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Added: Sunday, April 1st 2012 at 3:23pm by IncorrigibleLass
Category: About Me > About Me > Emotions
Related Tags: emotion, about me, haiku

Okay, it is one of those days. One of those days where you just feel, oh, I don't know. . . like you want to pick a fight. Ever have those days? You just have somehing simmering in you, don't know why but some little something has got you upset and you just want a fight? Yeah, that's how I feel today. I am alternating between wanting to scream and pound my fists against something and wantting to curl up in a ball and just cry. What? Hormonal you say? Yeah, if I check the calendar I'd have to say you are probably correct. Grrrr. Honestly I am two weeks past my 53rd birthday. Should I still be having the monthly hormonal swings and all that goes with it. Every. Single. Month. It can stop anytime now. I am ready. Of course I say that now, not knowing how I will really feel when that day comes. Just another reminder I am getting older. But I won't let it bother me because we all know what the alternative is and I'm so not ready for that ;) <now as I finish this post a day later Ihave to tell you I feel much better>

Writing. Have I lost my focus? Oh, wait, would have had to have one in the first place in order to lose it <LOL>

I can read wonderful stories that friends of mine have concocted and be amazed. Amazed at their creativity and ability to get it all down on paper (well not paper anymore, more like floating around out there in cyberspace, little 1's and 0's all strung together and saved somehow on some remoted cloud or something) Such imagination these folks have. Such imagery! What do I have? Nothing. I have nothing. Nothing remotely intesting about my imagination. My life has been quite ordinary if not pleasant and easygoing. Interesting? Nope. Is this why I have no imagination? Have I just not really lived much? What does it take to spark an idea and go with it? My life, although a good one, just doesn't lend itself to exciting writing. Guess that's why we have fiction, huh? *laughing*

My brain did come up with a little Haiku for a birthday for a facebook friend of mine. Phil Gigante. If you are not familiar with Phil let me just tell you he has an amazing voice. He has done the audtiobooks to the series I so enjoy from Karen Marie Moning. He does a wonderful Scotsman. . . He is a very talented and sweet guy. His birthday is Friday. This is my little haiku for him:

Smooth, sensual voice

Bringing a story to life

A blush to my face


Happy birthday week, Phil!!!

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