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When The Caretaker Needs Care (I Miss My Man!)

Controversial Content
Added: Friday, February 8th 2019 at 12:44pm by Imperatrix
Category: About Me > About Me > Emotions

Just some rambling here, no planned topic, let the words flow and go where they will.

On Wednesday night, Simon was feeling ill.  Really, really ill.  He'd been to the Cleveland Clinic walk-in nearby on Monday. This clinic may be their farthest outpost in this county as they eat up facility after facility in NE Ohio, a place where they send all their worst doctors and support staff as punishment because the biggest thing going on in THIS sparsely populated town is the Walmart and, during season, the farmer's markets and tree nurseries.

He and I have both been battling a wicked UTI that's antibiotic resistant, and he'd been there a week or so before with symptoms, so they ASSUMED his abdominal pain was just the UTI again (still) so they renewed his prescription for Macrobid and sent him home.

No good.  On Weds he started vomiting and experiencing severe pain in his belly; starting saying he may need to go to the ER by 10pm or so, but didn't give in until 3 in the morning, at which time he was finally persuaded to GET IN THE DAMNED TRUCK ALREADY so I could take him.  In the meantime he was engaged in projectile vomiting and extreme diarrhea and pain that was making him scream.

The local ER, which is NOT affiliated with Cleveland Clinic (thank God) did a CT scan of his abdomen right away and diagnosed a blockage in his bowel, he was admitted to the hospital a few hours later and has been there ever since.  There is scarring in his intestines, normally associated only with those who have had surgery, but he's had none.  Possible diagnosis of Crohns, still needs more testing and he's on clear liquids until further notice, along with Solumedrol to reduce the inflammation and something for pain.

I went to see him yesterday and will go again tomorrow.  He was in decent spirits but lonely.

I am lonely too.

Ironic that when my Palliative Care nurse and social worker visited on Tuesday that we were both inquiring about some respite care for either one of us.  Hospice had it, but Palliative...not so much.  But we had gotten to picking at each other's sores so much that the last couple of weeks has seen little but bickering and even some really bitter fights going on between us.

I miss him.

If he's not home soon, other arrangements are going to be necessary because I cannot take care of myself.  Our old dog Mac is *very* good about going out, he's a real fast pisser and a super dooper pooper, rarely taking more than 90 seconds to find a spot for either, but getting up and down the deck stairs with him is hazardous for us both.  He's so arthritic sometimes he needs help, and it's help I can't render because I'm arthritic too.  The cold air takes my breath away and I barely have any breath to start with, and if a friend of ours wasn't already planning to visit either today or tomorrow I do not know who would take the trash out.

On the other hand I am happy he's got a diagnosis, or at least someone looking into what's wrong with him instead of just writing him off as having 'irritable bowel syndrome' and sending him home with a suggestion to 'eat more yoghurt'.  (That's all the Cleveland Clinic has done for him, and we've been in Ohio for five years now.)

This little trailer weathered another windstorm last night and most of the day, and this little town's power held fast, we usually lose the juice every time a steady breeze blows.  Woke up around four in the morning to a new, LOUD, 'whoppp-whopp-whopp' sound that made me sure the skirting or siding was coming off, but it was too wild and too dark to go outside, and besides, what the hell could *I* do about it anyway?

Went out after daybreak and everything seems intact, so no idea what was making that awful noise...

I'm hungry.

I'm drinking some wine, dinner is either a chicken salad sammie or a can of spaghetti-o's with butter bread.  Be done for the day then.  Done until lunchtime tomorrow, will eat at the hospital, their food ain't bad and I can get a huge meal, almost zero carbs, for seven bucks.  I've spent so much time there I know the menu by heart.

Ate there yesterday while visiting Simon, poor bastard on clear liquids--but he wanted me to stay and eat with him, so as he sipped his broth and ginger ale as I dined on baked tilapia, with broccoli and yellow squash on the side, coffee and orange sherbet for desert.  I'll blow my Saturday's carb allowance on their spaghetti and meatballs...not bad at all for hospital food, and comfortingly familiar.

I showed him how to work everything from the bed to the television and lights, even how to silence the IVs which beep to make a person go mad even when there's nothing wrong with 'em.  Assholes tried to tell him to keep his arm straight and at a certain angle so it would stop beeping, when he's only GOT one fucking arm, can you imagine?

The other has a birth defect, it's stunted and doesn't have much of a hand, he can't grasp anything with it.  How the hell is he supposed to not move the one he can use? 

I told him to just wag that deformed one in their face when they tell him to do that, eventually the entire staff will know better.  Mostly he keeps it hidden, so they don't know until he shows them.

His deformity doesn't mean shit to me.  It never did.  But imagine this...until we first met face to face at the airport, no one had ever touched that deformed arm/hand, not even his mother.  People just pretended it was invisible, like it didn't exist.

When we first met, his good hand was occupied with luggage, so I just grabbed the other one and we walked, hand in hand, to the elevator which took us to the parking garage and our new life together.

He told me later, much later, like years later, that I was the first (and only) human being who'd ever grasped it like that.  We've been together 16 years and I still forget he's living with a real disability, and tend to ask him to do things that I take for granted.

Like...consulting a shopping list.

We had a huge fight last week as, once again, I sent him forth with a list of items to retrieve at Dollar General and he returned without a few 'crucial' items.  It was hours long, very ugly and hateful, because HE ALWAYS DOES THIS.

Finally, FINALLY, after sixteen fucking years, he explains..."Yes, you give me a list, but I don't have a hand to hold it in if I want to have a hand free to pluck items off the shelf."


See?  See what I mean?  He's so capable that I forget.  I forget that sometimes, simple tasks are not so simple for him.  But he's always loathe to TELL me, he doesn't want to for some reason, but we're now working on that.  Future shopping lists will be made on an entire sheet of paper, large enough for him to lay in the kid's seat of a shopping basket, so he can see the list and use his one good hand to do the rest.

He can tie his shoes with one hand.

Try it sometime.

He's amazing and fuck me, I miss him.

Respite.  Yeah, ok.  Be careful what you wish for, what you speak into existance, because sometimes, something's listening, and you just might get it.

Heheh.  I took him the tablet yesterday...this one's a favorite of ours for reasons you don't need to know.  It just came up on the playlist I've got going.

I want my man back.

I want him well.

Anyone listening?


Later, Blogster-peeple.  Enjoy ripping each other to shreds if that's what you need to get through the day.  Out here in the real world, there are real people with real problems to solve, like how to take the dog...and the trash out.

Taking the trash out here is easy, click delete.




User Comments


talapia is gross, have you seen how they raise it??? Youd never eat it again! Hope he gets better soon, being sick in the hospital sucks as we both know!

Hi there, stranger, good to see ya!  Simon's home and doing well, what a relief!   I know how tilapia is raised, but I've always enjoyed bottom feeders like catfish and shrimp and crabs...ever see what crabs eat?  GROSS!

And if you don't 'devein' your shrimp, you're eating shrimp shit, which is about what they eat anyway, shit. 

But they're oh so good.

Still, I don't buy tilapia, and good fish is so expensive here in Ohio that we rarely purchase it.  When we do, we get some good cod or haddock, usually flash-frozen.  Supermarket secret: most of that yummy fish they sell behind the glass, touted as 'fresh' really isn't, and the package will tell ya, "previously frozen."  IF they're honest.  Mostly they just defrost and display, and only those with a refined palate for fish are gonna notice the difference.

So we rarely eat it, much to Simon's dismay, 'cus he was born to live on fish-n-chips, as are most Englishman.    Cod and Haddock are far more plentiful there, reasonably priced, and sold super fresh.

I eat fish in the hospital, or at a few local family type diners, and yeah, I try to avoid the tilapia, but any port in a storm when you're hospitalized, any port in a storm, lol.

I had the spaghetti and meatballs the next time I visited!

when I first went in they put me on no salt diet, that really sucked cause youre huingry and the food has no taste and what you can taste sucks. Then they took away that food and gave me broth and jello for months, that REALLY sucked...Pict line and all...oh well that was then. Yeah, we like the cod here and we get the flash frozen. I cook it different ways so it gets changed up.

... what can I say? You don't know what you got 'til it's gone. Gawd what a horrible piece of 80's crap that song was. Interesting symptoms he had ...exactly like mine. Antibiotics gave some relief, but it came back with a vengance. Waited it out, systems are still AFU but tolerable. Relief for me seemed to be a Ducolax bomb.

Gawd .. two geezers talking about their ailments ...  

Haha, which one, the Black Crowes or the Tiger Lillies?

If you've got gut pain (and vomiting and the trots) like that maybe you need a CT scan too?  I mean, Cleveland Clinic had him get a colonoscopy and endoscopy years ago, but this problem is in the middle bowels where they can't get to like that, something about the terminal ilium...blah blah...

He's with the Lake health system now, and will probably get better care.  I dunno what's happened with the CC, they used to be world renowned, and still are, but their CORPORATION has bought up all sorts of hospitals and clinics in this area, making it hard to get away from them, killing off the competition.

I'm leaning leftward, as my hubby always has.  He believes medicine should not be practiced for profit.


"which one, the Black Crowes or the Tiger Lillies?"

Damned if I know ... I remember the song title ... but nothing else ... 

Hell or Talks to Angels...

Either way, sorry you no like.  How bout some kick ass banjo for yer budgie?

Don't like banjo's  all that much either ... but the budgie likes it, so I suffer ... I don't know if my genre has a name. I like intrumentals mostly ... I even like Scott's music when it doesn't have some freaking headbanger with bad complexion and sucky tats yelling incomprensible lyrics ... riffs, strong base lines, that kind of stuff ... 

I'm a moron, lol.  Awake and entirely sober I finally catch yer drift--"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot..'

Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi.  1970 , ol' bean.

:-) Yeah ... one of them singers ... 

yep, Joni did that one. I agree with hubby, health care should NOT be for profit...


lol, I guess so....I dont feel radical...{#missing-tooth.gif}

Sounds awful what he's going through. Hope he gets back home to you soon. {#friend.gif}

I could see how it would be easy to overlook certain things with regard to disabilities. A never ending learning experience probably.

Thanks, Scott, I hope he's home soon too, and not just for selfish reasons.

Will you be blogging while on vacay?

Not sure. I'll be able too if I want. I'm hoping to escape the Internet for a minute but we'll see...hahah

You gotta post at least one, perfect, sunset.  For me, please?  As long as it looks WARM.

lol @ 15 views and 2 comments.  Ya'll do love to read what I write, but what...you can't be seen here?

Only ana dares to let her avatar be seen....what's up with that?

That is GG's biggest fear. Well, it would be if he were able to think about it. He just thinks I will take care of everything all of the time. 

I sure hope Simon gets the care he needs and can come home. Will he need after care too? Oh man that is a tough spot to be in.

I can't imagine how GG would survive more than one day without someone here to help him!

We changed health insurance in January, so not sure what sort of after care, if any, will be offered to him, it will probably depend on the release paperwork.  When I've been hospitalized for more than a couple of days, the doctors usually release me to 'home care' for a week or two, which gets ya a couple of nurse's visits, for what they're worth.  They usually consist of a medication review, vitals being taken, and a cya later.  I can do his vitals, we have all the necessary equipment and training...

But he's certainly going to need ongoing care for this condition, it can turn life-threatening pretty quickly, and since he's on a blood thinner (plavix) to keep a stent in his leg open, any sort of emergency surgery may not have a good outcome.

I don't care if they cut his guts entirely out and put a shitbag on him, as long as he's out of the pain he's been suffering all these years and can finally eat without spending hours moaning on the throne. 

We talked for a long time last night, and he says he's committed to taking better care of himself from here on out, and that's only fair, since it was out of consideration for HIS feelings that I changed my DNR orders to 'full speed ahead until i'm brain-dead' last year. 

If we are going to live, if we choose to live, (and we have) then he's got to make some healthy changes too.

I suppose the worst case scenario for the immediate future would be him spending a prolonged time in the hospital and then still being very ill when discharged.  My folks could probably handle Mac for a short time, or maybe even he could spend a few weeks back at the shelter we adopted him from, if necessary, we could lock up the trailer and temporarily move into Cardinal Woods...a local nursing facility that affords it's clients a huge amount of freedom.  Insurance pays for three months or so, after that the Gubment will come after our non-existant assets, including our Social Security checks.

That would suck big time.

For now, though, I am trying to be optimistic, but these things have to be considered, because at some point in our future they may have to be faced and dealt with, so it's best to work out contingency plans, you know?

I think GG appreciates you more than you know, maybe he's just at a loss in regards to expressing himself...

I don't know what to say, this just made me cry.... really. {#basic-cry.gif}  I hope Simon gets well soon, that they figure out what is wrong and fix it already. And in the meantime you hang in there girl.  Hugss

Lia!  What a pleasant surprise!   And don't cry, I did all mine last night as that bottle of wine disappeared, and morning brings fresh hope.   Going to visit him later today, take him a proper teacup and a stylus for the tablet, he's asked for some fresh jammies too, since he's not on a heart monitor or anything--he can wear his own clothes.

You know I'm a tough old bird, and things do have a way of working themselves out, I'm just bored and lonely and out-of-sorts.  Our friend Bob is coming by in a few hours to take the trash out for me and pay back of a little cash he owed us from last week, so that's worked out.

The wind has died down enough that gassing up the truck isn't going to be such a heinous task as it would have been yesterday, it's gonna remain cold but sunny and calm, so that's worked out too.

And Mac...well, he's just being a sweetie, but omg Simon has neglected the yard work for weeks (blame a huge snow followed a week later by that arctic vortex) and there is poo on top of poo out there.  I discovered that dear ol' Mac has a nasty habit that Simon never mentioned, he likes to eat his own damned turds.


Gonna research causes and cures...like...TODAY.  And try to sweet-talk another friend into doing a complete rake-up and straw-spreading operation to be done at the first sign of the ground thawing again.  (Watch it stay hard for a few months now, ugh.)

Stop in more often, would ya?  It's people like you that articles like this are for...and I know you've had some difficult struggles of your own in recent years.  It's nice to reach out, needing support, and find it freely on offer.



LOL...all dogs eat frozen poo. Poosicles, Mule and horse ones are tasty as well as rabbit aka smart pellets.

Dogs do it. Sometimes it is because they are hungry and sometimes it is because it is crunchy! 

I'm working on getting GG to realize it is time to wash up again...LOL....


All my dogs have indulged on occasion, usually more interested in the poo of other roaming critters like rabbits and squirrels, and there was a certain Red-Dog-From-Hell who enjoyed stealing crunch cat turds from the litter box, but wow, Mac *really* likes his own poop, frozen or thawed, it seems.

He's already got me pegged, knows he has to sneak his special snack now if he wants it, because he'll get a correction if his attempt is witnessed by yours truly!  Ugh!  No wonder the old chap passes such ghastly wind!

He's not hungry, that's for sure, as he always has dry kibble and fresh water available, even though he's overweight.  But he is food-motivated in the extreme, more so than any dog I've ever had.  If he weren't so old I'd try to clicker-train him, because he's sly and subtle in his ways, but not nearly as 'slow' as originally thought, haha.  At least, not when it comes to  food or treats.

But he's so arthritic at his advanced age, and our own lifestyle is so sedentary, that we've all taken the path of least resistance, which is to just let him be lazy and we'll be lazy too, training each other until a compromise is found.

There will be no compromising on turd-munching.  Nope.  Not if he ever wants to lick my hand, or...omg...my face, ever again!

I just need to know if this is caused by any sort of dietary deficiency before I get too draconian in my efforts to teach him that this is unacceptable!

(not that i ever would...but...ewwww!)


Oh I have tried and tried to teach all dogs that this is something they did not need to do! 

Tried and...failed?  I mean if I should just give up, tell me now!

For the moment I am limiting his yard trips to one after dark, because I can't tell if he's sniffing for a spot or sniffing out his next 'snack'.  It's 6:30 am and he's being patient enough, if he shows any sign of urgency we'll go on out, but I am trying to make him wait another 40-45 minutes so I can see what he's sniffing at when we go out for morning doodoos.

Poop pick up is really the only answer. And if you can't do it, you can't do it right now. You can look on line and find out all sorts of issues of why dogs do it...but truth be told they just do. Morris used to go for the big frozen mule poop and munch and crunch. Charlie thinks all poop is worth taste testing even with me yelling at him!



It's all frozen solid at the moment, would require digging at with a hand spade or something, plus a bucket to put it all in.  Simon's obviously neglected his duties (doodies) for a very long time, and I've already expressed my dismay and disgust, in the hospital or not!

I am most likely going to hire it out, I have a friend who does landscaping for a living so the next time he's over here I'll have him price the initial clean-up, with some straw spread over the mulchy areas to help create a platform for new poo.

It's beyond gross, but that's not why I can't do it.  I get exercise induced bronchospasms that take forever to retreat, and it doesn't take much at all to set 'em off.

Work in progress, with a long way to go in regards to my poor lungs.  They've been through the mill, but been doing better lately!

Yes I knew you couldn't go out an do it yourself. Just as GG can't get outside even if he wished to or could...run his skidsteer. It has heat and a door, but the walk there would be an asthma/breathing attack in one instant.

I fully understand. I'm an excellent pooper scooper with my shovel or manure pick....

He;s coming home today, yay!  Leaving in a few minutes to go get him, just waiting for the truck to warm up.  I understand about GG, that happens to me too, so exercise in this frigid cold, however mild, is not on the agenda.

Well, damn!  Damn, damn, damn! 

This is no good.  Completely unacceptable.  Will there be anyone handy to help you both when he DOES come home?

Tell the dude to don't ever do that again! (And tell him I said I hope he gets better soonest.)

Oh he knows he's not ALLOWED to get sick, but you know how men are!

Life would be so much simpler if they'd just do as they're told.  Haha, happy wife = happy life.  I ain't happy at the moment, and intend to tell him so...as soon as he gets home.


I DO know how men are!  Tell them to stop ... they'll go!  Tell them to go ... they'll stop!  

Well, I guess he showed YOU when you told him he wasn't allowed to get sick.  Ya got your hands full with that one, ya do!  lol

Wonder why I miss him so much, then?


You're besotted!  Ladies get that way from time to time.  Not all men are worthy, but some are trainable.

Good luck, and hope he comes home soon!

This too shall pass. Well, I wrote that without his blockage in mind but it did pop in after I wrote it. JUst hang in there.

Sorry, not supposed to be anonymous - apparently I was logged out.

LoL, that was rather funny, and I'd have let it stand even as an anon!

Jillie's retarded anon comment deleted.

I never saw it. I do not read her anyway.

She's so obvious.

Sad!  Simon HAS to get better!  You tell him Maggie said so, lol.  I'm so glad he finally told you about the grocery list thing.  Funny how you can be married that long and still learn new things. 

I know, and it's so important, isn't it?  I mean, we roll our eyes when our spouses start telling "that " story...again ...but we can really never know every little thing about another human being, can we?

We gotta dig deeper.

anyone listening?  Yeah I'm listening...your posts are so good and interesting what a talented writer you are.  

I feel for Simon I hope he is well soon. I admire anyone who works with someone with a disability and makes no noise about it

Good dogie...mine takes twirling around a few dozen times, sniffing the entire yard and then...then...he does his business.  My kittens are something else too. they poop and take an hour to cover it up. the scratching noise drives me nuts.. 

I've had dogs like that, they act like they're going to be taking out a 30 year mortgage on the patch they choose to dump a turd on...it's like, COME ON ALREADY!  ITS JUST A DUMP FOR PETES SAKE!

Thanks for reading, and for commenting as well, ana.  Enjoy your weekend!

~retarded comment by someone who obviously wants ancient flames stoked back to full bonfire status deleted.~

Yes, certain grievances we've all had with each other over the years are still tender, but not at all important.

What's important is to leave them in the past, and move forward.

Any anons trying to start shit with logged-in responders on my post can expect their contributions to be deleted as soon as I see them.

Anyone with admin tools who sees these provocations before I do can feel free to delete them for me.

While I am no longer interested in blogging here or anywhere for that matter, I never got around to canceling notifications. Yours popped up and here I am. 

My husband has Crohns, its nasty and affects the entire body when it feels like it. It caused a complete blockage that resulted in surgery to break the scar tissue fibers to allow passage of his meals into the throne instead of inside his body where it's toxic.  Then there was months of Low Residue foods that have near zero nutrient value but without fiber they pass through quickly. Too quickly sometimes but using the diet when he starts getting pain has helped. 

I am so sorry to hear that Simon is suffering. 


Hi Sherry, long time no see, this place is on its last legs, new members can't create accounts and as old members leave....well...people do like their echo chambers, and it seems they've gotten their wish here.

Simon was allowed some 'soft' foods yesterday and ate three small meals.  They say as soon as he has a bowel movement they can send him home, but that if he doesn't have one by Monday they are going to do exploratory surgery.

I just spoke with him a few minutes ago, lots of gut sounds and wind overnight, but no poo.  He says he's feeling fine though, no pain or nausea, so that much is good.

I've been extremely concerned that no one THERE seems concerned about the fact that he is on a bloodthinner (Plavix) and this should be stopped well before any sort of surgical procedure takes place.  We've brought it up numerous times, but they still gave him a dose yesterday morning, but say they have instructions to withold it today.

Fuck.  So if they want to open him up tomorrow, he will only have been off it for a single day.  This is not acceptable. I HATE surgeons, they are overconfident and uber-arrogant.

We are praying for poop.  Today.

The blockage is at his ilium terminus, it's all scarred up.  This much they know, or so they say.  They aren't talking tumor or anything like that, but he still doesn't have a definitive diagnosis of Crohns.  However, he's responded well to large doses of steroids, so that sort of lends itself to that diagnosis, right?

I have a lot of studying to do, and I think it's a shame that we have to arm ourselves with information like that in order to ask the right questions and request the right tests, perhaps refusing the obvious, like abdominal surgery only a single day after stopping blood thinners, but medicine has become like a huge, souless machine that'll chew you right up if you let it.

I still have FB though I rarely open it, and when I set up my new machine (been sitting in a box since Nov) I won't be having anything FB related anywhere near it.  But...if you care to shoot me a message via their messaging doohickey, with any suggestions or good websites to check out, I'd sure appreciate that.

Hope all is well with you, and thanks for visiting and commenting.

The only website I remember being of use was the Crohns, Colitis Foundation website. They have a facebook page but it's the actual website I read at the time. 

The past 10 months in my family have been a nightmare of life threatening health issues including my own recently developed heart issue. My diagnosis is Ventricular premature depolarization. Nice fancy term for a ventricle that thinks it can dance to the sound of a different drummer than the rest of my heart chambers do. The stress of dealing with hubby's crohns and now gaucoma, oldest son's TIA, oldest DIL's cancer scare and youngest DIL's seizures which turned out to be TIAs did a number on my blood pressure and I now take lots of meds including a diuretic to keep me walking and breathing at the same time.

Given the way people act on the internet I spend way less time online than I used to. Don't need the aggravation. 

I can entirely relate, as I had my own cancer scare last year, it made my world tinier than it already was, and I abandoned many things, including Blogster and even a few close friends.  I'm ok for now because the one good thing about chronic COPD is that you get chest x-rays so often that if something looks funky in there, they act quickly.

However, the battle left me so depresssed that I almost wished it had been lost.  The death of mamakat and my niece (flu killed her, she was 29) last March is what shocked me out of a death spiral of my own making (i was still smoking 2 packs a day!) and things turned around a bit for me.

Simon's home, got released yesterday afternoon, and on a surpisingly large dose of prednisone  for a long period of time, 40mgs a day for two freaking weeks, and then 4 more weeks of tapering down.  Good grief, he's gonna get moonfaced, maybe his beard will hide it.

We had Arby's for dinner, and all seems well because he stayed up until 3:30 AM playing games on his machine and is now snoring up a storm, been sleeping for 5 hours so far, without a single trip to the throne room.

Sorry 'bout the diuretic, I can relate to that too because I have to take lasix to prevent fluid from building up around my heart and lungs, and it makes me piss constantly which is real fun with a recalcitrant UTI, plus it leaves me so dehydrated I look like a shriveled up old apple these days.

Tons of moisturizer seem to do no good.

What are they doing about your heart?  Are you going to have a pacemaker or something?  Please stay in touch, I do miss you.  If you don't have my email addy, let me know, and I wouldn't mind a phone call, either.


Sorry things are so tough for you right now.

No pacemaker yet. We are trying the meds to control the effects of the stress hormones on my heart plus behavior modification and, of course exercise. If it results in tachycardia and I survive that then a pacemaker will be added. 

Hershey, thank you for your kind words. Life got pretty scary and I need to spend my time taking care of me for awhile. 

He has to eat a 'low residue' diet, so meat and white bread is fine.  What he has to avoid is raw veggies, fruits with skins and seeds, roughage...

He's doing ok, so far, but right now is experiencing some unpleasant moments.

Methinks his own body will train him what he can eat and get away with, I can merely make 'suggestions.'   (hehe.)

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