign Relations and he served of the Board of Parker Drilling, an American offshore rig owner with HQ in Houston.  Now Parker Drilling has 75 international land rigs, 15 deep gas land rigs, 34 barge rigs, 7 platform rigs, 7 offshore jack-up rigs.  Parker is also a specialist in deep well, arctic and geo-thermal drilling.  Gates too was the Deputy director of the CIA.  Who are members of SAIC?  http://www.saic.com/about/companies/  
Here are some other attached facts:
 * MMS gave a $5.5 million contract to SAIC to conduct a 5 year study of the Gulf Loop Current.
* SAIC awarded a $21.0 million blanket purchase agreement for Biomass Engineering coming from the Department of Energy and Golden Field Office.  This was done to support the Office of Energy, Efficiency and Renewable Energies Biomass program.
* SAIC handles all technology for BP and that includes security logs and surveillance data.  Ever wonder about video via closed circuit on offshore rigs?
* SAIC has had contracts with BP going back as far as 2002 to include a $750 million contract for Global IT services. SAIC is an employee owned company with $6.1 Billion in revenue and has offices in 150 cities around the globe.  The revenue comes from
* National Security
* Homeland Defense
* Energy
* Environment
* Telecommunications
* Healthcare
* Transportation
So if not oil then what do we put into our gas tanks?  Algae!!  http://www.cnn.com/video/?/video/bestoftv/2010/06/17/nr.holmes.algea.fuel.cnn
Even more Federal action on this.  Obama has awarded $80.0 in research grants for algae and bio-mass fuels.  The Pentagon has mandated that the Air Force be 50/50 in use of fossil fuels and bio-fuel by 2012. 
If Cap and Trade or any new name they attached to this 'junk' legislation and life altering bill does not pass, understand, it really doesn't matter except it would be cheaper for taxpayers in the end to pass this bill. What??? You Ask?  Well, understand, Obama is having to look like a fool spending TARP and Stimulus money to back-door the bio-fuel, algae, urea agenda.  He would look better if he did not have to spend this money but rather force Cap and Trade to generate tax revenue.  Either way, taxpayers and just violated and scammed in the end.

Contract With BP Has Clause To Limit Anadarko Liability-Source


HOUSTON -(Dow Jones)- BP PLC's (BP) contract to operate the leaking Macondo well contains a clause that could limit the liability of minority partner Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC), a person familiar with the agreement said.The contract, the person said, is similar to others used in offshore drilling in which the operator assumes the cost of mistakes in case of gross negligence, the person said.Anadarko, which owns 25% of the well, has seen its shares hit hard in recent weeks as investors brace for the possibility that the Houston-based company could be on the hook for a proportional share of the costs resulting from the leak--an amount that could reach tens of billions of dollars. The confirmation that the joint operating agreement with BP contains a gross negligence clause could substantially reduce the company's potential liability andthatoffellow minority partner Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (8031.TO).BP could be liable for 100% of damages if gross negligence is proven, said Jacqueline Weaver, who teaches energy law at the University of Houston Law Center. U.S. lawmakers said this week that BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blow-out at the well to save the company time or expense. BP didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.The uncertainty about Anadarko's liability underscores the unprecedented nature of the crisis that began in April, when a Transocean Ltd. (RIG) drilling for BP in the U.S. Gulf exploded and sank, unleashing the largest offshore spill the country has ever seen. BP so far has spent more than $1.6 billion dollars in cleaning up the spill, and its ultimate liability could be much higher. On Wednesday, the company agreed to establish a $20 billion escrow account to pay for damages.

Anadarko said Wednesday it had been invoiced by BP for its share of clean-up costs, although it didn't disclose the amount.Analysts with investment bank UBS estimate that the total cost of the operation could reach between $20 billion and $50 billion, a figure based on what Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) paid for the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill. But the analysts said that if Anadarko ends up paying a quarter of that cost, it could survive.

If Anadarko's liability comes in at the low end of the range, or $5 billion, the company could "easily" afford it, UBS analyst William Featherston said. Anadarko currently has $3.7 billion in cash and an unused credit capacity of $ 1.3 billion. Additionally, it has assets that are not producing cash in the onshore U.S. and offshore Africa with an estimated value of $14 billion.If the price tag is larger than that, Anadarko would have to issue equity and sell a large percentage of its international and U.S. Gulf of Mexico nonproducing discoveries. But even if it had to pay $12.5 billion, the company will be able to bear the financial burden, Featherston said.

Investors have been bracing for a worse outcome than what analysts have imagined. Anadarko's shares have tumbled 40% since April 20, the day the rig exploded. The decline sharpened last week--Anadarko was down 19% on Wednesday alone--in a move that Barclays Capital analysts said was "disproportionate" to the highest amount of money Anadarko could be liable for. The stock was trading Wednesday afternoon at $42.70, down 4.5% from the previous session. BP has said it won't be limited by the $75 million cap on oil spill economic damages established under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and that it won't seek reimbursement from a federal trust fund. But Anadarko has refrained from openly joining BP in that stance: Spokesman John Christiansen said in an emailed statement that the company will do what is "right" and that questions regarding itsliabilitywillbe answered "at the appropriate time."

Now lets visit some of Obama's Czars: 
Steve Chu, this is the guy who wants all homes to have white roofs 
How about John Holdren who wants to fertilize the oceans?
Ok what else? 
DARPA:  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  They testing for production of refined algae into jet fuel. DARPA expects to produce 50 million gallons by 2011.  So who tells and pays DARPA?  Yep you guessed it, SAIC and General Atomics.
Lets go back to the Gulf of Mexico.  MMS is responsible for the offshore drilling leases in ALL Federal waters.  Under that 2009 contract to SAIC to study the loop current, it seems knowledge is only good to 3000'. Beyond 3000' there are highly significant larger stresses put on drilling platforms, anchoring systems and risers.  Below 10,000' the pipe must be flexible because of variations in the strength and direction of the currents and the pipes are quite likely to break.  Because engineers topside cannot see or predict currents but they often feel them, they must shut down the rigs until conditions become safer.  Technology yet has not reached the depths and associated currents to measure the whole risk.  Currently, all conditions are measured by SAIC through satellite remote sensing but only to 3000'.
Now lets look at Bill Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative:  http://www51.honeywell.com/sustainable-opportunity/our-values-our-commitments.html   Also check this link:  http://cleantech.com/news/4010/US-military-funds-35M-research-algae-jet-fuel   Let us NOT forget, this is all capitalism at it's best when it comes to corporations providing goods and services and jobs especially to the Federal govt.
Now I will add to it. Please bear with me on all the links. I will outline each to save time. Links are to source and reference so you can all see where we got the info.

BP Ponies Up $10M For Algae Biofuels

BP is ponying up $10 million for a partnership with Martek Biosciences to study the use of algae to convert sugar into biodiesel. BP isn’t the only oil major — or government agency — to show an interest in the prospect of commercially viable algal-based fuels. Just last month ExxonMobil committed $600 million in a partnership with Synthetic Genomics to develop next-generation biofuels from algae.

The investment numbers are small compared to the oil giant’s overall capital expenditure budget. BP invested $1.4 billion in alternative energy in 2008



Exxon’s algae

Exxon, the west’s biggest oil company, has launched a new research programme into producing biofuels from algae, in a break from its general antipathy towards alternative energy.



CEO envisions a Gulf Coast algae boom

When Paul Woods looks at the Texas Gulf Coast, with its heavy industry, large tracts of flat land and muddy salt water, he thinks two words: algae farms.



Entrepreneurs Wade Into the 'Dead Zone'

Ambitious Bid to Turn Algae Into Biofuel Taps Mother Nature

Every spring, fertilizer runoff from the U.S. Mississippi River floods into the Gulf of Mexico, causing a massive algae bloom that leads to a giant oxygen-deprived "dead zone" where fish can't survive.

Now, this annual problem is getting new attention, not from marine scientists but from entrepreneurs looking for a new domestic source of fuel. And one start-up sees fish themselves being part of the process.

The algae blooms are spawned each year as the farmland runoff from as far away as Montana flows into rivers, eventually reaching the Mississippi and flowing into Louisiana bayous and out into the Gulf of Mexico. These nutrients are a buffet for the floating algae, or phytoplankton, which are simple sea organisms that eat and reproduce quickly. This algae bloom eventually sinks and feeds an array for bacteria, which suck up so much oxygen that fish and plants either move away or perish.

These so-called hypoxic areas exist around the world, and there were as many as 200 in North America in the spring, says Robert J. Diaz, a professor of marine science at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is the second largest in the world, after one in the Baltic Sea.



A Breakthrough Technology to Transform Algae into Oil
Executive Summary
OriginOil, Inc. is a public company trading on the NASDAQ Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board
(OTCBB) market under the symbol "OOIL.”
OriginOil, Inc. is developing a breakthrough technology that will transform algae, the most
promising source of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum.
A perfect storm has brought algae to the forefront in the biofuel arena.
A host of factors, including rising oil prices, global warming, and the rapid industrialization
of China and India, have greatly increased the demand for a renewable alternative to
Worldwide investment in biofuels rose from $5 billion in 1995 to $38 billion in 2005 and is
expected to top $100 billion by 2010, thanks to investors like Richard Branson and George
Soros, GE and BP, Ford and Shell, Cargill and the Carlyle Group. Renewable fuels have
indeed become a rallying cry for the green movement.



George Soros on the Clean-Energy Economy

George Soros on the Clean-Energy Economy -http://ht.ly/20MRa


"Valero Invests in Algenol: What’s Going On?" (VLO)

From Greentech:

After becoming the third-largest ethanol producer in the U.S. through acquisitions, Valero continues its diversification.



Soros to Invest $1 Billion in Clean Energy, Form Advisory Group

Billionaire George Soros , looking to address the “political problem” of climate change, said he will invest $1 billion in clean-energy technology and create an organization to advise policy makers on environmental issues.

(Although on paper he is neither President or Congress)!!



These next links via another teammate, Czargazing and his wonderful wife:

Oil spill: A blessing in disguise for biofuel stocks http://is.gd/cWT3D

Honeywell is in neck deep with the CCX, Clinton Global Initiative, etc. http://is.gd/cWRaT

General Atomics is also partnered with Honeywell for a separate Pentagon jet bio fuel contract http://is.gd/cWR6e

General Atomics is the company partnered with SAIC for the massive Pentagon bio jet fuel contract http://is.gd/cWytB

SAIC Awarded $21M Blanket Purchase Agreement For Biomass Engineering http://is.gd/cWCSP

SAIC handles "Communications in Support of Comprehensive Emergency Management" for Dept. of Homeland Security including SONS. (SONS = Spill of National Significance Program).

SAIC Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Report 2009 http://is.gd/cWGnb MMS wants study to "gauge the risk of an oil spill on a particular tract"

General Atomics is the company partnered with SAIC for the massive Pentagon bio jet fuel contract http://is.gd/cWytB

Obama keeping DoD Sec. Gates as the only Bush hold-over in the cabinet may make more sense - Gates was SAIC board member http://is.gd/cWBxe SAIC has handled all of BP's IT since 2002 http://is.gd/cWAKy 2008 - SAIC to study GoM Loop Current 2 see the affects of oil spill movements http://is.gd/cWzwa

SAIC/Pentagon algae oil http://is.gd/cWytB

Obama Science Czar, John Holdren, seeding the ocean with algae is great way to soak up atmospheric carbon dioxide http://is.gd/cWsXK

USDA says algae is a "green alternative" to improving water quality in Chesapeake Bay, which the USDA is in charge of http://is.gd/cWsQH

Nalco & DoE ARPA-E project: capture carbon from coal plants,use carbon 2 seed algae growth 4 enhanced biofuels - Oct '09 http://is.gd/cWtQ0

Urea is the largest waste product of many chem cos.. Nalco has tons of it. Urea costs lots of money to dispose of.

Once the oil is long gone, the urea and algae blooms created will be more than enough to sustain the biofuel "plantation" created

The algae and bacteria "break down" the hydrocarbons by design http://is.gd/cTvTV NASA tracking Great Lake algae blooms since '07 http://is.gd/cRHXQ Want 2 spread project 2 other waters in FL & elsewhere http://is.gd/cRI2T

Obama appoints lesser known "Chesapeake Bay Czar" prior 2 appointing "Great Lakes Czar". Chesapeake Czar J. Charles Fox http://is.gd/cQyqH


Joyce Foundation's interest in Great Lakes and Everglades http://is.gd/cQxRH

Coskata's James Fawley previously worked for BP for 13 years including heading BP's "Biofuels Strategy" http://is.gd/cQtix

Total S.A. (oil company implicated in Saddam/Maurice Strong oil-for-food scandal) buys stake in Coskata in April http://is.gd/cQvc9

Total S.A. a "significant investor" in Iranian energy sector http://is.gd/cQvoG Coskata's James Fawley previously worked for BP for 13 years including heading BP's "Biofuels Strategy" http://is.gd/cQtix

Coskata started by GreatPoint Ventures http://is.gd/cQtO9 -> Great Point and Coskata are points of interest on Nantucket http://is.gd/cQtRt

General Motors finances ethanol maker Coskata http://is.gd/cQtBC

Coskata partners with General Motors http://is.gd/cQtrU

Coskata (creating Everglades biofuel plant w/ US Sugar) leadership team all former Nalco execs. & Univ. of Chicago grads http://is.gd/cQtix

Florida becomes biofuels start-up incubator, Gov. Crist Announces at 2009 Farm to Fuel Summit http://is.gd/cOS0W

Blackstone Group consult Chesapeake Bay region energy provider Constellation Energy to sell company to Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway)

US Sugar partner w/ Coskata Inc. 2 build mammoth ethanol plant. See Coskata ties 2 Blackstone Group & Argonne Lab http://is.gd/cNNv8

After selling land, US Sugar also decides to install "mammoth cellulosic ethanol facility" in Everglades http://is.gd/cNNdF

A look @ the Everglades Foundation. strange and mult. ties 2 Chicago, Freepress.org, biofuels, progressives, etc. http://is.gd/cNMHM

Further progressive attacks on wetlands! Remember the $103 million for the Everglades in Obama's stimulus? http://is.gd/cNMoD


Obama to make $85 million from BP disaster

From adamdodson;

Goldman Sachs wasn’t alone either in its astute “foreknowledge” of the collapse of BP’s stock value due to the Gulf disaster as BP’s own chief executive, Tony Hayward, sold about one-third of his shares weeks before this catastrophe began unfolding too.

But according to this FSB report the largest seller of BP stock in the weeks before this disaster occurred was the American investment company known as Vanguard who through two of their financial arms (Vanguard Windsor II Investor and Vanguard Windsor Investor) unloaded over 1.5 million shares of BP stock saving their investors hundreds of millions of dollars, chief among them President Obama.

For though little known by the American people, their President Obama holds all of his wealth in just two Vanguard funds, Vanguard 500 Index Fund where he has 3 accounts and the Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund where he holds another 3 accounts, all six of which the FSB estimates will earn Obama



There is a lot more to this story, but I hope we have given you enough information to realize this oil situation and lack of response is not incompetence. Quite the contrary.

The oil and damnage will continue until Congress caves and passes C&T, O seizes control of all neergy and his agenda advances.

Taking out the south is a bonus. It won't hurt the Algae or the trillions in Carbon and global warming scams.


As a post note, they may have bore into a volcanic shelf. That's another story begging to be told.

If that is true, this situation is far worse than imaginable.

Still researching that angle. Stay tuned!



User Comments

More indicators this spill was no accident.

BP disaster start in Feb? http://hotair.com/archives/2010/06/19/bp-disaster-started-in-february/

Myself, Bobbi and spongedocks were on Vicky Nissan's radio show last night. This was one of the subjects.

Here is link to show. After the commercial plays show will play.

Whats Under Surface in Oil show by Snoop Chick on #BlogTalkRadio - http://tobtr.com/s/1111269

So because it started earlier it was no accident?

     It was algae, not oil, that floated into Mississippi's Bay of St. Louis http://ht.ly/223Qy

More Proof O intentionally destroying Gulf! RE: Federal Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging http://bit.ly/9qhyAJ

He called for the sand to come from a less endangered spot. What good is defending the beaches when you use the endangered beaches to stop the oil? And I love how everything is Obama's Idea to you people. Legislation that the senate or house makes, must be "obamas plan" too. He created that tropical storm coming too I hear. He is aiming for texas...

Not that that would be a big loss....{#angelgirl.gif}

That's the plan Joez.

Send American oil out of business and down to Brazil to Soros. China will do ok too.

We spoke of Soros and that $2 Bil from O when he did it.

Now we know the significance.

Beck did a great job. I hope he goes further.

This goes so much deeper.


hope he does as well - do you know for sure if he has this report - as well as your concerns for the shelf -

Beck is insane. Don't jump in the rabbit hole.

Yea...Like it is. Care to see how many lies he has been caught up in?



If republicans were in charge while this was going on, Do you honestly think it would be different? The Drill baby Drill crowd who is attacking the government and not BP for this mess?

I heard the show. We knew something was up. Obama hasn't plugged the leak and he doesn't intend doing so either.

The people he consulted don't have a clue as to how to do that.

It's obviously intentional, the whole mess.

Your research backs this up.

Thanks JoAnne.

It is looking more and more intentional every day.

A blow out spill, intentional? 11 dead?

Put on the party hats...




BP disaster start in Feb? http://hotair.com/archives/2010/06/19/bp-disaster-started-in-february/

Ok, so BP royally sucks and the MMS which was the meth/orgy crowd didn't do anything, besides letting the industry write their own reports. The lack of safety is directly related to the deregulation philosophies of republican and conservative rule.

Bush/Cheney made it quick and simple for these companies to drill. Little executive order and there you go, drill baby drill.

Now we see what it gets us, and watch as even now, the elected republicans like Bachmann, King, and Mr. Apology are showing how the right treats Big Oil, even when they killed the gulf and its economy.

President Bush and repubican and conservative ideology is all over this disaster. This is what they do.

So Obama has stock in clean up businesses, he didn't start the leak, BP did. It is pathologically paranoid to believe there is a conspiracy. It is a simple tactic to toss alot of irrelivent information and claim they are connected (Beck does it all the time, but it is a logical fallacy for anyone who took a basic logic course).

Bush signed an executive order.

the leak was going since feburary.

Halliburton did the leaking casing.

Guess who's company Hallibear was...Cheney.

Oh yes stop blaming Bush...I hear you. You know the holocaust ended, everyone can get off hitler's ass too....



I am expecting more energy attacks.

There are still millions along Gulf at risk too.

A few more items sent to me by another teammate, @CFHeather.

Climate Quick Fix Could Create Toxic Algae Blooms  http://ht.ly/21vCU

COREXIT® EC9580A | NCP Product Schedule |US EPA http://ht.ly/21vDI   (read last link - COREXIT contains Iron)

Dispersant Corexit 9527: EGBE has OSHA PEL of 25ppm on human skin http://ht.ly/21vEC (More on Corexit containing iron)

Corexit is the fertilizer for the algae (Phosphorous + Iron)


{#basic-ohsnap.gif} OK I am OBVIOUSLY a slacker LOL. Somebody wanna tell me why Petrobas is given 2b by admin for US jobs? Need to read up on this Algae yum yum...thanks for popcorn yummies gang....LMSW/#

I listened to the show today...the obama horror show is never ending...Your research answers the questions of why they aren't doing everything possible to stop and contain the oil.....

I read about the possibility of a tsunami wave caused from the ocean floor rising..I have to admit I didn't understand enough to know if it is  possible or not....please keep us updated !! 

I missed Glenn Beck today...Did he expose all this?? 

Beck exposed a lot. He talked about Doros, Podesta, CCX and a few others. He hasn't mentioned the biofuels, or the toxic dispersants.

He mentioned Tony Podesta is working for BP. John Podesta working against BP.

Sounds like a conflict to me.

We are staying right on top of that info.

Want to have all the latest scientific ducks in a row. Then we will post what we can find and back-up with sources and links.

I live on the Gulf Coast of Fl. I am very worried.

Get a load of this new excuse to stall the clean up.

Florida senator: Obama told me we can’t deploy oil skimmers because they might be needed elsewhere http://bit.ly/d3BjNT

Why waive the Jones act before a single ship is here to do so? Straw man, cross that bridge when you come to it...


Again though, why complain about something that doesn't even factor in. Cross that bridge when we come to it. He will waive it for this.

Again, the Jones Act is not an issue until someone in a boat is close enough and wants in. Cross that bridge when we come to it, you are speculating that he wouldn't when we don't know, because it has not been an issue yet. That is a straw man.

I am just saying, why cry over something that isn't an issue or isn't going to be for some time...

First days of this mess was trying to find the 11. Or would you rather just had let them drown if they had been alive?

A national psychic moment?

View Image

JoAnne - you know I heard your show - stellar work - where is the media - hahahaha - the media is in our everyday citizens right now -

I did not pick up on the fact that we have czars dedicated to  all those areas around the country - wow - that fact alone indicates a lot - followoing all this with you - you have my support in spirit - lets pray they did not drill into the volcanic shelf - and you be careful! - if I can help in any small way I will - its hard to know what to do next - besides spread the word and get this EXPOSED!!!!

I would Imagine they are out because this is conjecture and speculation, combined with the "throw everything" to confuse people from that fact.

eky - this is not a game - most of it is documented in case you didnt notice - the rest is still being researched - if you value you freedoms get off the gameboard and help folks get the information they need for the sake of America - one united country - that we are all in - party politics matters not right now - this is what has distracted us almost to the point of no return - but no longer - are you in????

Which part is still being researched. The Obama bombed it BS I am hearing? Conjecture and speculation. Loose associations, looser and weaker than the ones connecting Palin to the AIP even, but don't let that stop you.

Party politics do matter. This is the result of republican conservative philosophy of corporate regulation. Plain and simple.

this is the result of decades of progressive minded leaders and an asleep at the wheel nation -

but it has stopped - you need to stop your one note willie song and either help or live in the consequences of your actions -

Progressive leaders haven't had the wheel, until now, at the conclusion of the Bush mess. Now as their mess explodes in everyone's faces, I for one will not let the blame go where it obviously should not.

But if you choose to believe conjecture over reality, that is you. I couldn't care less, that opinion is fortunately a fringe minority one.

good - keep thinkin that  - :)

Thank you Kel.

Exposing it is half the battle.

Chilling information and top notch investigative reporting joanne.

The very sad part is...its not surprising coming from this admin.  I sent this post to my watermen relatives & friends in the Chesapeake Bay and Gulf area.

Thanks again for the info and excellent radio blog.

Thank you friend.

I hope they don't experience the type of disaster they have let happen in the Gulf.

God Bless and be vigilant up there in Chesapeake. Worried for you.

Obama is setting the whole world up for diasaster by allowing this plan, altering the eco system in the Gulf. He and his whole gang need to be handcuffed and marched out of our White House to prison.  Southern Governors, unite! Save our Southern states! Obama is not going to do anything to stop this madness. He is working for George Soros, not the American people. Pentagon will have to resuce us. It will be too late after the election.

I also wanted to say thank you to JoAnne and others who worked on this article. Can't imagine how much work it was to research all this. Our news media does not do this for us any more.  I am doing all I can to get this information out. The White House needs to know we are "on to them," thanks to JoAnne. Maybe if enough people are aware, the plan will be stopped. We can also hope and pray that God will intervene.

OK dumbo question: They are going to do this anyway---why not reap bennys ourselves, not like I have cash to throw around but....{#saythat.gif}

JoAnn, be careful.  You are stepping on some big-assed toes.

Thanks for all your research, keep their feet to the fire, and press on.

That only counts when someone isn't wearing their tin foil hats.

You are right Joe, I did take off the tin foil hat long ago. Todays republicans and tea-baggers need to follow suit.

Im just using the terms republicans selected when they created this faux-grass roots entity.

It has been proven some time where the origin of that selection came from. Poor vetting of terminology from the republicans.

Much credit to both the researchers involved in compiling this dot connector of an article. It make the undeniable conclusion what this Death Zone oil spill is all about. Why we are kept in the dark about this secret and revealing the agenda we couldn't quite put our finger on. Dugg It Digg It: http://digg.com/environment/Gulf_of_Mexico_Dead_Zone_The_Algae_Biofuels_and_CCX_Agenda

It really ties down a lot of the connections between the entities involved including but not limited to Al Gore, George Soros, Barack Obama (Barry Sortero), USDA, the DoE ,Total S.A., Maurice Strong, NASA, Coskata, East Angila University, The IPCC, Nalco, ExxonMobil, Bill Clinton, OriginOil, Ford, Shell, Richard Branson, Valero, Honeywell, SAIC, Cargill, The Carlyle Group, Constellation Energy, US Sugar, Blackstone Group, Vanguard (Windsor II) Investment Group, The Everglades Foundation, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, GE and, of course, BP.

Connections of individuals to the industry here doesn't change that this is BP's spill, and that republican philosophy and governance created this crisis.

Destroying BRITISH petrolium will kill America? And believe me, BP won't be harmed, so you republicans can calm down, you will still have big oil around to kiss...

Republicans and Democrats are a false paradigm, 2 sides of the the same coin. This does not detract from the responsibility that BP has (the brunt of it IMO), but there is enough blame to go around. The parties involved are quite skilled as passing that ball around. Nail them all as they are all apartied to the crisis and the damage it has caused. But only once the task at hand is dealt with, as it is the primary task at hand. This compilation evidences a sufficient motive for them all to do nothing and cover the depth and magnitude of the disaster. This leaves only efforts from outside the collusive cabal as the only hope to do anything substantive about it. It has to happen quickly, if it isn't too late already, before it becomes a moot point and the dead gulf will only be able to sustain a multi-trillion dollar algae biofuel industry.

Two sides of the same coin? I see, so neither side really wants equality for women. Neither side believes in civil rights, women's rights, rather or not torture is a justified course of action, rather renewable energy is important. They are not two sides of the same coin, unless you really don't pay any attention.

As I pointed out above, though executive order, such drilling was speeded up. Republicans, who just last cycle chanted "drill baby drill" did this. The same ones apologizing shamelessly to BP for their inconvience with this.

The gulf will die from this, don't doubt it. It cannot be capped or stopped. BP and global "free market" capitalism has destroyed it. It is still quite early in the disaster.

Big oil fears biofuels, they will say anthing. And their shills will unfortunately believe anything.

So you would rather have this mess than pay more for gas? Rather forfiet the 11, the sea turtles and fish, so you can drive your hummer out every night?

The bomb...I see.

And when did Hawaii end up in Nigeria?

I ride a bicycle, good exercise but you're missing the point. Ultimately the puppet in the white house has always bowed down to industry. The R/D paradigm is fake it is a show to proport controlled opposition, they like polarizing opinion and fitting people in two camps, they are funded by the same companies and work towards the same agendas. They are still at war, they are still torturing potential 'terrorists', still supporting Israel, still giving away 100s of millions of taxpayer money a day to private banks (in interest), the patriot act is still around in America despite the puppet's promise to abolish it and civil rights just made us all slaves lowering rights to the lowest common denominator. The gulf will die if nothing is done by people who actually care to do something about it rather than pass the buck and run a charade of trying to mitigate the problem.

Renewable energy is important the technology has been around for awhile since Tesla invented it but there was no way to meter it since it travelled freely through the air so JP Morgan killed it. We still use the same dipole eating systems. The past 8 US presidents have all set targets for energy independence even when there is plenty of oil in Alaska which were not open to the drill baby drill mantra as well the majority of exploration sites for offshore wells.

This is about control via profit, protectionism and entrusting the world's energy needs to a chosen few corporations. Oil is only part of it Monsanto is already making major plays for artificial food scarcity in collusion with arms of the UN and corrupted bought out government seats same as energy.

Money for banks, yes republicans did that.

Torture, yes republicans did that.

War, yes based on lies, republicans did that.

Oh, you have issue with supporting Israel? I see....

The gulf will die either way now. They cannot stop the leak. It is too far down, it is leaking from too many places. The relief wells will fail.

As for Alaska you mean the wildlife refuges. I see.... Doesn't that go back to the real problem (oil is bad...it contributes to global warming, it makes us buy it from really bad people and it kills our gulf.

Don't get me started on Monsanto...{#angry.gif} {#flag.gif}

The Gulf incedent is intentional. If we drill our own oil we won't need foreign oil.

We can drill safely.

This is like grounding all planes if one has an incident.

The Methane levels are nearly a million times the normal level

If they can put a tube under a city, they can put a tube over that pipe. They drill thousands of feet into the Earth. They can put a few thousand feet of pipe over that to capture most.

Killing the Gulf is the goal.

They want to farm Algae.

Algae blooms kill fish mammals and affects people.

This is an attack. No way to deny it.

I agree about the impacts you mention. The environment is not safe with this regime in power. We are under attack from many angles. It's time ppl realize it.

Greed, corruption and a quest for control are the driving forces.

You are exactly right. This isn't about party.

Both sides take donations from the same entities.

This is much bigger.

The party politics is played to keep us fighting with each other.

It makes us weak. Neither side can win.

It's about greed, power, manipulation and quest for dominance on a global level.

Is intentional...Ok great I love conspiracy theories without a shred of sense or proof. Do tell!

Killing the gulf is the result of conservative philosophy and "free market" deregulation. It isn't more complicated than that. There was no bomb, you guys need to stay off the pipe (and I don't mean Oil ones either).

If One planes crash caused that much disaster, then yea, ground them all. But of course, how stupid that analogy is goes without saying.


The War Hath Begun Folks....

Intersting Report from emerging-markets.com: http://www.emerging-markets.com/algae/Algae2020StudyandCommercializationOutlook.pdf

~Lori (aka The Conservative Mom)

Nice find LoriGirl.

Big oil eyes algae to solve biofuel problems


EurActiv.com, 29 July 2009 - Oil giants such as Shell and ExxonMobil are pouring millions of research funding into algae in the hope that the technology can solve environmental problems associated with intensive crop cultivation for biofuels. Raffaello Garofalo, executive director of the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA), outlines the potential and challenges of algae in an interview with EurActiv.

With ethanol and biodiesel coming under fire for driving up food prices and putting biodiversity at risk, the EU has committed to 'second-generation' biofuels as a cleaner alternative.

Algae grows best in seawater, which comes in virtually unlimited supply, the Italian points out. And the micro-organism seems to be particularly fond of polluted seawater, which helps it grow at exponential rates.

"In all polluted sea places, there is a phenomenon which happens naturally called eutrophication, which means there is an over-growth of algae," says Garofalo. "Precisely because pollution brings excess nutrients to the algae and therefore they grow exponentially."

The idea, he says, is to feed the polluted water to the algae via transparent plastic tubes, using what industry specialists call a bio-reactor. The algae absorb the pollution as a nutrient, and the water can then be returned back to the ocean cleaner than it was when it entered, he explains. In the meantime, the algae grow into biomass, which can be used for biofuels.

US oil major ExxonMobil recently launched a $600 million research programme in cooperation with Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI) to develop, test and produce biofuels from photosynthetic algae. "While significant work and years of research and development still must be completed, if successful, algae-based fuels could help meet the world's growing demand for transportation fuel while reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Michael Dolan, senior vice-president of ExxonMobil.

Shell launched its own research project in December 2007 to study the commercial viability of selected algae strains at a Hawaii-based facility. "Algae have great potential as a sustainable feedstock for producing diesel-type fuels with a very small CO2 footprint," said Graeme Sweeney, Shell's executive vice-president for future fuels and CO2. "This demonstration will be an important test of the technology and, critically, of commercial viability."

The European Algae Biomass Association (EABA)is leading this charge in lobbying the EU.


Concerning documents. I've found a lot of WBCSD, UNEP, IETA and SEFI documents that point towards a large push to biofuels. Algae is not singled out as a source but biofuels is a blanket term. Wind and solar are also promoted. Select companies would be granted UN / World Bank / IMF Issued Carbon Bonds. Governments are being encouraged to give grants, tax breaks and subsidy. IETA suggests that the public part of liabilities would be backed by $12T of pension funds, government loans (the collatoral is our and our kids future labour), public taxation, donations and fees and levies on Carbon dioxide as high as . Bottom line, the public is funding these select private companies one way or another.

The Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (UN Body)

    Canada        Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)
    Chile            CORFO Renewable Energy Centre
                        Energy Efficiency Programme, National Energy Commission
    Finland        Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund
    Ireland        Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI)
    Mexico         FIRA - Agricultural Trust Funds Development Bank
    UK               Carbon Trust

It aims to help both developed and emerging markets strengthen public finance approaches in the clean energy sector.

Other companies pushing to use public funds for green energy research and deployment.

GVEP International

It's main regional partners include:
Mediterranean Renewable Energy Center (MEDREC)
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE)
Econergy International Corporation
Development Bank of Japan
African Development Bank (AfDB)
European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

They are promoting 236 funding companies including Carbon Finance, Debt Capital, Insurance, Microfinance and Private Equities.
Full list (login required) avaiable at : http://www.sef-directory.net/

Many of these funds come from these institutions.
Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund
Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter American Development Bank (IADB)
Rabo Sustainability Fund
Triodos Bank

Using all these companies / banks to fund this will cloak involvement but at the top are multi-nationals in finance and banking.

The way they are going to try to get full support for this funding is through the cleanup of the Gulf with algae with their partners and subsidiaries getting funding through you and me.

This administration makes it so freakin' hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.  So much information to wade through, no pun intended, so much pain to ensue.  So few people are even awake to the fact that something like this COULD happen and/or be happening.

Since we posted this, there has been more info uncovered. This is huge.

It's a forced transformation.

It's about ideaology and global economic manipulation.

All part of a master plan to dominate globally.

If you look deep into  it, it always comes back to the same group of key players.

Here's another source on the oil disaster. It concerns children this time:


Check it out.

Great article.

Thank you.Checked it out and commented.

I feel terrible saying this, and it may hurt Fl economy, but please don't put your children anywhere near that stuff. Keep them away from affected and surrounding beaches. Take the trip south where the water is still safe.

Hi JoAnne:

South is not the place to go. The East Coast, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach, Daytona, Saint Augustine Beach.

A heads up, yesterday on ABC news Channel 9 it was reported that some tar balls were found on the beach in Brevard County. "no definitive proof yet that the tar balls came from (over yonder colloquial mine.) in the Gulf".

For everyone's safety keep your senses open, smell and keep looking at the beach sand as you walk. If you see tar balls report it to the life guards. Take photos of them with date and time.


JoAnne: left a note on your wall. BBL

Not sure which wall?

Go to your home page. Under " I am a blogster" there is a subject title "wall". I often leave msgs there since I never know which blogsters are unable to open PM's. Some users have never been able to get that fixed & I can never recall which are working or not working OK.

The Petri Dish Overfloweth with Algae Advancements

Algae , algae , algae. The research that is occurring on this second generation fuel has overfloweth the petri dish as just this week there have been five major algae announcements.

W2 Energy, based in Canada, announced that it has completed its Sunfilter commercial scale algae bioreactor. Algaeventure Systems said that it has begun receiving orders for its algae harvesting, dewatering, and drying technology. The company that has placed the order is General Atomics. Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at University of North Dakota was awarded a subcontract by SAIC to use its proprietary technology to produce jet fuel from algal oils. Kent BioEnergy, based on California, announced that it is going to establish a division of the company in Charleston South Carolina, partnering with a Grant Know, a local entrepreneur. Algenol Biofuels, a Florida based company, has threatened to leave the state and now they are working with CEO Paul Woods to entice his company to stay.

Written by Joanna Schroeder

Published on August 6th, 2009
Posted in Algae , Biodiesel , Biofuels , Ethanol

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Dead Zone: The Algae Biofuels and Carbon Exchange Agenda

A follow up inspired by Joanne's initial research that is an open discussion to connect the dots on the collusive forces including corporations, banking, governments and special interests that are pushing for funding and implementation of algae based biofuels worldwide.

A follow up inspired by Joanne's initial research that is an open discussion to connect the dots on the collusive forces including corporations, banking, governments and special interests that are pushing for funding and implementation of algae based biofuels worldwide.

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