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Obama is a plant and I think I can prove it. Part one.

Added: Tuesday, January 20th 2009 at 5:39am by JoAnneMor
Related Tags: political issues

Obama is a plant.
He was here to study and learn Constitutional law, not practice it.
That is evident in his 500 billing hours at the law firm.
He was to find loopholes. He did just that.

Remember, we didn’t know him, but I am finding out he is very well known in some circles.

 Myself and a few others have been researching this for almost a year.

I have a lot of names and a whopper of a story to tell.
The problem is, the story is true and I think I can prove it.

Obama’s grandmother did not go under the bus for being racist. (His mother went under too, by the way).
I know why they had to go under now.
Please read this. It will let me start near the beginning. There was a lot of the current players, back then too. :

Both Madelyn Dunham and Anne Dunham were bankers and economists, on a world level. This is a huge organization of economists.

It is no coincidence Obama's grandmother was a banker, at Bank of Hawaii, in charge of overseas escrow. It is no coincidence Obama's mother, father and step-father were economists. It is no coincidence most of Obama's cabinet picks are connected in some way to banks and the same billionaire donors.

Google Obama with names like: Khalidi, Soros, Mahajan, Auchi, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and Alsamaree. Also google Clinton with these names.

Google any Dem leader with Soros, including Franken.

Then Search: Anne Dunham, Ford Foundation, Grameen Bank, Geithner. and Rockerfeller Foundation.

Our Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch have for all purpose joined ranks. They are one unit now. This includes both Repubs and Dems.
This fix was in long ago.

The Repubs threw the election.

If you noticed, McCain was dead last. How did he get to be the front runner?
Palin was relatively unknown. They were the weakest link.Her instant popularity almost derailed the plan. The RNC had to let her get beat up by the press and the Dems. They never came out swinging in her defense, like Obama's supporters did.
When McCain still kept the public financing, after Obama had already broken the agreement, why did the Repubs not follow suit?
Because they did not want to fight, but had to put up an appearance of a competition.
The RNC could have competed with Obama money. They did not.
We footed the bill for the farce.
I’ll buy the story of McCain not being able to use a keyboard, due to his injuries, but I won’t buy that not one Repub could use one either.
Obama had his supporters on speed mail. The RNC could have done the same. They did not.

Obama has refused to provide proof of eligibility.

Again, he studied well.  It appears “We the People" have no standing to challenge him. Several have tried, but each time the cases were dismissed without comment and without ever having the evidence heard. The court dismissed them on technicalities, not merit.

Is anyone wondering how one man has the power to erase his entire history from the web?

Does anyone find it unethical for a Supreme Court justice to have dinner and a meeting with someone who’s case in in front of the court to be heard?
Justice Roberts had dinner and a meeting with Obama and Biden just recently.

Let’s look at his cabinet picks.

Most are economists. Some are radicals.
Rahm Emanuel, big in Citigroup, Countrywide and Bank of America, all now holdings of Bank of America.
Carol Browning. Socialist Internation, board of directors.
Hillary Clinton. There is lots to discuss with her and Bill, starting with the donations from Arab Billionaires.
What does that do to foreign relations? What ifs abound there. If you accept millions of dollars from these folks and a problem breaks out in that area, will our SOS be independent of these donors in making what could be life and death decisions?
Geithner. Tax evader, tax fraud. His father and Obama’s mother go way back.

The RNC has not put up objection to Obama’s picks either.
Anyone find that odd?

Geithner doesn’t pay taxes, although he “is the tax man”. Geithner does accept reimbursement for the taxes he did not pay.
He will still get confirmed, though.
Geithner’s father and Obama’s mother were friends and long time co-workers, through the Ford Foundation and Grameen Bank in Indonesia.. They both were into the microfinance organization.

Carol Browner was listed on the Board of directors at Socialist International, until her profile was scrubbed. (it is not "truly" gone though, wink, wink).

Hillary Clinton and her husband have and continue to receive huge donations from Middle Eastern Billionaires, yet the RNC sees no conflict of interest with this. She will be the Secretary of State.  Do these donors expect more than just gratitude?

Leon Panetta. He's a retread from the Clinton era. He has ties to Communism too.

The list goes on, but not a peep from the Repubs!

Obama said our Constitution is “fundamentally flawed”.
He should know. He studied it well.
Look at what is going on with TARP.
It is illegal to take public finds and give them to a private entity.
Now they have found a loophloe to offset this.

The US government takes 51% stock, which now classifies the bank as primarily public, but believe me, that is only on paper. If you watch the bank and brokerage mergers, they tell a story.Our treasury funds are being transferred, not spent.

We need to watch the banks and the TARP money.

If you pay attention to the mergers and aquisitions, you will see a pattern.
The money is being used to buy other banks, not just in the US.
Not all American banks are American.
Look at the firms like Citigroup, Countrywide and Bank of America merging.
Our money is not being spent. It is being transferred.
“And then there was one”!

Obama said “only the government can solve the economy”!
Those are very divisive words.
They are meant to separate the government from the people, as two separate entities.

There are many billionaires, politicians from both sides and other unsavory characters pulling off the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

While Obama is holding the greatest show on Earth, his fellow travelers are sneaking in legislation that eliminates term limits, (Look up: HJ res. 5)

Today it was reported that they want to establish one bank that will buy the bad debt, with taxpayer money.
We get the bad debt and the real objective gets our treasury funds!

One more fact to note: The Federal Reserve is a private entity, not governed by the US Constitution. Before we transfer our treasury we need to know this.

It is not about politics in the regular sense. It is about globalization, power and deceit.

There is so much more. This is a story in progress. At the end, I will provide links to where I got a lot of my info. I will continue with The history of how and by whom Obama was groomed.

I am not asking you to believe me. I am however asking you to check my facts.

My friends and fellow researches have saved and copied all the info.

I told you it would sound like a "whopper"., but I swear I did not make this stuff up.

Most of the info is from old news searches and investigating every name we came across.

User Comments

Dr jojo.

You are absolutely right.

I will get into the Rockerfeller, Ford and a couple of other foundations I know of.

I will also get into Bilderberg and the Counsel on Foreign Relations. Google or YouTube "CFR" for some background on the media involvement. The MSM is controlled, but the smaller publications are independent of this.

Even Pravda in Russia is openly discussing this.

Please read the link I posted with the story. It is very important and related to all of it.

Thank you.

I will try to lay out my story in parts.

The next part is the chronology of how Obama was groomed and by who.

I am writing it as I compile all the saved articles and biographies of the players.

WOW!!  I am glad that Joe directed me to your post!!  I too will add you.  This is just mind-boggling and very scary too.  Thanks for posting this!!


There I have subscribed to your posts so, I will get e-mail notifications when you post.  I thought that I had already since you are on my friends list.

Thank you so much.

Please look up the names I posted, while I write the second part.

I could not believe what I was reading.

There are several of us who swap info and scour for anything we can find on the players.

The more we find, the more we are connecting the dots.

Again, thank you for reading it.

Will do.  Thank you!!

I'm somewhere near speechless.  I will DEFINITELY be back!!  Keep it up!!!

Thank You very much for reading this part.

I am working on pt.2.

Thank you for asking. You may repost it. I have not done all the research myself. There are a couple of us who are sharing info.

EXELLENT!!! Keep up the good work! {#apploud.gif}{#thumbs-up.gif} Shine the light on these cockroaches!!!

Great post, and a lot scary. We truly are going to Hell in a Handbasket. I knew Obama was a set up, but I thought it was by the Muslims.... Not for banking reasons.!! I will be waiting to read the rest of this report. Great Job!!


Thank you.

Part two is posted now.

Jo Anne, I really have to commend you on the research.

Have you found the tie to the other parts of the gov't.  The Ford Foundation and the CIA, et al?  Try that route as well. 


I am trying to find the tie from Stanley Dunham in WWII to the Bilderberg group.  It started when Ike was president and the head of the CIA went to the 1st meeting.  Stanley's war records are scrubbed.

I have been aware of a lot of this....You and friends really puts the whole thing in perspective.

May I borrow it to send to friends?

Hmmm...."screwed with out a kiss", I'd say.

Raped, pillaged and plundered.....this is really looks like the prelude to the "One World Government".

Please feel free to share this.

Thank you for reading it.

The story goes on.


With  due respect to all the work you have done, this is the biggest crock I have ever read.  You guys are looking for conspiracy theories in every nook and cranny.  Just so you know, Obama's grandmother and mother both needed food stamps to buy groceries when Obama was growing up.

Thank you for reading this story.

I welcome the feedback. I knew it would not all be positive.

Please read the link I provided in the story.

You may also find info by Googling, Dunham, Grameen Bank, Ford Foundation, to see what his mother did for work.

Also please Google Madelyn Dunham, Bank of Hawaii.

Please came back and let me know what you have found.

I would really appreciate that.


grad....  It would seem that until you present research to disprove what JoAnne has done here, what you have said about this being a "crock" is nothing more than your extremely biased opinion.  I think that if you have facts to prove JoAnne wrong, she is a big enough person to listen and debate it with you.  But you have to admit she has done a great job and has put many hours worth of research into this.  I don't believe she would be posting it if she didn't believe she had good evidence to back herself up.

So please, if you don't have your own evidence, don't come and make fun of her.

There is too much to put in a reply.  So, I am going to respond on my own posts to each of the different pieces of information here.  I will begin with my rebuttal of "lamecherry.blogspot.com


I was looking at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Oh man!!  I linked to your blogs here on this series you have from my blog on my last post.   Keep up the good work very interesting and the pieces are falling into place.


Hi JoAnne,

Thanks so much for posting this. You have had some criticism, but don't let that stop you. The person criticising you, recently blasted other blogsters on one of her thread, then toned down her own acrid article, and removed many posts from others, to leave a few out of context criticizms presumably to make herself look like a victim. It was absolutely the most unprofessional example of journalism I have ever seen. Your article however, seems well researched, and contains ample disclosure that it is a work in progress. You are by far vindicated as the more credible reporter, and though I reserve my opinion, I will be reading the rest of your series with keen interest.

I can already say though, that it is clear to me you are exactly right, that McCain threw the election, and Palin was thrown to the wolves because of her unexpected popularity. Thank you so much for the time you have dedicated to this project. We are all in your debt! {#thumbs-up.gif}{#thumbs-up.gif}{#thumbs-up.gif}{#thumbs-up.gif}


Thank you for your support of me and my story.

I hope I have given enough information and background to have people look up my facts. Even if just to attempt to dispute them.

I am not claiming I know all of it , yet, but I will stand by my posts.

A lot of time and effort went into the research. I have had lots of help from folks sending me links and stories. Every day, more info is found by me and several others.

I am very concerned for our country and our continued sovereignty.

Thank you for reading and responding.


JoAnne - check out also the connection to the Rothchilds.

The Federal Reserve Bank (this is a private corporation, not the Federal Government) is to a large part owned by the Rothchild family.

Google Federal Reserve Bank Rothchild, and you should easily see the connection.

Also, try googling Federal Reserve Bank.  It will lead you to a complete list of the owners of "Our Bank".

The owners include many foreign families, as well as Citibank and Bank of America.   After you research this, I would like to read your summary of how these fit into your puzzle.

Tim Geitner was President of the New York brach of the Federal Reserve Board, so he is part of it too.  As was Paulson, who made 700 million.

Tim Geitner failed to prevent Citibank or Bank of America from "losing" all their money, under his watch.  Where is the money really?  Did they lose it or just keep it, and make us come up with more to fill in where they kept the money.

Federal Reserve Bank (private company) is legally not subject to accounting or audits.  Where is the money?

Sorry to be so wordy, but also check out the stock ownership of Bank Of America and Citibank.  You will find it is largely foreign, including middle east.  I have not looked at the ownership for a while, so if you do, please let me know what you find for current stock ownership.

Here is one for you to check out too.


I am reading this 5 months later. I wonder if there is anything you would add or leave out of this first installment now, 5 months later.


There is lots to add.

I stand by all I have written in this article, but yes, there is more.

I don't think I would remove anything.

I made sure I got the facts straight, before I published them.

As I have progressed in my research, more and more has become clearer.

I was thinking about this earlier while browsing through.

I have really evolved as I dug deeper.



Thanks for taking time to answer.

Incidentally I amreading the whole series and there is this bolg about your series:

But the blog has been 'disabled'...do you know what happened to  lostonplanetearth?


This is the first I have seen of this.

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