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Which one are YOU?

Added: Thursday, July 30th 2020 at 9:18am by jeremygibbs
I think everyone has someone in their circle of friends represented in this video. 

Which one represents YOU? 


User Comments

Throw in some of the right but definitely, middle!  {#dancing6.gif}

The one in the middle is just like my niece 30 years ago.

That middle gal is my kinda dancing.  The girl on the left, poor thing looks like she'd rather be anywhere but there, ha!

The girl in the middle just doesn't care, she's going all out. The girl on the right care too much about her looks. The girl on the left wishes she wasn't there and didn't have to care. 

That pretty much sums it up on each girl.  I actually also like the song that's playing in the background.  :)

Does that song have a name? I thought it was just a techno beat. 

Techno it is but unfortunately I don't know the name. Sure wish I did though...

Lol! the one on the left, I'm too old for those fancy dance moves.

I'd be afraid something would pop.

depends on the mood I am in subject to change often

depends on the drink in my hand.


  depends on the drink in my hand .

Depends on how many in my gut/head...  

I'm definitely the girl on the right. {#artist.gif}

She's got some smooth moves, but I think she's probably conceited. 

Oh, yes? What gives you that impression? 

Overly prissy. 

What's so "prissy?" She strikes me as a girl who likes to put a little effort into her moves and offer some allure. (I've seen belly dancers do the same thing.) The middle girl just looks disorganized and crazy.

Do you have any video of you as the girl on the right?


Hi Jeremy, nice to see you again. Well I am very conservative. So that is where I stand. Take care have a great day. Bro. Doc

So you would be none of the above?

Probably not being very conservative. Bro. Doc

OK, fair enough

Cool Bro. Doc

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