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Occupy Wall St. Orchestrated not in the street, but in the White House.

Added: Monday, October 10th 2011 at 6:39am by JoAnneMor

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've written here. Been really busy with research, blogging and my radio show, but I wanted to share some info with you on the Occupy Wall st protest.

First let me begin by telling you what you probably already know. It's the usual suspects.

I'm sure you all remember Steve Lerner. He is a former ACORN boss. Lerner was one of the early organizers. Lerner has visited the White House numerous times, as well as keeping an active roll in ACORN.

Wade Rathe is involved in the organizing, both here and abroad. Not ony is Rathke founder/head of ACORN International, but he is organizing the overseas arms as well.

Maude Hurd, of ACORN fame made her presence known in the Boston protests this past week.

Drummond Pike, from Tides foundation is supporting the groups. You all know Tides. Pike is former Weather Underground, as well as head of Tides. Soros is a huge donor to Tides, as well as other radicals , including Theresa Heinz kerry. We have gone over that before.

Bill Ayers has posted the Occupy Wall st statement on his wordpress blog. Again, another Weather Underground member.

On the Occupy Wall st website there is a section stating the stand in solidarity with MoveOn. You all know Move on. It was started by Jeff Jones and Tom Hayden. More Weather Underground
Now let's talk about Zucotti Park. That is the "privately owned" park where the protesters are camped.
Zucotti Park is owned by a property group called Brookfield properties.
Mayor Michale Bloomberg 's girlfriend, Diane Taylor, sits on the board of directors at Brookfield, so obviously there is a Bloomberg connection, but it gets even more incestouous.

Brookfield also owns a company called Granite Wind, a subsidiary of Brookfield renewable energy. They just received a $168 million dollar green loan from Obama's DOE.

Not only did they get the loan, but VP Joe Biden's son lobbied for the loan through his firm, Oldaker, Biden & Belair, which was founded by Biden's son.

I bet you can already guess who is a major stockholder in Brookfield. You guessed it Soros.

So in summary,
Brookfield Properties owns Zucotti Park.
Bloomberg's girlfriend sits on the board of Brookfield. Her name is Diane Taylor. Brookfield also owns Granite Wind in NH and NY. They received a $168 Mil dollar green loan from O's DOE.
Joe Biden's son lobbied for the loan.
Soros is a major stock holder in Brookfield.
The use of Zucotti was return favor.
Bloomberg is in a pickle now. The protest has spread to a public park. RE: Washington Square Park. I am sure the neighbors are thrilled.

On top of the insider favors, the unions are all represented. I pointed out the SEIU connection, but AFL-CIO, Working Families party, various other ethnic groups are in the mix. I expect the buses full of LaRaza and  the other ethnic groups to arrive this week.

Here is links to all the info I have provided in this post:

The DOE loan to Brookfield: http://www.earthtechling.com/2011/09/168-9m-granite-reliable-doe-loan-guarantee-finalized/

More on the DOE loan: Remember the name Brookfield Renewable Power. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/21/idUS222907292120110621

Biden's kid lobbied for Brookfield to get the DOE loan: http://minx.cc/?post=322348

This is the one that says Bloomberg's GF is on the board of Brookfield: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2011/10/more-who-controls-zuccotti-park/43414/

Here is the Soros stock info RE: Brookfield: http://www.gurufocus.com/stock.php?symbol=BAM

This is Rathke's input: http://chieforganizer.org/2011/10/07/occupy-movement-and-boycott-bank-of-america/

Bill Ayers posted this statement for the protesters on his site: http://billayers.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/occupy-wall-street-collective-statement-of-the-protesters/

Can't forget Patrick Gaspard. He still works in the White House. He is ACORN's man in the inside.

This is Frances Fox Piven telling students prepare for street battles: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/shocking-video-frances-fox-piven-and-fellow-professors-indoctrinating-college-students-at-cuny-to-get-involved-and-be-ready-violent-streets-battles-and-breaking-down-capitalism/


Here an organizer admits to paying protesters: http://dailycaller.com/201 1/10/06/organizer-admits-t o-paying-occupy-dc-protest ers-video/ .

The folks at Godlike are digging as well: Good links embedded in this. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1666560/pg1.


Every one of them is connected to Obama.


UPDATED: Dems go all in. Sent out an email to support protests:

http://weaselzippers.us/20 11/10/10/democratic-party- going-all-in-on-occupy-wal l-street-protests/ .


UPDATE 2: Here come the race pimps, right on que:


User Comments

I have watched this for weeks. It is clear from the start that the "demonstrators" did not know what they wanted...UNTIL the big guns showed up and told them what they wanted. The big guns want to pull the corporations apart so they can take them over...remember the auto take over?

Without the big guns feeding clothing and housing these "demonstrators" they would all have gone home days ago. These people were (and are ) complaining about the cost of hotel rooms...SURPRISE! IT IS NEW YORK CITY FOLKS!

They have their hands out for freebies and are surprised when those that fix the food and run the hotels expect to be paid in cold hard cash.

I suggest that they get a life!

Nota. Great to see you. You are right. I think the early kids may have been sincere, but they were used only to sleep in the street, to hold the park. They have long since been forgotten. The real organizers have hijacked the movement. Watch them all embrace it, until the violence starts. They have no clue what they have unleashed.


They had a gathering in Dallas.


They know exactly what they have unleashed, and violence is the next logical step.

White House endorsed class-warfare, ala mode, anyone?

(LW here, btw.  Good to see you back.)

This has all the markings of a Narcissistic community organizer utilizing his "civilian army" he promised to form during his campaign.  The timing isn't coincidental and I'm wondering if this is just a "dry run" for the elections next year.

I do not doubt that for one minute.

Nota and Mikey'smom. This is the biggest, incestouous, political stunt in history. It will get ugly. The kids & cops will get hurt. The Agitators will sit in their cushy limousines and high five each other.

Mikeysmom. Great to see you here. Remember Obama said, "Put on your marching shoes"! Waters said: "Unleash us"! Hoffa declared: "We are your army"! Van Jones promised "An October Offensive". They told us what they were going to do.

You're right Joanne...we were given fair warning.  The only good I see coming from this fiasco are the disgusted democrats and independents who are outraged by the open support from the left in Congress and the WH.  We need to use this against them.

Several of us have discussed the situation we see developing.  We have wondered if Obama is setting things up to decalre Martial Law before the elections.

I awoke from a dream last night wherein I had come to the conclusion that this is a Psy-Ops and a very probable prelude to "Suspending Elections" in 2012.

I fear you are right.

Wall Street Occupiers   ---   What else is there for union employees to do anyway, they don't have to work for their income like the 88% of private sector non-union Americans ?????

JoAnne- Thanks for your excellent work, your sharing and your verification.


fatoldguy, Rachel. I wish we had a like button. Thank you for the great comments.

Another excellent post JoAnne...

They are doing it here also.  One of them interviewed said they couldn't get any UAW types for this because GM threatened they would shut down.  Not true, they just got a new contract and value their jobs.

My email list is getting a link to this post. Thank you!

Conservativegal. Thank you.


intrudermarine. You are right. If they go out to protest, they violate their no strike clause. Only ones who don't have a no strike clause is Ford. GM and Chrystler agreed to it in their bail-out. GM didn't threaten to shut down. You are correct. GM can fire them & replace them.

FedUp. Thank you.

Soon the race pimps will be busing in their protesters. Already, Sharpton, Jackson, Rangel, Samuel Jackson are throwing themselves in the mix. All Millionaires by the way. Here is  Sharpton. He will be broadcasting his show from Zucotti Park. Did he get permission from Brookfield?


Democratic Party Going All-In On Occupy Wall Street Protests, Circulates Petition To “Stand With” Them:


This President must be put on trial. He must be made to pay for his crimes. We won't be able to try him for conspiracy to create mayhem in America but we can try him for conspiracy to commit murder in Operation Urgent Fury. At least one count of murder of an American citizen is pending so far. If all else fails he should be turned over to Mexican authorities for the hundreds murdered there. He cannot simply be allowed to walk away from office. He has commited the most serious high crimes and treason in our history.

More on Steve Lerner:


NoBull. I agree. This is too much. Every one of these incidents and players are connected to Obama. When are we going to say enough? Nobody can be in denial anymore. If there are, they are lying, or hopeless twits!

Good info JoAnne... keep on working for us... you are a blessing!


4Bliss. Thank you. I will keep at it.


I sent this to everyone.

My bet is Obama is using taxpayer money to finance the whole mess, and Congressional Oversight should investigate.

I sent this to everyone.


AJay. He is funneling stimulus money to DOE for dummy companies his bundlers get in on. Look at Solyndra, Light Squared and Brookfield.


That so-called stimulus went to unions and Obama supporters so they could give it back in the form of campaign "donations", and that is what a Chicago politician does.

Major theft and corruption.


The difference JoAnne, between us and our forebears is that thanks to them, we are the proprietors of an existing government, and it is our obligation not to sever ties with an alien power, but to cast out the usurpers from our elected offices and return the government to the people through new elected representatives who understand and will honor their contract with the governed.

Contrary to this concept, the useful idiots presently on Wall Street have chosen their slogan-name well. An owner "resides," while an invading force "occupies" displacing any rightful owners. The Union, Communist, Anarchists, and Socialist Professor led children in the Occupy movement, seek to overthrow our government and replace it with another form of government and another economic system.


They think they are bringing about positive change, but instead, they are literally living out the role of useful idiots to the hostile regime presently occupying our seats of power. They have not a clue that they are utterly incapable and unprepared to take the reigns if they were to succeed bringing down Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and our Constitution.

If successful, they would only pave the way for the utter and instant destruction that Soros and Obama, et al., could not affect without mounting hoards of the disaffected and ill-informed.

Great research, post, and comments JoAnne! Thank you very much!

Neo. Thank you. Your comment is exactly right.

No surprise there. It's like the TPE without the political talent.

InsidePassage. They have political talent, but the talent is on the side of Communism/Socialism. Total govt control. These kids are being duped into surrendering their freedom.

By 'political talent', I refer to the ability to make oneself coherent and understandable to others, and to use that ability to further one's cause in the political arena. OWS doesn't seem to have that, unlike their counterparts in the TPE.

Neo. Yes. These kids don't realize what Communism and Socialism is. There is no private sector in those ideaolgies. They are totally govt controlled. They are enabling a coup. These kids are being used by the master manipulators. I saw footage of occupy Philly. One guy was squatting over a burning US flag. Others were carrying Communist flags. In Boston, the Mayor let them have Dewey Sq. The anarchists spread to another park. That did not go well. Just after 1:30 am, Boston Police cleared out the second park.The original location at Zucotti Park has spilled over. Wonder when Bloomberg will end it. Here is link to Boston clearing out the park early this morning:

Boston police crack down on occupy Boston.http://jammiewearingfool.b logspot.com/2011/10/fascis t-boston-police-round-up.h tml?m=1 .

nice job on breathing life in to a consipacy, what a load of crap. But it's what you do and your good at it, to bad your on the wrong side, of course thats the only side that dies it. The fascists you support will not win this, the people will.

Charlie your cause was hi-jacked just like the Teaparty.  Don't tell me you think it is fine to go to private citizen's homes to intimidate and terrorize.  Does it not bother you that the Communist Party is marching alongside you?  The SEIU and the Democrat Party are now calling the shots.  I don't see where JoAnne is breathing life into a conspiracy.  She backed up her research with links and I thought you admired that.  Tell me, why are "we the people" not marching on Congress and the White House?  I might be with you!

funny you say that, the Teaparty IS trying to hijack it, nice of you to notice, yes groups are joining in, but have NO say as to what is going on. You listen to to much FOX, I'll listen to the people on the front line thank you. NO one is calling the shots, thats where you people are all wrong. She is the Queen of consipacy and you all eat it up like Lemmings, too funny to watch.

They ARE in DC. The beef is with Wall Street and the Bankers to start with, are you aware of whats really going on?

No one I know associated with the Tea Party would be associated with this!  You can't go home again Charlie, this is not the 60's.  If you had started with the White House and Congress the rest would have fallen in line.  What's really going on?  No one seems to know.  I love the way the lefty multi-millionaires are walked among the "great unwashed".  Pun intended!  I do see who is calling the shots when they interview them on the MSM.

you miss the point, it's not about politics. Your confused, no one is calling the shots, it's a movement and it's growing on it's own because the people are right, maybe you need to change where you get your info from, maybe even talk to someone whos been to the marches, we have one here on blogster you know. Look for her.

Charlie, I guess we will have to wait and see, you remind me so much of my brother, I see his face when I read your posts!  LOL!  I know you don't agree with some things that are being said and happening and I don't disagree with everything I've heard.  {#basic-smile.gif}

well, bottom line is, we all  in this together and at some point we will agree on somethings, maybe not all, but some, and thats how it's supposed to work. I feel really bad that we all become so polarized because what we all want is for this country to get better, the devil is in the details.

arkansasmama. You are right. The movement has been hijacked.

JoAnne= superb research once again from you and your team. Will blast email to my friends and wait for your next update.

Hershey. Great to see you. Thank you.

CharlieAdams. Thank you for commenting. I will stand by every word. I have provided source and research links. You may have noticed this info has now gone mainstream. I believe the early kids were sincere. They are long forgotten. The wolves devoured them. The rest will soon have to pay the piper too. Notice how they chant. Notice how they do human microphones. A speaker will say a few words, then the audience repeats. They say that is because they are not allowed microphones. I have news for you. Microphones are allowed during the day. That is evident by the unions and radicals using Bull horns daily. This is a form of persuasive speech. Look up the tactic. The movement has been coopted by master manipulators who see this as their moment in time. To them, this is the start of the revolution.  Mark my words: Soon the ethnic groups will be bused in. The unions, radicals, major funders and radical groups are all in! This will turn ugly. I guarantee it. That "is" the plan. They are supposed to sow chaos.

I will follow this post with more links.


This is a threat received by a friend at twitter:

http://feedyouradhd.blogsp ot.com/2011/10/threat-from -occupy-wall-street-goon.h tml

This is Gaspard, who I mentioned in the post. Plus, look through all the links in the article:

http://www.thegatewaypundi t.com/2011/10/shocker-obam as-top-political-advisor-d irectly-linked-to-occupy-w all-street-protests/

These groups are all in. look at the funders, organizers and players. Weather Underground,Ayers,Rathke, Pike, Jeff Jones, Tom Hayden. Then the radicals:  Maude Hurd, Van Jones, Lerner,Gaspard. Of course the unions, SEIU, AFLCIO. Then EWorking Families Party and ACORN. LaRazza will be coming in tomorrow. Obama gave them marching orders today. Farrakhan has thrown in his suppourt, along with Sharpton, Jackson, Cornell West etc, so expect the Black groups. Can't leave out Soros. He funds Tides, MoveOn, and all the groups. To them, this is a Revolution. They need chaos. That is why there is no clear message. Only the agenda is clear!

Even the location, Zucotti Park is orchestrated. I proved it was a political favor.

Yesterday the protesters staged what they called a "millionaires march". They went by Murdoch, Jaime Dimon, and Koch's homes. They stopped and protested at each one. On their route, they went by Soros's home. They did not stop. They never pointed it out to the group.

You think they just overlooked Soros, the richest one of all?  Nah!  It is sad how they are being used.  The movement wasn't hijacked, the kids were.

Charlie won't look at your links, JoAnne.  He prefers others to do this thinking for him, does little to no research on his own, just follows along like a parrot.

Many in the Dem Party are embracing and showing solidarity. Pelosi, Shakowski, Jackson-Lee, Rangel, etc have come out publicly. Anyone who can't see it is hijacked is in denial, or lying, even to themselves. The rest, beware. This is getting really ugly, really fast. This it folks! This is their moment. This is what most of these radicals have worked to achieve, all their lives. Make no mistake! This is the big push! They are going to intentionally caiuse violence. While they sit in their cushy mansions, high fiving each other, there will be Americans getting hurt or worse in the streets.

arkansasmama you are absolutely right. The movement is what suckered the kids. They preyed on them.

Here is Rachael Maddow and Bill Mahr getting in on it. They are almost giddy at the threat of violence. This is more marching orders. Both these pundits are far lefties:

http://dailycaller.com/2011/10 /12/maddow-maher-on-occupy-wal l-street-is-movement-deriving- power-from-athreat-of-violence /

Littlewhip. That's ok. I don't mind doing the research. He would flip out if he had a look through my posts here. I have more than 50 pages of research and articles. I wrote Obama is a Plant, exposes' on Gulf Spill,some bios on Kagen and other prominent figures and a articles that expose all these same Communists, Socialists, radicals and crooks.. Did some digging into the IMF, Gold and money laundering too.  I stand by my work. :)

This blogger is correct. We have been waiting for this violence to erupt... we even saw them STAGE violence on the bridge to gain sympathy (MoveOn.org was responsible) We have it all documented on our website. This is the international communist and socialist movement here in USA just like in 1968... same thing. These kids are useful idiots.

BTW, TPE is NOT a tea party, it's a GOP group.

NHteaparty. Thank you. If you need any blanks filled in, please feel free to go back through my pages here. Start at the beginning and scan the headlines. There is lots of doccumentation stored here.


Thanks.. what the heck makes them think they could put this over on us as a 'populist' uprising? Gimme a break. I was there in the 1960s... so I know!

Hi nhteaparty, and welcome to blogster.

Blogster tip:   When replying to someone's comment, don't go to 'post a comment.'  Instead, click the 'reply' link at the bottom of their comment box, then they will be notified that you commented back.  Common newbie mistake, I don't know how long I was doing that before somebody pointed it out to me....  Also, don't know if you are aware, (I didn't know it for a long time....lol) in the upper left hand corner, under  Home    Explore   Search, you will be notified of any comments left on your blog, pm's, etc.....

Oops sorry.... did not even look at the reply button.. was just going too fast!

No reason to be sorry.  I finally wrote out the 'blogster tips' on a document and keep it on my desktop so I can copy and paste it....and I do so at least 4-5 times a week.  Very common mistake for newbies here. 

I"ve been posting on so many boards lately and they all have different appearances...

Yeah, they all operate a little differently!

Breitbart acquired some emails that are very revealing. Here is some info from a few of them. This should prove to you even further how orchestrated and by who. This is it folks. This the big push:

Democrats Have Serious Connections with #OccupyWallSt - Big Government

http://biggovernment.com/d riehl/2011/10/16/democrats -have-serious-connections- with-occupywallst/?utm_sou rce=feedburner&utm_medium= feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ BigGovernment+%28Big+Gover nment%29&utm_content=Netvi bes .

For over a year I have been hinting and urging Conservatives to hit the streets and stay there until they get what they want w/ regard to government. They missed their chance. Now the commies of various stripes own the rebellion and it will take a very different course from what our founders bled for.

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