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Just a beautiful Day!

Added: Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 10:39am by jjohnson1957

My lovely lady came home last night after being away for a few days, she had been babysitting our grandson, who was home sick. His mom works, so she needed someone to watch over him so he didn’t burn the house down or get into any other trouble.

Please don’t tell her I put this picture here. She’d kill me!

So she came home, and bless her heart, she brought me a gift, well two gifts, the first she didn’t have to, really, she shouldn’t have, the flu… yes, she now has what our grandson had, the flu. Since she is a kind and loving woman, she will share the flu with me. The second gift she brought home was BEER! She does know what I like.

Now here I am, sitting on the deck outside, with my little radio playing, a cold beer, and my computer, enjoying this beautiful day. I came out much earlier and ate breakfast out here. I made homemade pancakes and used honey as a garnish, I love honey. I made too many, I couldn’t eat them all, and since my wife isn’t feeling well, she really didn’t want anything, so I’ll stick them in the fridge, and maybe reheat them tomorrow.




1 cup of flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon sugar

1 egg

Vanilla (optional)

milk (too much makes the pancakes too thin, too little, the pancakes are too thick) just add a little at a time till you get a good consistency! Just a little thicker than paint!


Mix the flour, baking powder, and sugar together in a bowl. Add the egg, and gradually add milk.

You can add anything really, at this point, like blueberries, strawberries, hell, any berry. Just don’t add beer, beer is not good in pancakes. Don’t ask, just know, that I know!

Heat a good skillet, and add batter slowly. Once the batter firms, turn over, repeat as necessary till they are done! SERVE, and garnish with your favorite, I use honey or maple syrup.

I know, everyone knows how to make pancakes, but what the heck...

User Comments

Whaaaaa? You're Canadian and don't put maple syrup on pancakes? With the tendency I see in other Canadians of my acquaintance to put maple syrup on everything, do you even get to keep your I'm A Canadian card? LOL

oh, I mentioned maple syrup, I love it! I was doing a job for a guy a couple weeks ago who has beehives, and he gave me a big bottle of honey, it is great!

I love Pampered Chef's Raspberry Habenero Sauce on my pancakes. Yum!

sounds...interesting! {#basic-undecided.gif}

It is SO good!

Hahaha, exactly what she needs, rest and more rest with that flu bug, yuck!  Is that Baby up there with Dolly?  The ever watchful kitty  ^_^

You take care too.  Enjoy the outdoors while you can.  Now, about that Blue...


I've told you before, Coors lite, is dishwater... and yup, that's Baby, dayum traitor she is... 

LOL @ dishwater!


Oh gawd, don't get me started on that aluminum foil tasting beer!

Now we in business!!   Download drinking 10

this coming from someone who violates pizza with  ahhhhhhhhhhhh, pineapple. 


animated smileys eating & drinking

LOL I'm kind of stunned that you didn't talk about how I also love ranch dressing on my pizza!! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif} {#yummy.gif}

And btw...I do like pizza with absolutely nothing on it but the pizza fixins, well maybe those pepper flakes added on top! {#basic-laugh.gif}

I had an "accident" with red peeper flakes a few weeks ago... I crushed them up with my fingers when I was making a hot pepper staek recipe I have, while doing so I had to stop to go to the bathroom to take a leak... long story short... IT FUCKING BURNT! I drowned the poor little guy in cold water for a half hour.

Hahahahahaha!! Now that's funny!!!  You should have used toothpaste, that's good for burns!!  LOL...

Use milk next time.

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