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Whoring For Reading Comprehension

Added: Monday, February 11th 2019 at 5:06am by Imperatrix

Note to literal readers, this is a make-believe scenario created for demonstration purposes only. It was, however, loosely based on situations I've seen around here, over and over and over again.  Any resemblance to Blogster members is...well, maybe intentional, so if the shoe fits, kick yourself in the arse with it!


Something I tend to forget when participating in blogging is that some people are literal readers, and others, of course, are not.  Just as our writing skills vary, (and you don't have to be a good writer to be an interesting writer) so do our reading skills.

Reading comprehension involves three levels of understanding: literal meaning, inferential meaning, and evaluative meaning. Literal meaning is simply what the text says. It is what actually happens in the story. This is a very important level of understanding because it provides the foundation for more advanced comprehension. Without understanding the material on this level, you could not go any farther. (And some people don't go any farther.)

Example: "Miss Piggy always repeats the right-wing party line, she is a whore for the cause."

When a literal reader has not developed inferential or evaluative skills, they stop right there.  They may start protesting vociferously, especially if they like Miss Piggy, or in the worst case scenario, they ARE Miss Piggy.

Their thinking process might go like this: Miss Piggy does not ALWAYS repeat the party line, she talks about the weather and her grandkids too.  And she's certainly not a WHORE, my goodness!  I've never known her to sell her body for the 'cause' or anything else!  (note: I truly have no idea how a literal thinker thinks because my brain doesn't work that way, so this is just my best guess, lol.)

Now, understanding the inferential meaning of the statement about Miss Piggy changes things around. This  involves reaching conclusions reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning. 

Most people understand that the exception proves the rule and of COURSE she doesn't ALWAYS repeat the party line, so that doesn't even need to be said.  And of COURSE she's not literally selling her body on the street for the cause, and that doesn't need to be said, either.  The inference here is that Miss Piggy has compromised herself to advance a political stance or cause, because  a 'whore' is also defined as a person who is regarded as willing to do anything to get a particular thing.

Now, on to evaluative, the third level of reading comprehension: Something that is evaluative is based on an assessment of the values, qualities, and significance of a particular person or thing.

Perhaps the writer of the statement has witnessed Miss Piggy saying and doing outrageous things, maybe even going along with and supporting the ideas of an extremely alt-right militant group not because she truly believes their rhetoric, but because she wants to be popular with that group, or well liked by certain individuals in it, for reasons known only to herself.

In this case, then, Miss Piggy certainly IS 'whoring for the cause' because she has compromised herself to advance a cause that's not in line with her own morality.

You can see this example in many otherwise mild-mannered christians online, and that's why they are so often targeted by the opposite, left-wing faction.  Christian morality requires one to act with love, forgiveness, and charity, so when they are witnessed getting a real hate-on towards those they disagree with politically , it leaves people with more advanced reading comprehension puzzled and angry.

It also changes the entire narrative from the writer's original intent, from 'does Miss Piggy really believe the stuff she's saying or is she just 'whoring for the cause?' to 'OMG he called her a WHORE and that's not TRUE because she's NEVER SOLD PUSSY IN HER LIFE AND OMG YOU'RE SUCH A BAD PERSON TO USE SUCH LANGUAGE AROUND A LADY AND YOU ARE GOING TO HELL SO WHY DONT YOU JUST SPEED THINGS UP AND KILL YOURSELF?'  (Note to literal readers, this is a make-believe scenario created for demonstration purposes only.)

The narrative which was intended to question Miss Piggy's motives for supporting this cause degenerates into an endless condemnation of bad words and the people who say them.

Sighs...in the case of 'literal' readers, who really don't possess inferential or evaluative reading skills, this sort of thing can be forgiven, because they truly don't get it. 

But what always angers me (personally) is when I see others who DO have these skills (and I know they have these skills because I've seen them on display) encouraging the outrage expressed by the literal reader.  Inflaming them.  Tossing fuel on the fire.

Why do they do it? 

I wish I knew.

But please know this, literal readers, if I get angry enough to call you a cunt, I already KNOW that you really aren't just a walking, talking, vagina, because 'cunt' also means an unpleasant, contemptable, or stupid person 

So...stop acting like a dick!

Here's a nice little cartoon/song video to get your blood pumping this morning.  It's going to be a great day!


User Comments


I got lost after reading Miss Piggy... I started having visions of bacon!

Bwuahahahaaaaa...fry some up for me, would ya?  We both love the stuff here, but it's one of my least favorite things to cook.

I'm with you on that Sabrina. I once had bacon actually jump out of the pan and land on my arm and burn the crap out of me.  I swear I heard it laughing {#basic-laugh.gif}

Haha, I've had it pop in my eyes so many times it makes me glad I wear glasses, but that grease is hard to clean off.

if you do cook bacon, don't do it naked... all that sputtering,and splattering, hurts like hell!

But the dance is so interesting to watch!  Good exercise, too.

My second least favorite thing to cook is carmelized onions, I love 'em but they are a pain in the ass to prepare properly.

This post was so spot on in describing what goes on here in this lovely asylum.  I think I will just post pictures of flowers and birds and dancing unicorns. That keeps me out of trouble {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

It's not just here, you can see this sort of scenario everywhere online, even youtube arguments about the merits of particular songs can devolve into death threats...it's crazy!

The flower pictures? Yes, yes, yes!   But I'd be careful of dancing unicorns, lest you be pegged as a flaming faggot or bull dagger diesel dyke, and be subjected to the 'love' of flame warriors, bwuahaha.

But, but, but dancing Unicorns are real!!!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

Shhh, don't tell anyone!

Happens allllllllll the time, and as I said, it's not limited to Blogster.

Blame it on the algorithms.  In online life, we're rarely exposed to anything we don't already agree with and this is the result.  Snowflakes on both sides!

And...you're welcome.

Oh I know it happens all over, no matter what site it is. I said that with an odd sort of affection for this place actually {#basic-smile.gif}

 a 'whore' is also defined as a person who is regarded as willing to do anything to get a particular thing.

Thank. You.

I'm reminded recently where Blogster A and Blogster B were having a conversation and Blogster A decided to derail it by citing a lesser used definition for a word and then trying to invalidate a point just because Blogster B wasn't as "deep" with word definitions. But Blogster B wasn't talking about the "other" definition and it didn't apply to the point being made. Blogster B felt that was moving the goal posts and at that point became annoyed with Blogster A.

Blogster A gave no fucks. They achieved what they wanted which was to be an asshole and avoid the point at hand.

So, one day on a random post Blogster B sees Blogster A and decides to play word games that Blogster B knows Blogster A enjoys.

Ironically, the word involved was whore and was implied in exactly the way you explained.

Blogster A lost their shit. Blogster B laughed their ass off and realized even with an inch deep vocabulary that they could sometimes dig deep enough to find alternate definitions and play games as well. Blogster B felt this was Karma, and still does.

FALSE narrative and WW3 ensued....


attempt #2

Happens allllllllll the time, and as I said, it's not limited to Blogster.

Blame it on the algorithms.  In online life, we're rarely exposed to anything we don't already agree with and this is the result.  Snowflakes on both sides!

And...you're welcome.

My first attempt made no sense. I'm shocked you didn't catch it lol.

Yes, I'm aware having been online for 25 what happens, but this is the only place it's happened to me. That's all that matters. I've never been totally invested in Social Sites except for music stuff, but I did get more involved on Multiply for a long spell and only in groups did nonsense never cease, never in GenPop. It was a different experience and the reason, obvious to me now, is the age difference. Most I associated with there were roughly my age or older. There isn't now and never has been (I assume) enough GenX on Blogster and it shows for a lack of diverse views.

I'm exposed to a lot I don't already agree with online. I run from the agreeables lol..  I also think there are more than two sides with snowflakes everywhere. :)

Roughly my age or younger, I meant..

Yeah, and sometimes the AI gets it all wrong, too, because it can only assume human beings to be rational.  For example, I had Simon watch that HyperNormalisation documentary last night, and after discussion, he retreated to play games while I fell asleep with YouTube still on, letting the AI choose whatever it thought we might like.

I woke up at 3am to some truly tired old shiite about the Masons...wtf? 

I have to admit though, YouTube's AI, more often than not, does come up with something or another that we're interested in, at least in the 'suggested' slots.  It's a bit creepy sometimes.

But when it comes to outsmarting rational algorithms, I learned how to do that a long time ago, when the first computer chess games came out.  And when I play against computer opponents in Risk or Monopoly, I always win as well.  I'm NOT rational, and I use that knowledge to beat the AI.

Depending on the topic I can get some worthy suggestions from Youtube, but they've stacked the deck when it comes to real information. It's rigged AF. I'm supporting all alternate video sites and slowly getting away from it. Once I achieve that, the only "google" anything I'll have is on my stupid phone.

I'm sick to death of the algorithms. The joke is on us!

I am not near the troll I used to be ... I don't want to spend precious musing time firing up a lock-step moron. I do fish in the twitter pond from time to time, but it is sort of like shooting fish in a barrel ... 

I'm almost a twitter virgin, tho I do peek in (very) occasionally to view Trump's Tweets.  They're often funny, in an ironic sort of way.

Yeah. Trumps tweets are prime fishing grounds ... 

 I actually know this song!  I hadn't heard it in awhile but its a good one.  This post, I can see you put alot of time and energy into it.  Like Skip, I got lost early on,  but then after reading he, you and Maggie talking about bacon, I suddenly have a hunger for a fully loaded bacon cheeseburger from a fast food joint, lol.

LoL, maybe I need to rewrite this and simplify it a bit?  In the meantime, I want some bacon too, hahaha.

Don't change a thing! My comprehension skills are lax today.  :)

Yeah, don't rewrite anything Sabrina. I'm just stoopid and when I am not stoopid, I pretend to be stoopid.  It keeps the peace in my own personal life {#bubble-gum.gif}

Oh I really can spell stupid, but stoopid sounded better in this case lol

{#chick08.gif} <---random chicken

OK, I am convinced.  I am going to think before I speak amd always 'play nice'...or 'block' those who come around to ruffle my feathers.

Hmmm...think about that .  "Block"-ing  someone is a poor word choice for Blogster to use for 'firmly impeding their encroachment upon my feathers'/sensibilities.  --Riles peeps right away...by the act of taking away their freedom to abuse or offend.  Maybe a different word, a synonym?

Block = obstruct, hinder, barricade, impede, thwart, frustrate, hamper...

Nah, I think "Block" is the right word.

Nahhh, no need for that, David, just know that just as writing skills vary, so do reading comprehension skills.  Sometimes words have different definitions, connotation, and even translations...as we've discussed.

I do believe this will help you, and others, NOT get so ruffled when certain turns of phrase are used.

Btw, this post wasn't about you, even though we have discussed words and how they can be interpreted.  It was inspired by a kerfluffle that went on between a few others, but it is a situation we've all seen time and time again here.

The names change, but the game remains the same.

Oh, I'm not worried. {#basic-smile.gif}   Peeps will either be my friend and tolerate a few of my idiosyncrasies or they won't.  I just leave, ignore, and/or "block" the abusers {#basic-laugh.gif} .  I have found that "friends", even "good" friends or "good" acquaintances are pretty transient in this life, but, also, but they tend to change faster (to the negative) here on the lawless/rude/hostile (add your own custom negatives if you like) internet.

All these peeps are one of 16 Myers-Briggs types, and they (+thee & me) react and experience life differently...seems like too many peeps are not willing for any others to be anything but their type.  --Not-so-good 'tolerance'.

I do change.  I work at reaching worthy goals.  Slow-but-sure I do change for the better once in a while.

I would love it if you would watch this documentary and tell me what you think....Click Here.

I really think you'll enjoy it!

I am somewhat cautious. I don't 'click here' unless I know, fairly specifically, where it will take me...

Maybe PM me.

It will take you to the video, which can be seen in it's entirety on YouTube.

Nothing 'bad' there.

Or, you could go to YouTube on your own and search for 'HyperNormalisation' by Adam Curtis.  He's quite famous and has a lot of documentaries available for viewing on YouTube, but so far I liked this one the best.  It originally aired on the BBC, and that link takes you right to the original film as broadcast on BBC.

Watched it: :55 =  "AND NOTHING EVER CHANGES"

I say: ...except, it seems, for the worse.

I will chat further, but on PM>>>>

I must admit when I first read about said slutty pig, I hadn't considered that she might be a whoring for the group. Whoring for the cause because of personal belief, yes. But I imagine additional context around our slutty pig should clue me in. Especially in the hands of a capable writer, such as yourself. 

I’m almost certain that I’m not the cunt in this case, but I have been know to toss around a little fuel from time to time. I admit, I sometimes like the drama. Oh who the fuck am I kidding, I eat that shit up. lol Blogster drama is an acceptable form of entertainment when time moves slowly, at least for myself. 

I omitted any truly specific details because there was no need to stir this particular hornet's nest again.  Watch and wait, it repeats itself endlessly anyway.

As far a cunti-ness goes, whatever you have to offer in that regard has yet to be directed at me, but when you first starting poking around here, I did see more than a few people claiming you were me , (i used to go by little-whip) so I imagine you have it in ya to throw down some serious cuntage, when the mood strikes ya.

This place, even with its denuded membership, can still provide a lot of drama, but I have more than enough in my offline life these days, so I come here for a different purpose now, for enjoyment and distraction.

Not that I'd ever begrudge a bit of drama to those who enjoy it, because I've enjoyed it in the past, and certainly stirred up more than my share!

I read this early this morning and laughed outloud!  I was worried about waking people up.   


{#giggle.gif} {#giggle.gif} {#giggle.gif}

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