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Added: Thursday, January 10th 2019 at 1:50pm by Imperatrix

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The luna moth is pale green and bears two long tails on either side, luminous and frail. A multitude of moths will come to lights when the night is dark, but the luna moths always caught his eye.

They fly in search of the moon, and love, or more likely lust, of an entomological kind.

Grey speckled spiders as big as a man’s hand will construct large webbed orbs near bright sources of light. We think of spiders as ugly and unkind, as murderers who eat out their prey from the inside.

She came to him at night, driven by her strange desires.

She thinks she comes for pleasure, and for reasons she wants to hide, because of the dark thoughts that take over her mind. Perhaps she sees what he does to her as a weightless thing, as a way to sprout wings and find her direction in the night.

He sees lines of dissection laid out upon her skin. He uses rope as his knife. And chain. A hood to cover her eyes, so that she loses herself in her own mind.

The administration of pain is a prod.

He traps her, using light.

In darkness, her skin becomes luminous and bright. She flutters. She fights.

He grasps her, probes her, and grapples with her limbs, out-flung. He binds her to his orb. He smothers her in silk. He creates for her the fantasies she has carried inside, and more. Much, much more. More than she ever wanted to know.

In the end, he eats her from the inside.

Incising along a central line, he folds back her skin and pins it to his dissecting table.

He is looking for her nuts and bolts, the machinery of her life.

She is looking for...

the moon.

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User Comments



Good stuff !

Thank you.

In the end, he eats her from the inside.


If it aint savage, it's average.

{#flag.gif} You're a Metalhead and don't even know it. H/T Simon haha

I like a TON of Metal, m'dear, but there are *many* sun-genres within it that I absolutely find unbearable, lol.

I think my very first metal album was Deep Purple...the one with the mock-up of Mount Rushmore on the front.  I especially enjoyed 'Speed King' (a very fast one) and 'Sweet Child in Time' (a very slow one.)

Then you mean you haven't liked any in 3 or 4 decades? lol

While I love DP, it's hard to even tag them as Metal these days like you still can Sabbath for instance. That's because of the Blues being stripped out. Metal wasn't even defined until that happened. Hard Rock at best now... but Metal in 72' even though they didn't want the label.

The Sub-Genres are where it's at for Metal, and it's been that way for a very long time. Without them, there is no Rock and Roll worth a shit these days. Metal is all that keeps it alive.

Mmmm. Do I take this as a Jungian, or a Freudian? Ether way, Luna becomes consumed ...

Pardon my spinnerette ... 

Definitely Freudian.

Is that a spinnerette in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?


That is beautiful in a very wicked way. And nature is cruel anyway, such is life.

True!  And thank you.

It's not often I haven't any words... ths is one of those times, because anything I have to say, wouldn't do this justice...

It's an old one, Skip.  I've posted it before, did ya miss it?

I'm not sure Sabrina. I don't remember it, but then, my memory SUCKS!

this is so beautiful and on t wings it has two eyes. It is magical.

Thank you, ana.



this gave me chills... {#floating.gif}

That makes me glad!

This is very well written

Thanks, Ken.

Bloody Ken has stolen my words yet again, but then what I have read of your posts they all are well written. It is a beautiful thing, and as we all know nature is cruel.

Nice post though.

Glad you enjoyed, Sandra, and thank you!

My pleasure.

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