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Maxine, Barney, Banks,Scandal, Haiti, and the Dictator

Added: Tuesday, October 12th 2010 at 10:31am by JoAnneMor

Maxine Waters Barney Frank Picture


For the last three months we have been compiling information on Congresswoman, Maxine Waters.

Initially, we began with the One United  Bank debacle, that included not only Ms Waters, but Barney Frank, Hank Paulson and Maxine Waters’ husband, Sydney Williams.

Those people in turn led us to Aristide, a host of other players and corruption. Everything from kickbacks to Telecom contracts, embezzlement, bank fraud, conflict of interest, offshore accounts  and election fraud/manipulation in Haiti, has come to light.
Let’s start with the OneUnited Bank scandal. There is a lot going on there.
OneUnited started with a bid on Family Savings Bank. A bidder from Illinois originally won the bid, but Maxine Waters awarded it to her husband’s friend Cohee, to keep it a minority owned enterprise. The guy from Illinois was not a minority, although he did win the bid initially.

OneUnited was touted as a neighborhood bank. They opened with a lot of pomp and publicity. OneUnited instead only loaned to uber-wealthy clients and some churches that fit in the agenda, re: Charles St. Church AME in Boston.

Several Real Estate Development corporations were clients of OneUnited. Hera, Guscott, Grimes. One of the loans went to building a residence in Chestnut Hill, that was subsequently sold to Johnny Damon from the Boston Red Sox. (Damon is not involved in any way. The house was already built and for sale when he bought it). Another loan went to Grimes for a piece of property on Martha’s Vineyard. Still others went to buying posh condos in Boston’s South End.  The Charles st Church and the Guscott building that houses the bank are the limited loans that even landed in the Grove Hall neighborhood the bank was touted to help. Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Martha’s Vineyard are neither poor, nor minority areas. (They are Barney’s district though).

The President of OneUnited Bank has a shady past. He was charged with Sodomizing a woman and possession of Cocaine while in his exclusive, bank leased mansion in California’s Malibu region. Mr. Cohee drove around in a leased Porche SUV. He is married to OneUnited’s Vice President, Terri Williams.

OneUnited did invest in Fannie & Freddie, which are overseen by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. OneUnited had preferred stock in Fannie & Freddie. It was Barney Frank who wrote the legislation in the TARP Bill to include OneUnited, at the urging of Maxine Waters, even though her husband ,Sydney Williams sat on the board of directors.


Here is an article that outlines the Waters ethics charges as well as a good summary.
In that article it states there were a couple meetings with Waters, Paulson, Barney and Cohee in regards to the TARP request. Cohee wanted $51 Million. They ended up receiving $12 million.


On December 2, 2008 there was an article in Boston Business Journal that states FDIC cracked down on OneUnited.
 In this article the bank was in deep trouble. Bad decisions were made. The Bank President was living quite large and the books were shoddy at best, The Banking Commission overseen by Barney was aware of the bank condition as was Maxine Waters. Remember, it was Maxine who solicited Barney to pressure Paulson on behalf of the bank, knowing full well her husband was on the Board and the bank was mismanaged.
This article tells where some of those elite loans were made.:

Now let’s talk about Maxine Waters and her relationship with Jean Bertrand Aristide, former President, despot from Haiti.. It will all tie in as this summary progresses.

To get current, we must first go back a bit. Maxine Waters has a long relationship with Aristide. She was on his legal council when he was deposed. As a matter of fact, it was Maxine Waters and her husband Sydney Williams who were on the Chopper that took him out of Haiti when he was ousted. In one report, Aristide claimed to have been kidnapped.
Aristide was ousted twice. Once during Old man Bush’s administration. He returned to Haiti and was elected President again, during the Clinton  years. Then ousted once more during young Bush’s Presidency. It was the latter when Maxine Waters became involved as his legal adviser and was aboard the helicopter that evacuated him to South Africa, where he currently resides in exile. Aristide is still active in Haiti politics and is head of the Laval movement that is pushing for a return to the ballot. Maxine Waters is also pushing to get Laval on the ballots in Haiti as well. (Not sure the legality of that), (Logan act?)

Jean Bertrand Aristide was a Minister. He embraced Black Liberation Theology. (That is the religion Rev Wright and the Charles st AME church, Boston,  funded by OneUnited Bank teach & practice.) 

Aristide became President of Haiti and soon engaged in many shady practices. He was convicted of stealing large sums of money, corruption and other crimes against the state. He was finally ousted by old man Bush. He made a comeback during the Clinton administration years, but was ousted again when Young George Bush took office. Aristide had returned to his old ways.
Here are a couple links outlining the presidency of Aristide, his involvement with CIA and other pertinent facts.

Aristide was setting up Shell accounts offshore. He had invested in front business through a brokerage business called Delaware. Remember that. It’s important. Aristide was stealing money from Haiti and depositing it banks all over the world. These banks were set up to move money then go under. Some were absorbed by other banks to move the assets but lose the books.

He awarded a no bid contract to a telecom company named IDT. It was a scam that yielded him and his cronies 9 cents a minute on every call into or out of Haiti. IDT is only one of many shell telecom companies under the Delaware umbrella.

Here is the part that will upset everyone and possibly the reason there has been no investigation in US of the telecom scam being run by Aristide. This scam involves high profile names from both American political parties.







Now let’s ask ourselves why Maxine Waters would be pushing so hard to get Aristide back into power. Is her interference in Haiti’s elections a violation of the Logan Act?
Waters is still actively counseling. Aristide and his Laval Party.
Here interference is causing stress and unrest in Haiti. Maxine is pushing to get Aristide’s party on the ballots, when the Haitian people are rejecting the attempt.
Here are a few links that prove Maxine Waters is not only still involved with Aristide, but trying to manipulate the outcome of a foreign Democratic election. Aristide was a dictator. Why would Haiti want a dictator back?




So there you have it. Maxine Waters is dirty. Her husband and she are involved with Aristide, his movement and his corruption. Maxine is attempting to affect a foreign Democratic election.
She has abused her position in Congress to benefit herself, her family and her cronies. She has committed ethics violations. Her husband and family as well as tight cronies benefit financially from her position in Congress. Waters is a close associate and counselor to a tyrannical despot.
Maxine Waters is a member of Democratic Socialists of America as well as several other Socialiast/Communist organizations.
Here are a few more random yet connected links to finish the story.




http://tinyurl.com/2s3epz Maxine endorsed this Communist group.



User Comments

Plus, Maxine's grandson, Mikael Moore helped write the legislation that got OneUnited the TARP funds:



Thanks Joez.

I can't believe how intricate the web of corruption is.

Joez. We have been fighting them for over 60 years. All of a sudden they are crawling out from under every rock.


Thank you.

I am amazed at what we have found. They are so arrogant as well as corrupt.


This bullcrap is the tip of the iceberg for corruption in the current Congress in power. They are either doing something crooked or smearing their opposition, all to accumulate power and money....our money.

The wealth redistribution in the USA has all, and I mean ALL has gone into Dem pockets or Dem election war-chests for the perpetuation of their corruption.

ALL of the auto dealerships that were closed up by the Democrats were Republican supporters. ALL! I watched C-span hearings and read up on this at the time. Obama seized power of the banks and auto companies to aid the theft.

The sooner we get rid of the corrupt creeps, the better.

Maxine and Rangel just went along with the Democrat flow of corruption. It's like sewage...it runs downhill. My bet has always been that any who associate with them are just as corrupt as they are.

Your post aptly demonstrates exactly what I suspected.

Thank you Ajay.

It gets more filthy by the minute.

Obama did the same thing with Odinga. Much has "disappeared" from the internet, but it is not all gone.


Nota. You're right. He had no business over there campaigning and interfering. That turned out bad too! Odinga was no moderate in the end!

No, he was not. Many people were killed so he could force his way into the "government". Hundreds were Christians.

Good job JoAnne...we've been asleep, but we are awake now. We've allowed so many lowlifes to languish in office that Washington looks like a Machiavellian 3rd world government, and it has filtered down to State and local government. Corruption has always been around but Bill and Hillary Clinton launched it into the arena of "Public Acceptability."

All of Washington has to be replaced. We can't do it all at once, but we have a good start and the timing is perfect since the vice on government has kept a class of scumbag in office that are now dieing off together...good riddance Kennedy, Murtha, Byrd, etc., and Rangle can't be far behind.

I don't trust either party, so we need to throw them all out starting with the most egregious offenders. Then we need to call for, and support only candidates who agree to supporting term limits, until we have enough new blood to get it passed, including a Constitutional amendment if that's what it takes. If we have to go that far, it will be because of the Supreme Court protecting the status quo, so we may as well get rid of lifelong Supreme Court appointments while we are at it. No one should sit on the bench for more than twenty years, and when they have become clearly senile, they need to go regardless of how long they have served. Thurgood Marshal was a disgrace to the Supreme Court, but we had to tolerate his bumbling racist dementia for years.

Keep slugging JoAnne, you are making a difference! :)


Thank you.

I agree with your assessment.

We are making good progress. We must continue to push. No more taking it.

This is a huge amount of work plus homework for me to cross check your links. Maxine Waters was to appear on CNBC today with Larry Kudlow but I was not home to watch but will check his show tonight @ 7PM EST to hear what was said if they do a segment about the earlier interview with her. 

Nothing surprises me anymore about corruption and money laundering either by Americans or their involvment in foreign countries. The one thing is certain is that when these leaders are no longer needed they will always meet a mysterious accident resulting in death. 

Ot: Is Chestnut Hill the section of Boston near Beacon Hill where Kerry and his wealthy progressive wife Teresa Heinz have their Boston home. Can't recall right now if that's the same area or not.


Chestnut Hill is just outside Boston in the Brookline area. Rt 9 going towards Wellesley. Very swanky.

Thanks, JoAnne. Couldn't recall. Your post is very troubling about Maxine and her corrupt cronies from both sides of the aisle because the initial charges against her just touched the surface of the depth of her involvement. I'll continue to read the links you provided to understand the story better. If this is what you and your team has found so far it makes me wonder how much is NOT yet discovered that will reveal the total story. Your work may be the tip of the iceberg .

The recent info about the staff in Congress receiving what could be considered insider trading on stocks has me very intrigued as well. A financial guru stated that the "No Insider Trading regulations "should automatically cover Congress and their staffs but if not, Washington State Congressmen Baird (?)  is initiating a law called " STOCK" for Stop Trading of Congressional  Knowledge" . Just another example of the corruption in Govt by those who do not believe they are like the regular "folks".

I heard a song yesterday..."The Road Goes on Forever & The Party Never Ends."  The democrat party came to mind immediately...but it looks as though their road and corrupt practices on our money may be ending sooner than they anticipated.

Due to the internet, investigative citizens (ie your team) and much more involvement by normally apolitical voters...this election will be a reflecion of our anger and how we've had our fill of Maxine Waters and her ilk.

The problem as I see it is how Waters, Rangel and the rest come from districts that don't care about the corruption...as long as they keep bringing home the bacon for them.

Good work on Waters, Joanne....its stunning.  I sent the info to all my friends and family in California.  They don't have a clue her corruption ran this deep.  I didn't.



Thank you.

I wasn't aware either. We started with Barney and Waters schlepping the TARP money for her husband's bank. The Haiti stuff kept coming up, so we dug a little deeper.

It gets worse.

Barney has been using a billionaire's jet. That Billionaire is Fiance to Pingree from Maine. That Billionaire's company got TARP too.

Please read this http://bit.ly/dcOf1m .

The more we dig, the more this nepotism and cronyism rears it's ugly head.


Barney claims its "no crime having friends w/money"...what a crock and pathetic excuse.

And the real kicker to me was that  Pingree blasted lawmakers who traveled on corporate jets while she was with Common Cause, which she headed from 2003 to 2007....but in typical lib fashion, its OK for her and Barney. The hypocrisy of progressives is jaw dropping...you'd think we'd be accustomed to it by now, but they never cease to enrage me.


I agree. They are arrogant and hypocritical. When you research one, ten more pop up.

They have a sense of entitlement after 2 terms. They become rulers, not representatived.

They make rules for us, but ignore them for selves.

Both Parties.

Thank God for the Tea Party.

The people have worked tirelessly to expel as many as we could in the Repub Party. They started there. The goal is to clean out both parties of corrupt, arrogant and criminal pols.

Now we must stick to the strategy and Push the new hires over the finish line.

That actually helps both parties. The new guns replace corrupt old crew in both parties.

I couldn't agree with you more Joanne.  I'm angry at both parties...the good ole boy , go along to get along attitude has to end.

One good thing of this election cycle has been to reveal and expose the duplicity of many organizations and people we've allowed to carry on without closer examination.  ie the NRA, VFW and career politicians from both parties. And they're just the tip of the iceberg.


Again I agree.

One thing we have learned these past couple years is dig deeper. Root them all out.

We shouldn't even care who is endorsing who. They are all gaming us.

You're right...I learned a valuable lesson about the organizations...they are all gaming us and the more I learn, the madder I get.

We have a long hard road ahead of us...Nov is just the beginning.


We are already making a difference. Americans are awake.

OTopic again: Not familiar with Fusion Telephone mentioned in your link but at one time General Telephone & Electronics ( Now merged= Verizon) was the major telcom carrier in the Domican Republic. Not sure why we did not service the DR, too due to the proximity in the countries.



Interesting. Thank you.

Never know where something will lead. I was not able to go to our office in DR due to another obstacle in my life so one of the guys went in my place.   Did  you read last week the news  that the money designated from the USA for relief efforts in Haiti has not been dispersed yet? Huge amount of money not helping those in desperate need after the massive earthquake.


They are playing politics with the money.

Some got skimmed. The rest is being held up until the people of Haiti surrender and let Aristide's party on the ballot.

Once on the ballot, the election will be easier to rig.

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