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U.S.-born ISIS bride thinks she 'deserves a second chance

Added: Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 6:05am by jamesnews
Related Tags: news

An American-born woman who once urged jihadists in America to "go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood," says she "regrets every single thing" and believes she should be given the option to return to the United States with her young son.

"Anyone that believes in God believes that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how harmful their sins were," Hoda Muthana, 25, said in a wide-ranging interview with NBC News from a refugee camp in Syria where she and her2-year-old son, Adam, live in a tent.

Muthana, who left her home in Alabama to join the Islamic State militant group in 2014 and married three fighters, is one of a number of Western extremists who present a headache to their governments as they wantto return home.

Muthana now claims to reject the extremist ideology that she once espoused so freely online, but faces an uphill battle to be allowed back into the U.S. And simply getting by day to day is a struggle, she says.

She says she finds it "hard to get up in the morning" and, despite being moved from the larger al-Hawl refugee camp for her own safety, is scared of retribution from whom she calls the more radical women around her. if you like you could read the rest of this article here

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She "says"...   But what  do we reasonable trust? 

She was 'programmed' into that situation and those violent values.

Has she really been reprogrammed somehow back to USA values?

Do we allow her back, or bring her back, and take our chances --Knowing the Koran as I do, I think not.  Not without extreme, invasive monitoring for 5-10 years or more.

I wonder what others think.

FedUpToHere,  I think that you make some very good points. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this. I think that a lot of these women have very low self-esteem.  that causes them to fall victim to a lot of religions and cults. Jamesnews

Yes!  IMO low esteem is deadly to good adult progress. It causes unresolved losses/angers and that spirals to depression.  Peeps may often do literally anything just to feel a little personal power and/or importance.

FedUpToHere, thank you for your comment. Jamesnews

James this is a very tough one....and presents us with a unique problem.....we have never tended to hold family members responsible for the actions of their loved ones!

But ISIS was different.  The solution to her problem is rather simple (although tough).  If she renounced her citizenship and went to ISIS...casee closed she is not our problem and is the responsibility of whoever is holding her!

If she did not renounce her citizenship...and it can be proven that she aided an enemy of the US during a time of war....then she guilty of Treason and should be returned to the US for trial!

It's things like this that make Use of Force Resolutions and Declarations of Wars so important! {#basic-laugh.gif}

AMODPOVW, I have always regarded you as a Elder Statesman you always seem to have your finger on the pulse of the matter  so  where do we go from here the ground seems to be shifting up under my feet. Jamesnews

James you are so right about that shifting ground!!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I am reading a Novel...."The Heretic" by Bernard Cornwell, and in it the hero makes a decision to spare the life of a female who has been accused of being a "Heretic" by the Church.  She was sentenced to death, but for several reasons the hero just could not carry out the sentence.  The end result so far is that his decision is causing him much pain and suffering.

The easiest course of action would be to try her for "Treason" and let the Courts decide her fate, but politics seem to be in the way of anyone making that decision.

In the end we have to fix the holes in our governmental decision making process....until that is done that sand will continue to shift1!{#basic-laugh.gif}

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