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Meet The Cars? Who the Fark are the CARS?????

Added: Wednesday, September 18th 2019 at 6:23am by Imperatrix

August 1978

Image result for world series of rock 1978

The World Series of Rock at Cleveland Stadium, headlining Fleetwood Mac shortly after their Rumors album was released and eating up the charts.  I was there!

Concerts these days are lame compared to what I sharpened my teeth on, and this one dazzled, simply dazzled.  The stadium seated 88,000 souls and all tickets were general admission, so locals in the know would camp out in the Muny parking lot the night before and just party our asses off until sunrise, catch a few zzzs and then walk across to the stadium as the gates opened.

You couldn't bring bottles or cans but no one said a thing about wineskins full of liquor or coolers full of gallon milk jugs filled with draft beer.  You could pack a lunch too, no one was forced to pay through the nose for overpriced swill, and guess what?  We were even having carefree sex 'back in the day' because herpes was still unheard of at the time, much less hiv.  Take a daily pill for birth control and party down, ladies, party on down!  No one said anything about weed smoking either, and the air was filled with its delectable perfume, folks were so cool about sharing, too, if you'd been unlucky enough to arrive empty handed.

The original date of August 5th had to be canceled be cause a bandmember had come up ill, but they got the show back together pretty quickly and honored tickets from both dates.

There was only one problem.

J.Geils couldn't make it to the return engagement.  Instead the organizers had substituted a band few of us had ever even heard of, and one with a stupid-assed name, too....The Cars.

Ooo the crowd was hostile, I tell ya.  HOSTILE!!!  A chant went up for J.Geils and stuff was being thown at the stage as the poor roadies tried to set this band up.  I was afraid they'd be pulled off the stage and ripped limb from limb...riot was in the air, and probably would have happened if we'd not all been so stoned on weed by then.

Instead, they opened their set with this song, and by the time it was finished, they'd won that crowd over and had us yelling and stomping for more.


(Someone let me know if that sounds shitty, my puter in here is still deaf and I can't be arsed to walk into the living room to find this on the tv-youtube.)


Jolly good job and my hats off to the Cars.

Ric Ocasek, Rest in Peace.

"If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand.  If there's a rock and roll heaven, you know they have one hell of a band. "


PS:  I am feeling mean today and had a different post entirely in mind but my muse failed me halfway through.  Maybe another day.  Maybe not.  I am off to wake hubby and ask him to take Covera and I to the beach, might be in a better mood afterwards!

User Comments

Living in the back of beyond, concerts of this magnitude don't happen unless one can travel. I would have traveled for this one just for FM and Eddie Money. Everything else would have been a bonus.

Last live show I saw was Stevie Nicks at the Virginia Beach Ampitheater...about 7 years ago, or close to that.  Our seats were good but under the pavillion, and the weather was SO hot and breezeless I damn near died, almost requested help from the medics.

She really did a good show, but for the life of me I don't know how because they had her literally stuffed into her long sleeved, long skirted, heavy-booted outfit.  It pained me to wonder how hot SHE must have been, and besides, that sort of dressing does not hide the fat she was trying to conceal.

Dear Stevie!  Do you  now know we don't care what your weight is?  We just want you comfy and cool and....still SINGING IN PUBLIC!

Post image

Snagged this from an 'olden folken' sort of site, what life looked like 'back then.'  They added the quip "Just think, the shirtless girl is probably a granny by now!"

Hahaha.  Life was GOOD back then, and never will be again.

yep. saddly

I've seen most of the bands that played that series and they were great. The Cars being a New Wave band seem a bit out of place for sure, but having seen them live I'm not surprised they won the crowd over.

The only place on earth that still has the kind of atmosphere (minus the death) you describe is Wacken, and it has a few things that far surpass the stadium rock of the 70s.

It's too bad they don't have these kind of events in America anymore... but I know why that is. One not look any further than the disaster that was Woodstock 99...

Wasn't BOC at your show too?

I wish! But it was not to be, they played in '75, when I was still living with parental units, only 14.   Hehe, not tpo long after, I was granted permission to see KISS at The Coliseum, got separated from my ride and things did not go well for me when I arrived home.  Another story, but it ended with my parents insisting I not go to another show without them accompanying me.

I choose Queen.

Also at the Coliseum.

Ditched the folks moments inside and hit the floor!  Found them afterwards, up against the wall at the highest ledge, where they'd gone in an attempt to escape the smoke.  They were stoned out of their gourds and didn't even know it, hahah.

I moved out later that year, and no longer had to have mommy and daddy babysit me at concerts.

Ahh....glory days. Glory days!

I had to pretend to be staying all night at friend's in order to go to some of my earliest shows. Once I got a taste of it, they couldn't stop me lol.

My sister attended in either 77 or 78 I can't remember which... but she had a shirt she wore for years from it.

some GREAT music there! I'd have loved to see Fleetwood Mac, especially Stevie Nicks! 

I saw the group at this concert, and Stevie alone about 7 years ago.  Good shows, both!!!

Whew!  I'm glad it turned out well for The Cars.  What an exciting event to have participated in!

All the concerts back then were huge and generally lawless...what a blast!!!

J geils I know. Fleetwood Mac. Never heard of The Cars. Was at a concert once where Johnathan Edwards opened for John Sebastion. It was Edward's first time opening for anyone. He was pretty good.

I'm sure you've heard The Cars, you just don't know it was them you were listening to.  Hit YouTube for about three songs, you'll recognize them instantly unless you've been living under a rock since the late 70s!

Well ....

~lifts up rock, realizes it's actually canada, and runs away, screaming~

I'm surprised you never heard of The Cars. (A "millenial," are we?) They were a popular group back in the late 70s. My favorite song from them is "Drive." 

The concert was in 1978, Amala.  Read, please!

Okay, I missed that point, but I just wondered how you all could have lived in that time period and never have heard of The Cars? That's like never having heard of The Beatles, or Elvis Presley, or Paul Revere and the Raiders. They were all quite popular back then. I can remember listening to them on the radio. 

Okay, I missed that point

One of a thousand times

You missed the entire article, Amala...you went directly from 'title' to 'blather.'


Indeed, they BECAME quite popular and my article partially explains WHY.

Either read my posts before flapping your jaws or stay the fuck away.  If god ever created a more irritating woman she hasn't posted on Blogster.  Jilli was close, but Jilli is obviously mental.  What's your excuse?

You're the type of person who, while engaged in conversation, doesn't listen to the other party because you're too damned busy figuring out what YOU want to say next.

Could she buy a clue?



I'm very sorry if I upset you. That was NOT my intention. And I apologize for not paying closer attention to detail.

I really don't read every word of every post people write. That's because a lot of them are like reading War and Peace. So when I see a long post I tend to skim over it to try to get the gist of what it's about. What I got from your post was that the people at the concert didn't know who The Cars were. And that struck me as odd because I've known about them for what seems like forever. If I had seen or noticed the little "August 1978" at the top of the page (I didn't), I wouldn't have been so confused. I thought you were talking about a RECENT concert because I know some of the older groups are still performing.

Sorry I yelled at ya---well, not entirely because it sure got your attention, lol---but dang, if I make the effort to write something and you choose to leave commentary about what I've written, it really would be helpful if you read a little closer.  Yes, that date was way up there by itself, but the rest of the story told the tale.

War and Peace this wasn't.  In fact, this would have been far longer had I not been in a hurry to finish it and go to the beach.

I wish I could go to the beach. The surf, the sand and the salty sea air always made my heart skip a few beats. Enjoy!

It's great, except for when it ain't...like wintertime.  (I live on the shores of Lake Erie.)

Lake Erie is about 198 miles from here. 

No parks with streams or lakes nearby?  I'll find water wherever I live, it's just so soothing...

Speaking of soothing, have you tried guided meditation/lucid dreaming?  There are tons of good 'journeys' to be listened to on youtube, and some really crappy ones too, I am sad to report, lol.  But I could give you a link or two, and it really does help, makes that soul-restoring type of rest easier--and even fun--to achieve.

I do try to meditate occasionally but my monkey mind is hard to tame. And, yes, we have several lakes in the area. We used to go there to fish but as we didn't buy licenses this year we haven't seen much of the lakes unless we're driving by them on our way to someplace else. I like nature but I'd rather see it in pictures than be out in it. 

Plus there is so much wild parsnip growing around the lakes now we'd have a devil of a time even getting to the shore line without breaking out in blisters.

I wonder how many of the names on those playbills have joined that Heavenly band?  I never got to concerts much, I could count them on my fingers, probaby wouldn't need more than one hand, either.  All of '78 (and most of '77, '79, '80, '81, '82, and half of '83) I was in Stuttgart, Germany, livin' the dream.

What a shame.  We came back to the States in '76, but had to wait for dad...he was doin' some sh*t, i may have told the story on JU...(Baader Meinhoff, etc.)

From 77 on we were in Ohio, and man, ALL the big names came here to play, Cleveland being the 'Birthplace of Rock and Roll.'

Didn't you see anyone in Krautland?  Gosh, my very first concert was Eric Clapton, at the Munich Olympic stadium.  The AYA took us, and boy did we get in trouble for gettin' drunk, lol.

I saw Charlie Pride in 1968 at the Worms NCO club.  Charlie Daniels came to Germany for a tour and had Thanksgiving dinner in a mess hall at the invite of a GI fan.  The whole band an crew showed up (unbeknownst to the chain of command).  I didn't get to see it in person, saw it on AFN-TV.  To his credit, old Charlie and band sat around for a couple of hours signing autographs and chattin with the Joes.  In an interview about it later he said that he was surprised because he had no idea what it was like in Germany for the Army guys.  For many years after that he returned to Germany on the holidays to visit troops.  Good guy.  But has nothing to do with your post :)

Yeah it does, daddy-o!  We're doing what all old crumblies do best, reminiscing!  Loved Charlie Pride back in the day, and could hardly believe he was black, haha.  Never saw Charlie Daniels do a live show, but have heard he's a real down to earth sort of guy.

What a story and what a concert that must have been.  (The video sound is great, btw.)

I will not embarrass myself with any concert stories, mainly because I was "older" before I made it to my first one.

Nothin' wrong with that, elmo, I'd still love to hear your stories!

I love the cars! {#dj1.gif}

Glad everyone changed their minds once they started playing. 

I have yet to go to a concert so no clue what it's like. Wasn't allowed growing up & when married too broke to buy tickets then it all became pointless because todays concerts seem like they suck. lol 

Today's concerts are overpriced and overpoliced, making for a bummer atmosphere instead of a celebratory one.  Buy the CD and stay home, lol.

Lotta truth to that at Arena or Pavilion type shows. I blame the Eagles back in the 90s. That was the first time I ever saw what I considered prices to outrageous to pay. In the mainstream people are getting raped, which is why I don't spend much time there, even for Metal bands. But at least most of them will have 4 quality bands on a $75 dollar ticket which isn't bad.

With that said, I think the club scene for the last 30 years is where it's at. The prices are right, the shows are excellent... and there is no policing. Those arena/stadium rock days were a blast.... but I've had just as much fun or more in the club scene, and have never felt like I was being raped. Best show I saw this year was $30 for a stellar two hour performance that I would not trade for any show I've seen in my life.

It's the mainstream that sucks. Rock and Roll lives in the underground in small venues where it has always thrived and still does :)

Thank God for that, at least.  But the club scene can get very pricey if you want to eat and/or drink during the event, easily doubling the ticket price.  Back in the days of stadium concerts, we'd carry in our munchies and beverages and pick up a tshirt on the way out for about seven bucks.

Yeah, you're right... I've been going to eat dinner prior to shows for years now and I really try to avoid buying anything to drink. Maybe a bottled water lol. But yeah, they really do try to get you in other ways...   and even worse at arena and pavilion shows these days. I recently went to Knotfest (for everyone but Skipknot) and they wanted like 13 bucks for a small beer hahahahah...   just ridiculous.

I remember vividly when I noticed all these changes. It was 1990 and it seemed like someone just flipped a switch. At Market Square arena, where I saw Queen, FM, The Cars and a shit ton of Metal shows in the late 70s and 80s it was one big party. You could get whatever you wanted in there and about the only way to get booted was to fight. It was like that for a very long time, just like in the 70s... but then Yvonne and I went to see Judas Priest on Dec 1st 1990 and suddenly you couldn't smoke, fuckin' security all over...  it was like I woke up in a parallel universe. That was my last show @ Market Square...   which they soon demolished after... but I used to take weed, booze and sometimes LSD in there and never worried about a thing. All they ever did was have us lift our shirts from our waist. I'm glad I didn't try anything at that particular show or I might have ended up across the street in city lockup.

I'll support the clubs until it's no longer fun. Right now, still a blast. :)

Next Friday, Agora \m/

oy!  Who's playing?

Would love to meet ya for a beer or something either before or after.

Amorphis, arguably my favorite band since 2000. Gonna be about 10 of us and I'm not driving so...  probably not the best opportunity this go around. One guy has to work that day and it's gonna be tight as it is.

I should just come up for a visit. I'm only 90 min away :)

I bet I was within 10 min of you when I drove up to Toronto recently..

If you traveled on 1-90, you were closer than that!

And yes, you should come visit!  I am trying to recruit Simon to take me to Zombies on the Lake at least one night this year, and push me around in my wheelchair cus there's no way I could walk the strip at Geneva on the Lake.

Zombies are slow moving anyway, right?

I think it would be a hoot but he'd demanding I dress him up like Cheech Marin in the concert scene from 'Up in Smoke.'  Did that with my first hubby one year, and he won contests all over Fort Walton Beach with it.


Image result for Cheech Marin Up In Smoke concert scene

LOL ... I love Linkin' Park but never got to see them in concert so one night I put Youtube on my TV and sat down & watched a full concert that way. It was like front row seats with none of the idiots LOL 

Sounds more my speed these days, lol!

LOL it was nice to watch it like that. :)

{#wow_girl.gif} {#what-the-oh-my.gif} Well I'm ashamed to say I don't remember "The Cars", and cant remember ever hearing of them {#basic-blush.gif} {#basic-blush.gif} {#basic-blush.gif} {#basic-blush.gif} But I can see how they won the audience over.

You're from the land down under, Sandra, so you're forgiven, lol.  Glad you liked the song, there are many more by this band on youtube.

Sad to say I never saw the Cars. And Fleetwood Mac has TWICE cancelled shows I had tix to. Glad it was a shaker:)

Bummer @ the cancellations, always a huge disappointment.  Maybe you can catch Stevie some day, if she'd come out of hiding and just say no to fat-shaming!

sorry you missed J. Giles, that band friggen rocked live!

I know, right?  Cleveland knew too. That's why the atmosphere got ugly, and the Cars were playing for their lives, haha.

I cant imagine the moron who put those two bands together on the same bill, what an idiot! Yeah, I stopped by, seems like its been almost 60 days, lol....Im losing my grip on pissing people off!!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

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