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The "Unecessary" Affected by the Shutdown

Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 2:36pm by jjohnson1957

I just read a bullshit post and had to do a brief search, apparently some important people are being deemed, "unecessary" and really don't matter if they get paid for working...

here is a brief list, there are many more that could be added...

Trashed parks

While some national parks and monuments have closed, others have remained open with reduced staff, only to witness vandalism, delayed emergency responses and an overflow of trash.

Farmers hurt

Farmers reeling from Trump’s trade war with China are further endangered by the shutdown. Emergency federal aide to compensate mainly for a sharp drop in soybean prices has been suspended, while crucial end-of-year agricultural data will not be released on schedule, creating uncertainty in planning.

Emergency response

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which helps with emergency response and rebuilding efforts after major natural disasters, has not been able to pay contractors. 

Security threats

Among the federal employees working without pay are secret service agents, whose responsibilities include protecting the president; federal prison corrections officers; and agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The head of the FBI labor union said the shutdown endangered national security and could make it harder to recruit and retain agents, and could also cause delays at the FBI lab and in getting or renewing security clearances.

Hungry families

The largest federal food aid program – the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or Snap – which helps to feed about 40 million Americans, is due to run out of cash by the end of January, the New York Times reported. A food assistance program serving about 7 million women, infants and children, known as WIC, is suspended. For the time being, state funding has filled the resulting gap in some cases.

Tax processing

Fearing a true backlash, Trump gave a special – and legally dubious – order for the Internal Revenue Service to continue processing tax refunds, meaning IRS workers are among those required to report for work without pay. But the potential for delays or processing disasters grows as staff resources and morale are stretched.

User Comments

JJ this just reflects what I have been saying for a long time....people really do not understand the functions of their government!!!!

So many people assume that the government is located in DC and if its shut down then only DC is affected!

I like the story out of Ogden Utah....home of the IRS!  Those furloughed workers actually provide a great deal of the stimulus for the local economy!  And what people seem to forget is that although the furloughed worker or the one working without pay will ultimately receive that pay... the Cafe worker who depends upon the Breakfeast and Lunch crowd for a major portion of their income will not be getting any lost business reimbursed!!!!!!

Shutdowns are really stupid and no one ever really wins!{#basic-laugh.gif}

first let me thankyou for commenting, very much appreciated. I find that many people seem to post and don't think about what they posted, or just don't look into the facts before they post. I read one dumbass comment that stated that most unions are all democrats... I find that very hard to believe...

This shut down affects many people, and sadly many of those people are the ordinary run of the mill people who are working paycheck to paycheck... 

This shut down is nothing but blackmail from Trump, and I really hope it comes back to bite his orange ass in the end...

I am a retired UAW autoworker and can guarantee you that although it's true that most union members are Democrat, there are Republican voters who are members of various unions while nitching about unions.

Trump knows his base, and he knows it does not matter to them who gets hurt, even, as I have said many times, it is their own children and grandchildren, as long as what he does pisses Liberals off.  That is virtually all these extremists care about, is trolling and getting reactions from Liberals.

These so called Christians wake up each morning and before even wiping their behind from first morning duece are already searching Fox and online sources for some reason to hate on Libs, and to finbd something hateful to repeat about Libs in blogster to make themselves feel whole.

They will even be parked in her doing their thing while they should be in church

Anyone being hurt is being hurt because Government has grown too big. So much of what you said here should not be under the umbrella of the state and there is all the evidence in the world the show the incompetence and make the case for that.

People are being hurt by the system and it was designed that way. The State wants EVERYONE employed by them. One big Government, one big population of slaves. How many people picking up trash at parks (which Gov a shit job btw) would be getting a check if it was a private company? All of them.

The Statists who hate Trump are lovin' this. It gives them just what they want, people crying for their beloved Government to come back and put food on their table.

I want these people to get what they've worked for and not suffer. But this is an indictment of the state, not Trump. And no amount of virtue signalling is gonna change that fact.

I finally paid off my restitution order that was ordered back in the year 2000, it took me that long!  The Federal Prosecutor released the funds that were being collected directly from my SSD check, and a collection agency hired by the Dept of Education immediately took over the garnishment, not missing a beat.

I turned in paperwork from my physician last month, which put that garnishment to bed forever, and the situation was returned to the Federal Prosecutor's office in Cleveland, which promptly reinstated the garnishment for the restitution debt I have already repaid.

It's a mistake that cannot be corrected until...the Feds are back in business.  In the meantime, the 'paper' increase in income has had a domino effect on other benefits, yet I have recieved not a dime's increase in actual income.

It's only $88 that they take each month, but it amounts to a couple of sacks of groceries, the only budget I can pinch any further, and it's already tight enough it screams.

That's how it's affected me personally.  I'll get over it, and eventually, I'll get my money.  But it's gonna be a long drawn out process now, because once they return they'll be all behind and shit...

In other news, I was shocked to discover the Coast Guard is not being paid.  I sure hope no rescues are needed on Lake Erie, or anywhere else they serve.  They also serve as a first line of defense against any threat which would involve the bodies of water that surround us, and America too.

Mr. Trump, what was that again about National Security?

I agree that the Federal Govt has been larded up to the point of absurdity, I mean I actually heard on the news that some kiddies are heartbroken because the National Zoo has had to put the online Panda Club on ice for the time being, but really?  REALLY?  Do we need an expensive federal employee with all manner of expensive benefits and a lifelong guarantee of employment to administer the PANDA CLUB?

Fuck a Panda.  We *need* the Coast Guard!

Who the hell defines what's essential and what isn't?

So just to be clear...on a 4 trillion dollar budget 5 billion(.125%) has to be earmarked for a barrier Democrats have previously voted 45 billion for, under Obama and Bush...and all this good stuff will happen. But no. 

The fact is most government employees are Dems as sure as most Canadian civil servants are Liberals. Imagine Trudeau shutting down his own constituencies paydays. That is what is happening here. I will cut myself until you stop offering me Band-Aids!

How long should one pity that level of stupid?


to be clear, the point of this post was to show that necessary services employees are getting fucked up the ass without getting kissed first... that fucking simple. 

Fair enough. I'm all for the working stiff. History says they'll all get their checks soon. Who do you think will crack first?

the workers, they aren't going to take this bullshit shutdown too much longer, and I can't blame them. 

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