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Food Safety Bill Lives. They snuck it into the CR that funds govt 'til March!

Added: Sunday, December 19th 2010 at 5:57pm by JoAnneMor


Food Safety Bill Lives

A major food safety bill that had almost been given up for dead was suddenly revived in the Senate late on Sunday evening, and may be ready for House approval as early as Tuesday.

In a parliamentary move laid out on the Senate floor by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just after 7pm, the Senate took the food safety language that was passed as part of a stop-gap budget plan by the House, attached it to another House-passed bill and approved that by unanimous consent.

A Democratic Senate aide told me that Republicans did not object to the plan, even though the bill has garnered fierce opposition in some GOP quarters.

The move was a surprise, as it seemed like the Food Safety bill was going to die in the waning days of this year, despite strong support in both the House and Senate.

The bill almost went down the drain originally because of an elementary mistake by Senate Democrats, who added revenue provisions to a measure that originated in the Senate, despite the Constitutional requirement that all spending and revenue bills start in the House.

The House refused to act directly on that legislation, because of what's known as a "blue slip" problem.

That problem was solved when the House approved its long-term Continuing Resolution last week, which included the language of the Senate-passed food safety bill.

As reported above, the Senate on Sunday night simply took the revised food safety language that was approved by the House in the CR, substitued it to the language of HR 2751, one of the original "Cash for Clunkers" bills from last year, and approved it by unanimous consent.

That move will fix any Constitutional issues, because the plan originated in the House as part of the CR, and by using a bill that was already approved by the House, the Cash for Clunkers bill.

Before you start screaming about that - the food safety language replaces the Cash for Clunkers language in the amended version of HR 2751.

I was told that the food safety bill should be up for a vote as soon as Tuesday in the House.


If this Bill was any good it would have passed on it's own.

Thos sneaky snakes!

It's no longer the FoodSafetyBill S.510. It's been added to HR3082 as Div-M pg 1685, in it's entirety

User Comments


They are sneaky, spiteful and defiant!

I knew those sneaky ******** were up to no good! They were to darned quiet!


If they pass this I blame both parties!

None of them will read it!

Page 499, the Dream act is hidden too!

Joez. We have to stop them.

I just read it on another website, I knew they would do this.  If it is so good, why did they ram it through at the end of the lame duck session .


They are acting like it's supermarlet sweep. Trying to grab every dime, radical agenda, amnesty, land and water they can until the buzzer!

this is a real supermarket sweep... the FDA will be granted more power over our farmers and our food supply. 


JoJo. FDA, EPA. DHS, etc., All have expanded powers. They have gotten away from Congress.

These pols know exactly what they are doing. There is no feuid at the top. Theye are all on the same team and that is not our team.

We have to withhold our consent. They only have power with consent of the governed.

damn-it - do these people have no soul at all.  They do not care at all - even about their all important parties anymore - I feel something really nasty is going to happen next year - I do not like the "katie bar the door" attitude I see and hear lately - everywhere - The president is checking out half the time - 

very unstable time - the agenda is full steam ahead - so much to be concerned about - 

even with the new congress - 

Kel. I am so disgusted! I want to round them up and run them out on a rail!

Wrote to my Rep and sent this out.

Thank you Ajay. How much more are we goinmg to take?

None are worthy of our trust! NONE! This was a DIRTY TRICK "...Objection lifted at the final moment." Any Senator could have stopped unanimous consent, but this last minute trick blindsided anyone who might have had the courage to stand up to bawling Bailout Boehner and Harry Reid, comrades all.

NEO they are scoundrels.

And how could it "slip" unnoticed by the Republicans....do they even read the bills or did they approve it?

I guess they chose not to learn from Nov. 2nd and we have to make our voices louder.

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