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Debut of Liberty Underground The Moretti Report

Added: Monday, December 13th 2010 at 9:51am by JoAnneMor

Debut of Liberty Underground The Moretti Report


Liberty Underground The Moretti Report is the newest conservative talk show to debut TODAY on the Freedomizer Talk Radio Podcast channel located on Blog Talk Radio . It will be hosted by JoAnne Moretti with associates Denise and Bobbi (this blogger ) and an extensive group of researchers who will make special appearances, discussing current affairs, that matter to Patriotic Americans most.Listen in today and interact with us in the chat room. The scheduled shows will be each Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week 4pm est – 6pm EST.

Also see us interact on The Snoop Chick Friday nights 10:30pm-12:00am EST where JoAnne cohosts with The Snoop Chick!

And my first entry on Blogster first entered on wordpress:

Liberty Underground The Moretti Report Debuts TODAY!



Artwork and article via bobbi85710



Please friend her too. She is a member of my research team.

User Comments

Congrats, JoAnne...terrific news that we'll pass around the blog. Will head over to Bobbi's now.

Thank you.

Nice, I'll have to check that out

Appreciate that.

Cool! Thanks Jo Anne...got it bookmarked and in my pda. Can't wait! :)

Thanks Neo.

You're welcome Jo Anne. Great show...I only caught part of it because work kept interfering. Are your shows archived where we can listen later? If not, I might have to figure out a way to record them. Thx.


Thank you.

The time is 4pm to 6pm Mon wed Fri EST. Bobbi is in central time zone.


I wish we had a "like" button. I like all your comments.

Thank you very much.


Awesome!! Thanks For The Info!

Thank you.

Yea Joanne and Team!!!  I remember not that long ago we were joking around about a radio station and now its really happening!  You do us proud.

Our wish was granted. This show is totally unrestricted. Anyone can chat in the chat room or call in. If there is anything you want to bring up, please call in. I'd love to hear from all of you.

The show call in # is (347) 524-3704

The show today was wonderful!!  I took the number and signed up to be notified  before the show airs from now on.  You sounded so composed and professional...good for you!

Joez. Thank you. I am a fan of yours too.:) I appreciate the confidence.

{#congrats.gif} Best Wishes for success!

Thank you.

U R Welcome.

Proud of you and your group Joanne and all you do for us all!Congrats !

Thank you Rose.


Sent this to my friends and family!

Ajay. Thank you. I appreciate that.


Great first show JoAnne - I am so excited about this avenue for you and your team!

Glad to have Bobbi here at blogster as well - she will be a great addition!!!!!

Congrats JoAnne - it went really well I thought!

Thank you Kel. I was so excited. A little nervous too, but that wore off fast. We have a great team. Did you all get my shout out?

I think your point about shutting down Assaunge and his wikileaks is an invitation to shuting down anyone and anything they want - its another set-up - not hard to understand if you know his contacts include soros and cass sustein huh - 

You're right Kel...what needs to be done is shutting down whoever is high up enough in the government to leak that volume of classified information. We have a traitor in high places, and if we don't plug the leak, there are a million snot nose commies like Assange to publish whatever the government fails to protect. Leave the Internet alone and go after the traitor within.

Kel. I think it's another psy op. They will trick us into willingly surrendering the 1st Amendmenmt. We have to be very careful and think that all the way through.

If we give govt authority to silence one, they will use it to slience all.

I agree Neo - it was a point JoAnne made on her program today - I wasnt very clear - I was agreeing with her - as I agree with your further point of what to do - 

Is it really that hard to figure out what to do - and when to do it - like several years ago??????

We do have traitors in very high places Neo - and the sooner more folks accept that - the better off we will be - 

Joanne, that is exactly the point I was agreeing with you about that you made on your program today and failed to be clear - 

you are right - we must be very careful - 

JoAnne: missed the show due to probs on my desk top but tried my lap top just now & could pull up the show but missed you...tomorrow will try again.

Hi JoAnne, I'm looking foward to listening to your show!!  This is so exciting!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! {#awesome.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#blower2.gif}{#cheerleader.gif}{#congrats.gif}

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