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Corporate Governance

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 1:14pm by jajenney

It has become popular with some politicians to complain about captialism in America. I am not convinced there is anything wrong fundamentally but there is always room for improvement so I do read the proposed ideas. Surprisingly I find I agree with one idea proposed by a progressive Democrat that I have no respect for and wouldn't vote for under any conceivable circumstances. And even as surprising I am in disagreement with an idea proposed by a Republican senator, who I used to think was a reasonable politician.

The progressive idea I could support is adding a representative of the employees to the board of directors of large corporations. In my experience 95% of employees will work their best to make their company successful if they are given some say in their work. Actually, the interests of the employees have a great deal in common with the interests of the stockholders. Both win if the company is successful and growing in profits, especially if the profits are shared with the employees as in some companies.

In my experience the employees are able to come up with ideas for improving profitability that managers would not think of because the employees are closer to the detailed work of the business. They see, smell, hear and feel things managers are not aware of due to the isolation of the mangers from the details of the work. If there is a means for ideas of the employees to reach the decision makers then the business is likely to benefit.

Some call the idea of employee representatives on boards the German model. I am not familiar enough with German businesses to know if their approach is the best or not. We don't have to copy Germany, we can develop our own approaches to getting workers more engaged in ways that both workers and stockholders benefit.

The idea I don't agree with is taxing stock buybacks. This is just blatant steeling from the stockholders. 

User Comments

The progressive idea I could support is adding a representative of the employees to the board of directors of large corporations.

Germany requires this, and they are a powerhouse of production, the best economy in Europe for decades now.

Personally, I think it's a great idea!

Sounds good to me. During my time at work I remember many times that I wished

I could speak to a policy-maker. (OR at HIM)

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