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A Disability...Really???

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 8:22am by jjohnson1957

Of all the lame brain policies that the Trump administration has brought in, or tried to bring, I finally found one...I agree with. 

The trump administartion, is trying to take away disability cheques from roughly 12,000 people. What, you say, that's a fucking outrage! No, to me it isn't.

Do you know what that disibilty is? It's a language barrier... there are people on disability, because they don't understand english, and they can't speak it, so they are on a disabilty allowance, of 1200.00 a month, becaus they can't find work because of it. 

I think it's the greatest incentive yet, of people learning how to communicate in a country they decided to park their asses. I mean, hey, have you ever called tech support? Those motherfuckers have jobs, and they sure as hell can't speak very much english that we can understand.

Nope, these people shoulsd learn the language, after all, how hard is it to say: "would you like fries with that"?

User Comments

I agree with this. There has been no non English speaking population that came here in the past and claimed disability. Some of them had a harder time learning enough to get by, but they did it.

Damn, I worked for 35 years and I don't get nearly that much, my SSD is only a little over $800 a month.

But I agree, of course.  Not learning the local language after being here long enough to claim anything at all from the Social Security system (citizens only, not even green card holders can draw from it) should certainly be proficient in English.

In fact, that's a requirement for citizenship in the first place.

This benefit is not just because they can't speak English.  There's also a medical disability component involved.

"The SSA will approve you for disability benefits based on your inability to speak English if you are 45 years old or older. They will not take your education level into account, as your inability to speak English counteracts your level of education. Your age is taken into account because it may be more difficult for an older person to quickly learn a completely new language to the point where they are able to successfully find a new job, while also dealing with the other effects of their original medical disability.


It is important to note that being unable to communicate in English is not a disability in itself. It is only a factor that may increase your odds of approval for disability benefits if you are disabled and unable to work due to a certain medical condition."

Here's the link:  https://www.disability-benefits-help.org/faq/non-english-speaker

thanks for the additional info, Elmo. The article I read didn't mention any of this.


You're very welcome.  I'm often skeptical when I hear claims like this.  I've known several people who have had legitimate disabilities and had to jump through a million hoops and wait for years before their claims were approved. I just couldn't believe it would be this easy for just not speaking English!  lol

Wow I get way less for disability I can't breath with help but I can speak English

Yes, good to check the facts sometimes. SSD is not easy to get unless you can afford an attorney to cheat the system.???

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