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Abortion, Her Story...

Controversial Content
Added: Thursday, September 12th 2019 at 10:13am by jjohnson1957

While all those bible thumping motherfuckers are deciding how we should all live... well, I think maybe they should just stuff their heads back up their asses and mind their own fucking business... HER STORY



User Comments

Funny how people are so programmed they never think or research the actual history of the bibical times to know who did what, who chose the stories of the book and how and why they were instructed to distort truth in the manner they did.... We can only hope more minds opten to truth of self and eventually see it's what occurs with in the heart that determines the integrity one is expressing in all areas of life..........

lall you have to do is look at thew current political situation... sheeple, just fucking sheeple... following blindly.

True people  are mainly followers.... and it''s my thought that each should choose for themself and live with the outcome or what is call karma which is the emotional energy they carry as an outcome.... No one should be making choices for others unless they are willing to answer for their outcome..






There is no way I could disagree with this...

If you are raped, you have the right to terminate that pregnancy

It's such a tough emotional issue and one I hate discussing. I am pro life... but I believe children should be conceived in love, not hate and violence... and for that reason alone I would never expect a woman to keep a child under those circumstances. That said, I admire the fuck out of those who have kept the child in these cases. One of my best friends exists today as a result of a horrific rape... and I can't imagine life without the dude. I think this depends on the person. Good post Skip.

Thank you Scott! :-)

In case of rape then I say aboration is needed or if the woman's life is in danger

would you say a womans mental health being hurt is not danger? 

her mental health in danger is grounds yes. 

Rape. There is no describing the horror of it unless you live through it. Fearing a pregnancy was probably the worst part of it, not the holding down, pulling of hair, slapping, the pain, or feeling of violation. Living with the fear of telling someone or being pregnant as the result. 

The fear that if you did tell someone, it would be your fault.

35 yrs later I looked his name up. He had been murdered in his home and bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat by two teens. I sighed and smiled because his hell was worse.

{#friend.gif} Thank you for commenting Louie! 

Thanks for sharing this story, skip.

You're quite welcome, and Thank you, I appreciate you visiting my site, and commenting. 

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