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Added: Saturday, March 18th 2023 at 4:53am by Jayyyohhh

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Yes, what simplyrobin said. 

The phrase "Ruby Ridge" rang a bell, so I did a little research. People who are into "separation of the races" are twats.

Ok fair enough. A non-violent seperatist who ended up being charged with only two misdemeaners is a twat. 

What are the people who:
Killed the dog.
Killed a retreating kid by shooting him in the back.
Killed a mother with a 10 month old baby in her arms.
Lied in court.
Paid out millions in damages for their crimes.

Duplicitous and corrupt. Not necessarily in that order.

That is why it shouldn't take extensive efforts to fire a civil servant. And yet another reason that citizens should stop defaulting to Democrat/Republican when they cast their ballots.

Tyrannical best describes their actions. A cruel exercise of power indeed.

I've had a second thought about hunting for gems in state parks. Can you keep them?

You probably don't want to keep these gems.

Why not?


"Toxic" how? I wouldn't be planning to eat them.

Research "Ruby Ridge"

I'm aware of what happened there. So do you think I'd get shot by the locals or do you think the Weavers' ghosts would haunt me if I brought the rubies home? 

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