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Added: Friday, September 10th 2021 at 3:01pm by jeremygibbs


How many do you remember?



User Comments

I thought these old photos were very interesting. 

These were great pictures Jeremy. Thanks for sharing them. Bro. Doc

I just knew you'd find them interesting, and you're welcome. :)

Have a great day. Boro. Doc

I will check out this video soon :)

Y'all come back now, ya here? :)

Major events that happened so long ago that are all a part of history.  This was very interesting.  I wish there would have been more.  Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.

I had to watch it straight through because I couldn'y take my eyes away. 

Thanks for coming.

It was a pleasure.  You always post great pictures and/or videos. Its always a treat to come here when you post something.

awesome find lets us hope that those that are trying to rewrite history leave these alone

I'm glad you liked it, I found it fascinating. "Those in power write the history" ...so, we must remove those who want to erase our history.

Wow!  Awesome!!

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