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A Turn for the Militant

Controversial Content
Added: Wednesday, November 16th 2011 at 8:34pm by InsidePassage

Topic of the Hour: Spoiling for a Fight

   For every iota of good news, there is a wealth of bad, and exponentially more-so when presented by radio hosts and talking heads. Watching the back and forth between Occupy and everyone else, the pure vitriol, I can't help but wonder how badly some of these people want a war on home soil. On one side, there is an extended rationalization in the form of a light manifesto from unknown members, justifying the shooting of police, essentially the right to resist any enforcement of the unjust establishment to the extent of murder (1) . On the other, carrying guns and signs referencing bloody quotes from the founding fathers that they don't even realize the self-mockery of (2) . It's all rhetoric and hyperbole, I want to believe. Violent undertones, but just talk. Even if it's the world over. It's begging for a fight, just for a chance at the spoils of finally winning the argumentat last, and really demonizing the Other Side. After all, history is written by the victors, is it not?

  Whether you believe these were staged acts (anonymous flyers) or legitimate calls to action by the people behind them, the intent is clear: foment violence and hatred.

  That said, I recently caught a video by a fellow blogster member, showing a small-scale riot by a group of masked youths or young adults in Oakland (3), smashing in the windows of what appears to be a bank, destroying surrounding property, and vandalizing buildings with graffiti. The intent of identification becomes clear very quickly, as the person videotaping it zooms in on someone spraypainting the <A> symbol on a building. Frame of reference is clear enough, even if they apparently didn't have the insight to draw it upside down (one of the Anonymous symbols is an upside down A, mimicking the "V" from the movie 'V for Vendetta). Doesn't really matter whether it's staged or the real thing; again, the intent is very clear. Spoiling for a fight. Two groups of people screaming back and forth at each other.

   I pointed out that someone should investigate that incident, if they haven't already, because this is a truly nasty turn, and -intended- to push people down the path to outright fighting each other. Anonymous is not normally a militant group; they seem to be largely disaffected young adults (see: basement dwellers), with a penchant for picking random fights with Westboro, NATO, various third-world countries, Scientology, and all manner of other causes. There's no real rhyme nor reason to it other than the hilarity of picking those fights, as their own sites are very much prone to the same repulsive and hateful behavior. Still, harmless. This riot, if really them, represents a dramatic change in at least a segment of their population. Or it is staged, and someone is deliberately trying to manipulate crowds into violence.

  Let us not believe that instigating a conflict like this is acceptable from either side.

  On that note, I'll end this with a Youtube clip of that movie - the place to start paying attention is 1:50. While you might say, "IP, it IS just a movie," and I would certainly agree, I would also point out that the idea of using a plane as a terrorist weapon of mass destruction originated in part from a book by Tom Clancy five years before 9/11 ever happened. We have the benefit of not being run by a neo-nazi'esque dictatorship, but the scenario is not completely unrealistic.

  And it is one that should not be acceptable to anyone with the slightest hint of decency.

~ End ~

1) http://www.theblaze.com/stories/alleged-flyer-at-occupy-phoenix-ponders-when-should-you-shoot-a-cop/

2) http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-5235445-503544.html

3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86XhCwHhwn8&feature=player_embedded

User Comments

The anarchists in Oakland and SF do indeed live for a fight, and the chance to wreak destruction. 

Wonder what their reaction would be if we marched into their apartments and started spray painting and trashing the place?  I bet they'd take exception to our anarchy.

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