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Does Obama speak in Code? You decide.

Added: Monday, September 27th 2010 at 12:51pm by JoAnneMor

Recently the team and I came across a discovery that was hidden in plain sight.

In the course of a conversation, Obama's speech patterns came up.

We noticed he put emphasis on certain words.

We assumed it was similar to the techniques used by hypnotists, Lamaz class councilors, or a learned public speaking skill.

The person I was speaking with asked if I had written down the words he highlighted. I had not.

The next day, Obama gave his recent speech to the UN. It was in the course of writing the words that we discovered there was a speech hidden within the speech.

We poured over more speeches and were shocked at how easily we could see what we had been missing all along.

"Hiding in plain sight"!

I will give you an example and you can see for yourself.

This is one of Obama's early speeches. It was recorded in 2008. The message is very benign. This is a training speech. He is teaching his minions how to listen to him.

Here are the words I captured. Listen for them. You will see what I mean. I will summarize the subliminal speech after the vid.

(Skip past shout-outs)!

Good Ohio. Know 2008 campaign Cleveland hopeful.
We pulled it off.
In time hoped divide states.
Proud Americans believe.
Now say expose parties.
Much specific reigned
Taxes, regulations, trade
Back future energy
Idea: Market rules self
grow time illusion profit bonus
Economy weaker.
Growth 2000-2008 any year
incomes failing
Health care forced poverty
homes failure
Surplus ran economy
Different idea.

Putting it together into a hidden speech, it would read like this:

Good to be in Ohio.
I know the campaign in Cleveland is hopeful we pull it off.
In time we hope to divide states.
Proud Americans believe in me.
Now I say we expose the parties.
Be specific. Talk about the reign, taxes, regulations & trade.
Get behind future energy idea.
The Market rules itself. Give it time to grow the illusion of profit and bonus.
The economy is weaker.
There was growth 2000-2008 more than any other years.
Now incomes failing. Health care forced poverty. Homes placed in failure.
Surplus ran the economy.
Different idea:

Now let's do the first couple minutes of his Gulf speech. Listen for the intonations on certain words:

Gulf speak home.
Recover abroad
assault ripped rig
17 mile leak tested
Chu energy advice scientists & oil co
90% summer stop.
Already disaster event damage
One month millions epidemic
Make mistakes.
Fight long.
Pay whatever (Stop tape at word "whatever"):

Here is what he said in his Gulf, sub-speech :

While we merely speak at home, there will be recovery abroad.

I'll speak about Al Quaeda  tonight. 

An assault ripped the rig. So far 17 miles have been tested for leaks.                                                                                                                                                                              
Look to Chu for energy advice for scientists and oil companies' questions.

By summer we can have it 90% stopped.

Already it is a disastrous event.

In one month the damage will affect millions, in epidemic proportion, for years.

Mistakes will be made. The fight long.

We will pay whatever is necessary.~

By now you should be seeing  and hearing what I am talking about.

Last example. Here is what he said to UN:

The time is here and we must set our priorities as nations regarding war and peace for the sake of the cities and the global community.  There are no boundaries and Wall Street has defined the economies which blow through the continents and cause hatred.  The world is inter-connected and these challenges for the most part are done, we have built a world to focus on the single economy and the new age has started for all nations.  The demands through finance will be determined through the G-20 to broaden yet merge against the resistance.  But the resistance will expand so we need to continue to plant the effective seeds to draw down the resistance and remove from the transition their partnerships. 
Afghanistan is at a breaking level, yet the middle east has the capacity to move towards the objective and pursue the extremists against the one common nation including Russia.  For decades, our weapons with the help of the United Nations and treaties including the Non-Proliferation agreement and the objective of Islam have given us the accountability through the UN resolution number 1929. It is clear the international community will combat the resistance and Climate Change objectives at home and inside all economies have the power of support so it is unshakable amidst all we see.  The pledge of 2 states living side by side is the demonstrating factor against divided rejectionists that are working to disrupt the gaps. One sovereignty is too great and is made common through blood and symbols.
In a month, the achievements will be known worldwide, it is fast sure, but this seizure requires all to see the thousands reasons for its existence. There will be threats of slaughter and our world will stand in conflict, this is our time, for ourselves to reach our sovereign destiny. There is no recession of our quest. This urgency is our first action on the declaration that all lives even the pragmatic man and child are the touchstone along with all their values and will not be denied through our tyrannical and adversarial quest.  The Taliban has and is showing us how to smother the old culture so that stronger shapes to the rotting economies through tapping and bribing and exporting every society will give us the government arc of the all powerful.
South Africa will march with us and promote through the internet the rights and the societies will choose to be among the billions of people that will bind us all together.  The G-20 has shown the contrast so now the reform and promise is now the thread and accountability we seek. No one, all will specify and energize the technology base which will be indispensible for our quest.  We welcome this time and the elections will invigorate us to the point of violence to appeal to those who oppose us.  We are emerging and while there will be silence elsewhere, recall the decades of how Iraq and tyrants have clouded what we are about to achieve as our founding times. Hope and promise for every and all is the proof of a greater world.


Special thanks to spongedocks, bobbi85710, Vicky Nissen and the team.


User Comments

Ps. We were on Vicky Nissen's "blogtalkradio show last night.

Discussed this subject.

If you would like to listen to the podcast, please go to


I caught the last 45 minutes of the show...very interresting!! I jsut can't stand listening to him...you must have nerves of steel...haha good job !!!


Thank you. It's excruciating, but someone has to do it. LOL.

Just realized he's using numbers codes too. Will post when we verify what he said.

We need to listen closer to what is actually said. Her is a good example that really bothers me-We welcome this time and the elections will invigorate us to the point of violence to appeal to those who oppose us

We have already seen his THUGS try to incite fights with them.

This makes me wonder who among OUR parties(Tea etc.) is set to cause problems. We will have to be alert for hidden meanings there also.


He has been pitting us against each other all along.

First he loved the Jews. He went to all thier parties, fundraisers and cause events. Then he kicked them to the curb.

Next up was the Blacks. He was their hereo. He promised them everything. Then he kicked them to the curb.

Soon it was the Hispanics turn as the flavor of the month. He got them all riled. Then he kicked them to the curb.

Now the Muslims are in his limelight. Believe me, he doesn't like them any more than the rest. He saved the biggest for last.

He has divided us, so he can distract us from his real goal, while weakening us.

Soon, the pot will boil and ppl won't know who the real culprits are.

Actually, JoAnne, those that are paying attention will. It is Obama and this"Giveittoment" and their thugs backers.

The pot is already boiling. It has not boiled over because so many of us are keeping our heads together and not letting our anger get the best of us.

This needs to continue.

Did you read where this ALL of this "Giveittoment" was sent copies of what looks like a REAL BC from Kenya? It seems to be Obamas....


I did see that. These clowns are still intimidated by a word like birther.

Since when is asking for docs a radical event? LOL.

I'd rather see the proof. If they are right, I'll let them laugh. If they are wrong, I won't laugh. They got duped by am Alinsky tactic.

I do not think we are wrong. If we were it would have been so simple to prove it.

Either way though he is not eligible. Duel citizenship....

Educate Yourself - NLP in the Media


"This makes me wonder who among OUR parties(Tea etc.) is set to cause problems."

It's done on all sides (I'm not pushing 9/11 Truthers necessarily - it's only an example). Try injecting your own independent well laid out ideas into any group see who attacks you, see who tries to shift your train of thought, see who tries to change the topic, see who tries to distract you.. They work in teams, some will probably try to laud and befriend you trying to limit the scope of debate - defend yourself don't limit your scope. Don't get frustrated. Stand your ground don't compromise. Consider motive. Ask why.

Do NOT watch TV. Entertainment is the primary NLP method - almost anything popular is a big red flag. Limit your internet time. Balance research with your own thoughts and objective reflection.Look to the top of a pyramid but don't ignore the king's chamber below.

That said we do need to trust eachother otherwise nothing gets done. Feel free to PM me and I can share and impart more of what I've come across.

You really hit on something primary here Joanne - Run with it.

WOW!  No wonder his weird cadence irritated me to the point of not being able to sit through his speeches.  (that and his incessant hissing of his s's.)

His cadence was purposeful and now that I read your explanation...it all falls into place.  He has zero intention of unifying but is instead the great divider...but again he has underestimated us thanks to people like you and the team.

The discovery is amazing and the attempt by obama is diabolical in its concept.


I'm bummed the minions knew all along.

We knew he was giving them marching orders. Now we know how to listen.

MM "The discovery is amazing and the attempt by obama is diabolical in its concept."

I have always said: Obama is the Devil in wingtips, and, though not "The anti-Christ", is definitely The Champion of Anti-Democracy."

I agree!  He is indeed the Champion of Anti Democracy...well put, Arguguonian!

I will be paying close attention .... 


He is giving a speech in Madison tomorrow.

Hopefully he will release a transcript.

Then we can underline words, instead of writing them all out as he speaks.

JoAnne - saw the link from Vicki and listened last night - WOW - hard to fathom this but completely believable by this man - 

I encourage everyone to listen - link above in Joanne's comment - 

Gen. Valley's site has an article on this - what is that site JoAnne?

this man is soooooo dangerous - 

we have got to change our coarse!!!!!!!

Great Job JoAnne!!!!!


JoAnne - what was that about the colored dots or something last night - phone in and out on that one for me - ?????


We have known for a few days. We started with UN speech. We shared Vicky & the General with our finds.

Since then we have been pouring over not only Onama's speech, but other key figures' as well.

The General's site is


I hope everyone checks out that site.

The dots were assumed to be GPS. Still looking into it.

Bobbi found one on her mailbox. Her neighbor had one on the front steps.

It could be something as innocent as a marker for the mail, or newspaper delivery.

I would remove it, until I knew for sure.

Will let you know if I find answer.

JoAnne ...I remember reading something about the GPS...awhile back...didn't have time to check out the links posted last night...but will check out the ones listed....

Good advice about getting a ham radio....I've been reading about how they are now wanting to track people online....

will be interested to hear what you find - 

Beck just now talking about vans DHS wont deny or confirm they have purchased that have the ability to see it all - so they drive by our homes and have a look see - 

he had pics - 


Hope we make through October!!!!



As long as we can communicate in our local areas, we can relay info if we have to.

CG "Good advice about getting a ham radio....I"

Generally Ham Radio is not secure in the least

I guess you have to listen to him to see this.  I don't listen to him.


I don't blame you. It's like nails on a chalkboard for most people. Almost painful to some. :)

We have been saying all along Obama is the most divisive President in the history of the US. It IS deliberate and with malice aforethought. "Divide and conquer", that is his mantra. However, we fight back with reason, with thoughtfulness, and with resolve. We will maintain the peace and show the enemy, the socialists, for what they are.

Obama's saying "Words do matter", indicated to me, a long time ago, that he uses them as weapons against the populace. He uses buzzwords to try to change the national consciousness. But we are NOT buying it. An Islamic terrorist is still an Islamic terrorist. It's the Obama/progressive hokum, and if the tea-parties are any indication, we see through him. He will never get anything but resistance because he is dead wrong about the American people. We are not some back-water third-world nation who will buy what ever mantra the reigning dictator is selling.

Furthermore, he has caused a revolution with his heavy-handed pushing and spending. But it is uniting the people. It is a REAL grassroots movement. Not the fake ACORN/Soros-funded astroturf movement.

It won't end in November. It won't end for decades.


I agree.

One of the other things we have to watch for is intentional stripping our American Identity.

They don't want to have flags, stars, stripes on anything, including govt websites. DOJ and DOD have removed our Flag.

They want to make Constitution an Alinsky ridicule tactic.

"Oh she's one of those crazy Constitutionalists"! Trying to mock our Constitution.

Even DNC new logo has no stars, stripes or even Navy Blue.

They want us to think we are citizens of the world. We are not. We are Americans.

It's ok to be American. We can still be sovereign and a good neighbor.

Can't let them strip us .


I believe from Nov to Jan will be the most dangerous time our nation has ever faced.

Obama's weakening of our defenses is not good. However, we are well-armed and JoAnne, we are peacefully fighting back all over this nation.

Patriotism is making a big come-back and I think most Americans know that we still are "exceptional" and proud of it.

I don't think Americans would willingly give up sovereignty any sooner than they would give up their guns.


well - from your transcribed UN speech - October sounds turbulent!  Hope we get to the election

me either AJAY!!!!!  good comments!!!

Kel. Yes. Oct has me concerned. He needs another "event". 10/10 is Che's B-Day. Rig blew 4/20. Hitler's B-day. There are a couple more dates I'd flag but red flag to me is the 10th.


We are awake Americans. I can see & feel it now.

hard sigh - here's to truth and faith 

Thanks Kel!

JoAnne the Genius strikes again. Amazing insight! Scary message! Please send this out!


Not a genius, LOL. Thank you for compliment.

I am kind of bummed we didn't see it sooner. It was hiding in plain sight.

Great reseach JoAnne and group!I am not surprised and will now pay more attention to him when he speaks.Thankyou and your team!


Thank you.

We are learning as we go along. This was important and hiding in plain sight.

It's not only embedded commands it's all of the following techniques that are employed:

-  Trance Inductions 
-  Hypnotic Anchoring
-  Pacing and Leading 
-  Pacing, Distraction and Utilization
-  Critical Factor Bypass
-  Stacking Language Patterns
-  Preprogrammed Response Adaptation
-  Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges
-  Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions
-  Emotion Transfer
-  Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming



Best to just turn off the TV (better yet get rid of it) and not pay any attention to the puppet at all.

The hypnotic light box altogether it was developed to influence people hypnotically, through sound and subliminally.

TV is a Psycho-Social Weapon

It's not just through the speeches of politicians and the TV either. You can be manipulated at by music, by text and by imagery as well. Salesmen employ this tactic regularly when you are being sold something be it an idea or a product.

This is truly is a battle of hearts and minds. Own your thoughts, Own your reality. Balance your research with deep self examination and reflection. Go beyond critical thinking and inject something personal into it. There are infinite objective angles that can only be seen if you look at things without projecting bias and scepticism into the equation. You'll then see where the real change can emanate from.

Be thyself.

fast tadpole.

You are absolutely right. He uses many speech patterns. He even uses coded numbers.

We have been able to decipher several .



He is a devil or very very close to them. His techniques are many and varied. We ought not get too immersed in how he is doing whatever, but how he can be stopped from doing his evil.

It's more about establishing a defense mechanism from all the manipulative schemes that work on the mind. There will always be influences that attempt to control the way we fathom reality. Technology has spawned more sophisticated methods. To circumvent this we can connect to something past the cognitive rationalization which is prone to this insanity. Within ourselves resides something to connect to the intuitive. When shapened it can weilded as a blade to slice through the veil cast by our mind's projections. This tool needs to be learned and shared.

Reconnecting to Spirit

Our solution can only be realized by learning how to identify and see through this and other forms of covert (and overt) persuasion in all forms and across all mediums and then sharing what you learn with as many people as you can.

I think that if the paranoid look for patterns long enough they are bound to find some personally. Smash the State.


I understand the skepticism. It's not new. I have learned to step past it and keep going.

Not sure if you have seen any of my earlier articles.

There was a time when if I said the word Socialist or Communist, people would bug out.

Now the Socialists and Communists I spoke of have come out and declared themselves.

Heck, they had a big rally at the steps of Lincoln Memorial on 10-2.

They were all there, carrying banners, stating their Socialist, Marxist, Communist agenda.

In the title of this article I said "You decide".

I laid it out there.

You are welcome to make your own decision. I provided the vids as well.

Since this article was posted, we have decoded many speeches.

He uses subliminal, NLP and numerical codes. I will stand by that belief.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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