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Added: Friday, July 19th 2019 at 6:27am by jjohnson1957

Well, I do have a Facebook account, something I had set up years ago, to keep in touch with my grandkids... hey, it's cheaper than long distance. Also, I found friends from way back, whom I talk to now and then. It's great seeing their videos and pics, and comparing us all from before to now... I think we were all very lucky, we seem to be aging well. {#basic-blush.gif}

One of those friends, is a son of a friend I had. His nickname is Sam, and his dads name was Bert.  Bert was a pharamacist, and also the President of the local tennis club... the one I use to play at. 

When I was at the tennis club, I was offered the job of running the cateen, which I accepted... it came with a few perks, one, I could run a tab, and two, and most important, I had the KEY. The key was to the clubhouse, and after playing all day in the summer, many of us would stick around after hours and play cards in the clubhouse. 

By us, I mean Bert, Phil, Ray, (I have his daughter as a friend on FB) Doug, and myself. They all had a great sense of humor, and we'd spend those hours literally laughing our asses off. 

I was reminded of this today, when I was reading some of Sams posts. He has that same great sense of humor his dad  always had. He posts comics different times, and today he posted a few, which for some reason, I was literally laughing that tears were streaming down my face.  I'm not sure why, but it was a much needed laugh! 


Have a great weekend, I'm going to, or at least try! 


User Comments

GREAT Cartoons!

Have an awesome weekend!


Family and friends are what is important in life. Everything else is just noise. Totally liked the funnies.

Hope you're having some nice enjoyable weather... it's hot & humid here. Enjoy yourself.

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