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Added: Monday, March 12th 2012 at 6:21pm by IncorrigibleLass
Related Tags: yoga, weight loss, about me

Yes, Namaste.  Just returned from yoga class a while ago.  I always feel so peaceful and relaxed after class.  It's a tough workout, don't get me wrong, but I love the stretching and balance work.  My right knee gives me trouble in some poses, like the warrior poses, but I manage.  I think I would love to do this everyday instead of just Monday and Wednesday night.  I know, I know, I could do it on my own.  Yeah, right.  Show of hands:  how many of you out there do it on your own away from class?  *one, two, three, four, okay, four of you*  *laughs* Oh, and the fact that I am about 60 pounds overweight doesn't help matters any.  Those rolls get in the way sometimess.  Worked in a little supported shoulder balance stand and I could look down and see the roll of my tummy, quite humorous. Not.  But I am there and I am trying.  Missed my workout at the Y today as my mom couldn't come sit with princess Rosebud.She will come tomorrow and Thursday so I can get my strength training in.  Now, if I'd just get a handle on what and how much I eat I'm sure those pounds would melt away.  Yeah, I know WHAT to do, it's the DOING of it that is the problem.  I do workout and walk and do yoga so even though I am 60+ pounds up I am not a couch potato and can do my 5k's without problem.  Just need to get control of that food situation!!


Had a lovely day with Princess Rosebud.  She is just too precious.  It was another "I don't think I"ll nap much" day. I'm not so sure she was feeling quite herself, possibly having some stomach issues that resulted in some, uhm, greenish-filled diapers. . .  But she was smiling and cooing and trying to make noises so guess it wasn't too bad.

Since it was a beautiful, warm, sunshiney day we loaded up in the stroller and strolled the neighborhood.  It's a little bit harder work to push the stroller on my walk than just walking by myself.  Good!  Burn a few more calories!

The sun was so bright looking out off my back deck.  The beams shooting out in all directions, lighting up the entire sky.  Birds were singing loudly. The trees all around coming alive with tiny buds or flowering blossoms.  Spring is definately in the air here.  We are expecting near 80 all week long, with rain on Thursday and Friday.  Like I said before, we didn't have much of a winter.  I certainly hope Mr. Winter doesn't decide to show up for a while now and destroy all the new growth!

And now I find it is time to go soak in a nice hot bath and do a little reading. Let me leave you with the following quote:

"The mind is everything; what you think you become."




User Comments

When I did yoga, I did it 5d/w, even if I didn't go to a class at all.

Dan John, a weight trainer, says that if something's important, you do it every day :-)

You are, of course, correct.  I just find it easier when I go to class to have someone lead me through it. I just need that little extra..

That's normal :-)

I have to say on Wednesday was feeling down all day long, no reason for it, thought about skipping yoga class but made myself go and it was he best decision ever.  Left without a negative thought in my head and feeling quite lovely.


Often getting started is a big hurdle, but once you get going, then it works out well, which is why GOING to a class instead of doing it at home works for many people. Getting out the door is the first step to committing to do it.

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