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I Don't Have any daughters, do you?

Added: Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 9:50am by jjohnson1957

This is Acostas family...

Image result for acosta's daughters

 this is my grand daughters...

They were kids then....  young, happy, and full of life. 

This is Chante, she is holding her babysister...

this is Desirre holding her brand new nephew, my new grandson Zayne. 

They look happy don't they? 

do you think that those children who were molested and raped, by Epstein and his cronies, like trump, Bill clinton, and others are this happy?  I doubt it. It is something that takes away their innocence, their youth, and a big part of their life that will never go away. 

They will live with it forver, so will their spouses if and when they get married... the night mares, the night sweats, the nagging question if this was their fault... 

Just sitting at any event, and tears rolling down their faces when something triggers a bad memory... 

So, lets see, we have a man and others who manipulated young girls, used them sexually, and the guy that started it all, got 5 years, and was allowed out 4 days of the week... seems fair???? and it was all done through Acosta??? and people are wondering if he should be fired... 

I've thought long and hard on this... {#saythat.gif}{#rofl.gif} No, he shouldn't be fired, he should be sent to jail and be put in the general population, like Epstein should have been. 

User Comments

Prisoners have their own way of dealing with men who mess with children.

yup, they do, an epstein escaped that

Not for long I am sure............

Really? you think trump is going to let this go on for long? he is going to protect his ass, so i figure epstein will walk away laughing...

I did not say word one about Trump. People in the general populace may end up dealing with him.

well i did mention trump, and for good reason, he is as guilty as epstein... using little girls ... do you actually think that trump had no part in any of this? It doesn't matter, trumpsters are fucking idiots, and only see what they are told to see...mindless fucks wondering around blind.

I do not talk about Trump or ..or.......or.......or......you asked about Epstein. He will get his. No worries there.

Did you notice that neither Clinton or Trump have condemned Epstein? 

yes i have, and there aren't many mentioning it...

I am literally disgusted by this whole pile of crap! The part that bothers me more than anything, is that these young girls, will never get any justice. THAT is what bothers me the most. Whether these fuckers get put in jail or not, the sad part of it all, it will never heal those young girls... but at least they would be recogonized and realize they have a value.... 

Right now, they are feeling worthless, and that is the saddest part of all of this...

What is your point in posting the Acosta family pic?

to point out what a piece of garbage he is, because anyone with daughters of their own who had any balls at all, wouldn't have gotten Epstein the sweet deal he did.

Uh huh

What if more information comes out about the claim Epstein "belonged to intelligence"? Acosta avoided that question during his presser citing "protocol"... but what if it's true Skip?

If so, that's gonna plant your foot in your mouth.

I just think it is a fucking mess and was from the start, and wasn't dealt with the way it should have been, the intelligence and all the other things, really don't make sense to me, also Acosta isn't making himself look any better by trying to do this:

At least you're paying attention...


Just looking at the body language of Acosta's wife, I would say that it looks like evidence of domestic voilence....or at least oppression.  Spooky almost.

his whole family could have starred in The Shining...

He has resigned....which means another one of "the best people" that trump picks has been fallen from grace...with somebody enough to leave office....amazing how that keeps happening.


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