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A plea from Sheriff Joe. This is despicable.

Added: Saturday, May 22nd 2010 at 6:52am by JoAnneMor

Here is a message Sheriff Joe Arpaio posted last night at twitter:

@RealSheriffJoe call 1-800-4SONORA & demand to know meaning of this ad in AZ Republic today http://twitpic.com/1ptueq

This is the ad:


"I want the public to call 1-800-4SONORA & demand to know the meaning of this ad that was in the AZ Republic today" (Sheriff Joe).

The ad depicts a Mexican soldier looking for Americans from AZ. What will they do if they see one?

This is a clear threat to our brother and sister Americans in AZ.
This saga is getting worse.
The Head of ICE publicly committed insubordination and treason.
John Morton states he would not deport illegals referred to ICE by AZ.

Top Official Says Feds May Not Process Illegals Referred From Arizona

This article was updated at 4:36 p.m. on May 21. See editor's note at the bottom of the article.

A top Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona authorities.

John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, made the comment during a meeting on Wednesday with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper reports.


Morton is a threat to national security. He commit Insubordination, dereliction of duty and treason by taking the side of unlawful foreign nationals over the rights and safety of American citizens. We need to demand he get fired and possibly arrested.


And then there is this:

Out: Flag Pins. In: Demagogue Bracelets

Capping off a week wherein Democrats in Congress cheered and gave standing ovations to a foreign leader denigrating our country from our own house floor and the head of ICE said he won’t do his job because Arizona is yucky , now comes denigration jewelry! From Hot Air (emphasis Allah’s):

As part of his general boycott of Arizona — which includes his refusal to fly through Phoenix on his weekly trips to and from Washington — Baca, D-Rialto, is distributing wristbands inspired by the Lance Armstrong LiveSTRONG craze.

Baca put in an order for 2,500 of his version, which will be red, yellow and blue — the colors of Arizona’s flag — to be worn as a show of solidarity against the controversial law…

In Washington, Baca has gotten House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most members of the Democratic leadership to wear them , as they did — along with golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez — at a recent fundraiser for Baca. Baca said his office is fielding calls from people inquiring how they can get one of the wristbands.

“Everyone wants them,” Baca said. “They’re going like hot potatoes.”

That’s right. They are now adorning themselves - with pride, no less - with bracelets that show just how removed from reality they actually are. Look at Steny Hoyer, beaming with buffoonish pride!

Image Courtesy of Press-Enterprise

Demagoguing a state and American citizens with words wasn’t enough. They must now make it some lame fashion statement as well. I suppose it does help the majority of Americans who approve of the law , though; we can now ascertain one’s idiocy simply by glancing at their wrists. Less work for us!



Arizona needs our help. We cannot sit idly by and allow our sister state get attacked .

Arizona is "Family"! We must stop this attack on her. If not, what good are we? We should all be ashamed!



Napolitano now refusing to do her job too, echoing Morton.


Biden and Pelosi wearing hate AZ wristbands too.


It is UnConstitutional for our govt to attack our citizens.

We must not allow this.



User Comments

Arizona made their racist bed, they have to lay in it now. Arizona GOP have infuriated immigrants (legal and not), Hispanics/latinos with this, and not just in Arizona (where they are 30% of Arizona's voting block...baaaad move....).

And before you say "what racism" regarding a state that wants "papers please" like Germany did, put it in context. This, no english teachers with accents , no ethnic studies , border violence is not that bad , and the author of the legislation is tied to white supremists .

Or just answer this, "what makes someone 'look' illegal" to justify additional police harrassment? I think you know the answer, and why this is about racial profiling. Better, make the cops JAIL the employers, seperate counts on EACH illegally employed worker. I asked a cop who was praising this bill to next time charge the employer, and you could tell the idea never "dawned" on him. We need to think smarter about this problem.

I seen that Sheriff Joe finally got a good smack , Hope the next one lands him in his own cells.

Hi Eky.

This isn't about race. It's about national security and the federal negligence.

The race crap is a myth.

Hispanics are the dominant race in AZ. They are the dominant race in Mexico. They are the fastest growing population in US.

The race accusations are futile and ridiculous.

This is about a bigger agenda. Open Border.

Last issue blacks were the Obama regime flavor of the week. They were used to advance the agenda. Then kicked to the curb. They got nothing for their loyalty except dumped when they were no longer needed.

Now it's the Hispanics being used to advance the agenda.

What will they do when they are no longer needed?

Next up, the Muslims.

Soon Hispanics will be disposable and the new race bait begins.

You know every word I have typed at this blog has been spot on.

 I'm right on this issue.

 Since when does a US Prez attack one of our states?

Are you saying that is acceptable?

Is it acceptable to you that our Congress would applaud a foreigner attacking one of our sisters?

How about ICE chief openly declaring he Will Not do the job he swore to do?

You are a smart guy. Youy know this is wrong. Our govt has turned against the people. When they attack even one citizen, they attack us all.

A little loyalty to each other is needed.

Az has bgeen begging for help. No help came.

It's all of our fault for not demanding our border be secured.

Az is living in a Hell and we did nothing to help, so they helped themselves. I say good for them.

They needed the Cavalry and no Calvary came.

Puh-lease, eky, you're advocating for unsecured borders because someone MIGHT become the target of racial profiling?  Why not enforce the law first and see what happens?  The AZ law is almost exactly like the Federal law (which our federal govt. refuses to enforce not for humanitarian, but for political reasons.)

In fact, the AZ law is MORE restrictive than the federal law, and expressly prohibits anything that may smack of racial profiling.

You liberals keep talking about Germany (sheesh, is there ANYTHING you guys won't go through mental convolutions over in order to make the Nazi comparison?) and having to 'produce papers on demand' but that's no different than being asked for you ID when a cop pulls you over or responds to a call.

We're not talking about a satchelful of documents, btw.  Just your green card.  Simon carried one in his wallet, right behind his driver's license, for 6 years.  No big deal....unless you don't have one.

I'm also tired of hearing about 'the employers.'  Yes, we certainly need to prosecute them as well, and  more harshly than we already do.  But to assume that this alone would end the problem of illegal immigration is just ignorant.

They'll still come to engage in drug trafficing or other illegal enterprises, and the women will still give birth here so their kids are entitled to free education, health care, food stamps, etc.  Illegal mamma can't get that stuff, but her kids sure can (even if they were born in Mexico) and that alone will keep 'em pouring in.

I hope the governor keeps his word and cuts power to Los Angeles.  If they're gonna boycott AZ, they might as well go all the way.

This bill does nothing to secure the boarders. That state should be ashamed, the motivation behind them is obvious. And "living hell?" Both violent and property crime are down , and the grave assumption that it is illegal immigrants is being made.


The governor knows better, and what is that, No illegal electrons across the border too???{#rofl.gif}

This isn't about securing our boarder, law enforcment at the border aren't complaining, as I pointed out above, and you can see department of Justice statistics in the link in the comment right above here.

If they have no job, then why would they come? Get the employers, then you will see a change. And I never said that alone would do it.

So you have problem with people that are born here being U.S. citizens? Because that means you have to help pay for the healthcare and well being of an American child? Making sure I am following your logic...

And WE keep talking about Germany? Liberals get called nazis by Beck/O'riley/Hannity/ et al ad nausium 10 times a day! When I hear the U.S. now thanks to them my mind starts going "Communist, socialist, maoist, Marxist..." you get the picture.

I do think we should do away with the 'anchor baby' law.  As far as I know, no other developed nation has such a provision, making citizenship based on parentage rather than the geographical location of the child's birth.

Yes the 14th Amendment of the Constitution , section one, is responsible for the Achor baby laws...

Heard a great debate once, where a "steenking Liberal" and a conservative were discussing modifying the 14th for this very purpose, well, this and one other. The other being to declare legal constructs (aka corporations when the conservative supreme court says "are people too") not eligible for constitutional rights.

As anti-immigrant as the conservative was, he wouldn't agree. Because you know, choosing between your prinicples and your Daddy, who ya goina pick...

Kris Kobach is claiming victory in Arizona – he helped write the law. Kobach is currently running for Secretary of State in Kansas and he is a lawyer for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).   As chair of the Kansas GOP, Kobach was quite proud of illegally caging voters ,

FAIR founder and current board member John Tanton has a long history of hate .

And then there’s Republican State Senator Russell Pearce, the freak that introduced the bill.   Before last week, Pearce was known primarily for circulating a neo-Nazi article from the National Alliance (the people that brought you the Turner Diaries) and hanging out with another well-known neo-Nazi, J.T. Ready.....

All the lame boycotts and treasonous attempts to denigrate and oppose Az's move to protect its citizens is only hurting the democrat party and admin.

Polls show that the majority of Americans support Az and its legislation...so much so that many states are starting legislation of their own.

Despite the fact nitwits like Baca, Hoyer and the rest get all the coverage...they are still in the minority and elections are only 6 months away.

Mexico leadership has shown himself to be a hypocrite and now threatening our citizens?

Mexico beware...Americans are fed up and won't take much more interference in protecting our borders and citizens.


You are right.

We are fed up. This cannot be allowed. If we do nothing to defend AZ, I guarantee there will be another state attacked. Then another. It's intimidation tactics by this regime.


This Regime has grossly underestimated the anger of the country...we're not Chicago, to be lied to and bullied into submission.

They trample on our freedoms and unity at their own peril...we will not forget.

This is The United States of America.

Well said.

treasonous to demand equality? You carrying your papers?

james james james...don't need to. I'm legal.

 But I do have to show my license when pulled over, a voters registration card to vote, my BC to obtain a Drivers License when mine expired, my insurance card to get treatment...you know the rest.

Equality?  Why should they get equality with LEGAL American citizens...what about illegal do you not understand? 

In Arizona, it doesn't matter, they can ask anyone. Better start carrying a birth certificate. DL is not sufficent, Passport is not sufficent. Birth certificate.

And what about all hispanics are not illegals don't you understand.

You obviously haven't read the bill. 

And why are you so worried...my hispanic friends in Az arent.  They're FOR the bill.....when it gets to Ky...then pitch your fit.

Eky seriously birth certificate. I thought I read somewhere an AZ driver's license was proof. Has that changed or did I get wrong info to start with?

Oh well since your hispanic friends are in favor, screw the Majority of them who are not, they must be wrong...huh?

I don't like seeing racial profiling, which this will be. I don't like it when white supremists make legislation, which they helpped do here. I have said before and I will say it again, I hope this bankrupts that state. Bankrupt. And it will when xenophobic teabaggers start lawsuits against the counties because someone spoke spanish or wore a sombraro in their presence.


Nothing but that worked for THIS truck driver , and he even gave them his social security, a commerical Arizona drivers license and they still arrested him until a birth certificate was shown.

IF you read the bill....you'd see that blatant racial profiling would be grounds for some illegals to become very wealthy by suing the state of AZ.

So again...read the bill before going off the deep end.

And that is part of why it will bankrupt the state. The other is the xenophobia and lawsuits I already mentioned. Again, why I hope they do personally get their butts sued off.

Eky, I have read of several instances with ICE, but the AZ law has not taken effect yet. Do you have any info on what one would have to show in AZ for them to NOT get ICE involved?

Anytime they suspect someone is not documented ICE is to get involved, as part of Homeland security. Here is what the bill asks for ...

...Here's what the text of SB 1070 says:






But as Stephen Lemon points out, this language is actually pretty startling: You will be presumed to be an illegal alien in Arizona unless you can produce one of these four kinds of ID.

Now, I haven't been able to find anything in Arizona code requiring citizens to carry one of these forms of ID with them at all times. But SB1070 certainly does create that requirement. As Lemons says:

If during any police investigation, a cop has "reasonable suspicion" to think you're in the country illegally, he or she can presume you're an undocumented alien unless you provide one of several forms of ID.

... Subsequently, even U.S. citizens could be held until someone from Immigration and Customs Enforcement is called to sort them out.

Keep in mind that a cop can stop someone and begin the process during the "enforcement of any other law or ordinance of a county, city or town or this state." That's so broad as to include weed abatement and barking dogs.

But this also raises a huge question: What if you're from another state? What if you're only carrying an out-of-state driver's license ?

Many states refuse to require proof of citizenship when issuing driver's licenses: they wisely understand that it's more important to have people driving their roads with licenses and documentation than not, and requiring citizenship papers is a good way to discourage it.

So if someone -- say, a fourth-generation Latino citizen with an accent -- traveling through Arizona with a California or a Washington driver's license has the misfortune to be pulled over in a traffic stop -- or maybe just one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's roadblocks -- and has the similar misfortune to arouse an officer's "reasonable suspicion" (say, he has a heavy accent or looks nervous), he could be hauled in and arrested under SB 1070, until someone back home can fax the birth certificate....(MORE)

So an AZ driver's license would work for the AZ law. Correct?

Yes, but only an AZ one. No other states are sufficent.

Works for me... I have one.:) I don't see how having a birth certificate would prove you are you... there is no photo on there, so even if someone carried theirs around, they would have to have a second (picture) form of ID. Even SS won't accept your birth certificate as proof you are you.

james...so...in essence...you're more concerned with the possibility of racial profiling than the safety and security of fellow American citizens?

This isn't about safety and security. This does nothing for the border. And again, the assumption is being made that illegals are the ones committing the crimes.

LOL...denial is dangerous.  This IS about safety and security...hear about the rancher killed?  He wasn't the first.  Hear about drugs and MS13? Who do you think the majority of them are?  Read the stats james. 

Believe what makes you feel better...until your little area of heaven is invaded by hoardes of illegals.

Thanks for this post.  I passed it on to some friends who are interested in this issue, hope you don't mind!

You are absolutely spot on!  Poor Eky has been so misled...and has bought into the liberal bullcrap to an extreme degree.

Thank you for reading it.

Please feel free to share anything I post.



HI JoAnne - I have to tell you that I have read your recent blogs and many more and I just dont know what to say or do anymore - its foreign and outlandish this AZ situation - most situations are these days - some days I want to quit my public school job, finding it completely despicable that I work for the govt - other days I concentrate on the children and try to give them a good AMERICAN education - I am so frustrated JoAnne -

so what does it take to bring treasonous charges against the President of the United States and who can or should do it - 

and if that were to happen - something might happen to the president - their are no good avenues - I dont want anything to happen to him - 

and were I to quit my job and give my time and energy to America and justice where do I begin - I have thought of some things but I always feel like I need to understand this group or that better - so hard to trust anyone - 

boy am I winny - I know - forgive me - I guess I am just venting today -

thanks for your post - always accurate - I look forward to them -

I feel the same way. It can get overwhelming sometimes.

Keep that job. The children need you. Think of who may be hired in your place.

We have to stay inside the system to keep an eye on them.

As I watched this Abomination of the Mexican President addressing the US Congress with the full support of the United States Commander In Chief  lecturing  our elected representatives I was outraged.

Yet when I observed the Democrat Congress stand up and give the Mexican President a standing ovation for insulting one of our great states.  This is becoming another level of political war. 

Fellow Patriots, apathy and corruption and non representation by out elected officals who are willing to sell out this nation with 16 million illegal immagrats, just to remain in power.   We our on the brink of full scale treason by our own Representatives.  Where this will lead, I will not say.   But urge everyone who gives a damn to read are founding fathers memoirs of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Payne to focus your thoughts and prayers for the dark days ahead that we’ve been forced in to.

Bad days are about to fall upon us and will say no more but believe in ourselves as Patriots to do the right thing for the Republic and to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America.

AMEN! We all need to speak out about what is happening. Obama is selling this great nation out from under us and this "government" is helping him. I wonder how many in this "government" agree with what he is doing and how many are just cowards and afraid to stand up to him.

Well said. Randy!

Pet food too.

We can't blow it off. This really isn't about AZ. AZ is just the vessel. They are creating a crisis where there isn't one. It's about open borders.

Let them eat Mexican! (s)

Good one LW!  You almost made me blow coffee out my nose.....LMAO!

Calderone comes here, badmouths Arizona and gets applauded by the stupid Democrats in Congress, so Mexicans are showing threatening ads about Arizonan tourists in Mexico being stalked by Mexican MILITARY ????


Are these dummies implying that the loser scumbag illegal Mexicans in the USA are mere TOURISTS??? How lame is that???

Are they implying that they will be hunting down Arizona tourists????

Do those  cerdos estúpidos know how well-armed all of us Americans are???

Do they know that 70% of AMERICANS support Arizona's law??

Do they know it mirrors our FEDERAL LAW???

I say to Mexico,




This is what happens when you allow drug-running scum into your country.


He has to go today.The rest showed their treasonist agenda when they applauded him.

They must go too.


The Dems who stood up and clapped are committing treason when they don't support our own laws but they do support a foreign president who has repressive nasty laws in his own country.

Oh yeah, we'll fire them all right!

That's the racist anti-American Democrats for you!

Last I checked, people tied with white supremists weren't writing immigration laws for Dems...

White supremacists don't necessarily come from one party.

As a matter of FACT they all started with the Democrat Party.

The Republican Party was formed to fight slavery and indeed was formed as the "anti-slavery, anti-racist party". You know that.

Dems may think they can re-write history, but sorry, they can't.

White Supremacists don't like Obama, I am sure, but you can bet the majority are still Democrats, even with the progressive takeover of the party. White supremacists are really pretty stupid overall.

Do you honestly believe that Dems like Pelosi "love" minorities? Who do you think Pelosi uses to work her vineyards and do the scut-work in her high-end winery? CHEAP under-the-table-illegals. Her husband uses them for his tuna-fish company.

The Mexicans are the Dems new "slaves". That's why the Mexican illegals are being fed the bullshit big deal by the unions that "Mexicans are simply doing jobs that American Citizens won't do". It's bullshit. Americans will and always have done whatever jobs they could to feed their families.

The Mexicans are stupidly falling for the union line of BS.

Mexicans are stealing union jobs, and jobs in the trades that our citizens need.

There's a heck of a lot of manipulation going on over immigration. The worst of it is all from the Democrats in power, using the illegals.

Where's YOUR outrage?

Glad Joe saw this,,his life is spent pleading for help for Az.!!He's staying in his position of Sheriff where we need him,and Brewer I hope will continue her good work and be re-elected.They are gunning for Joe and he is protected at all times,,shame isn't it how this regime stands against us,they aren't of the people but against us.We have enough cartels based and hiding here now to fear.

Our govt is attacking our citizens. Last I heard that was UnConstitutional.

They have crossed the line and made themselves illegal.

Our Government is against Freedom of Speech-The Tea Party.

Our Government  is against enforcing the Immigration Law-Illegal Immigrants.

Liberals will be the down fall of America.


They publicly announced they won't do their job.

They are openly attacking citizens in AZ and allowing foreigners to join in on the attacks.

They have violated their owth.

They have crossed the line to treasoon.

They even wear Hate AZ bracelets like gang attire.

That is also intimidation.

Our govt has gone from thug to illegal, criminal and treasonist.

Sounds like grounds for impeachment if they won't enforce the laws on the books!!!!

They have escalated their pace. Everyone should be hearing all the bells, alarms and whistles.

Hopefully our military and police hear them too.

Our sister AZ is being attacked by our govt, and denied equal protection under the law.


Kinda like hispanics or ones who look hispanic are denied equal protection under the law.

Yep, unacceptable.


You are missing the point.

This is about Open Border.

The regime doesn't care what race, religion or even what sexauality we are.

This is about power. None of those issues are real. They are tools to manipulate.

We are all peasants to them.

It's time we realize we are all being suckered.

I assure you, our beef is not with each other.

Remember when we showed up to help the people of Haiti after the quake?

Nobody said here comes the black, white, brown, red, yeloow, straight, gay Christian Jewish, Muslim , Dem, Repub, Libertarian, Independent Americans.

They said here comes "THE" Americans.

Let's keep it that way.

This does nothing for the boarder. But we agree on one thing, this is about power. Some don't like seeing white power poof out.

My, but you're anti-American, aren't you?


LOL! What a crock! That ad makes us feel as welcome as a flea at a dog show. Some spin is beyond stupid.

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