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Robin - 4 Eggs & 4 Weeks

Added: Tuesday, June 12th 2012 at 5:53pm by ILoveCats
Related Tags: birds, baby, eggs, food, motherhood

I've had birds build nests in the hanging plants on my front porch and did my best to follow them through the whole process of laying eggs, having babies, listening to the babies cry for food, all the way through to the empty nest at the end. But I never got to really see them up close and personal as I'd love to have done. A friend sent me this today, and it was so enjoyable. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did  ^..^


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Cats!!!!! Hello.....I missed you very much....and I am glad to be returning to Blogster.

Love the video! I found a nest on the ground today blown out of a tree.....It was made from my dogs hair. Go thing Jack shed his winter coat for them!

hello my friend - so good to see you & hope things are going well. missed you and am happy to know you remember those of us who care :-)  {#dancing6.gif}  

{#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} {#apploud.gif} Awesome video. That was so cool

Thx. Can't believe how BIG those little MOUTHS are!  It must be a lot of work keeping those babies' tummies full.

I agree

Wow! Awesome video.  Thanks for sharing!


oh whoa!  what an absolutely great video.....so up close and personal.  something we rarely get to see in real life!!

Loved it.....thanks for the share!

kind of sad at the end when mama comes home with food and no one is left :-(

I guess thats the origin of the empty nest syndrome?  :)

{#glitter.gif} {#glitter.gif} {#glitter.gif} {#heart.gif}

babies have HUGE mouths!!

very cool!

I just love nature....hope things are going well with you. i know you've been BUSY!! ♡

{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}{#apploud.gif}Wow!!! that is amazing and awesome. I'd be a real pain in the butt for the poor birds if had one of those nests at my place, I wouldnt be able to leave them alone!!  Thanks for sharing this Sis, another beautiful thing about nature.

I'm not doing it this year because we're having the house painted soon, but I usually get hanging plants for the front porch and birds love to build their nests in them. I do my best to leave them along, but once a week take a little step ladder out and put water in one corner of the plant so it doesn't die from thirst. I actually watched one year, the mother bird as she flew out to a nearby tree - coaxing her babies from the nest one at a time. It was amazing to watch - but so sad to have nothing but the empty nest left at the end :-(

yes, I felt a bit sad at the end of the video because of the empty nest, but it meant that mama and papa birds did a good job and the babies are now free and being mamas and papas themselves.  Isnt nature wonderful??

Awwww, that is the sweetest video I have seen in a long time. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing it. It made my day. {#happy2.gif}

Glad you liked it Allie- I bet the mom and dad get so tired of those huge mouths begging for food...a parent's work is HARD!!

That video is so cute. {#blue_bird.gif}

I thought so too :-) I love birds. I watch them in the sky and imagine how cool it would be to see things from their perspective...must be awesome, huh?

3-4 years ago I posted a series of pictures of my zebra finches from a-z--it really is an amazing process to see!

I wish there was a way to list posts by other people. Just a long list. One day I'll go back through yours and look around. I've missed SO many years of your life!!

Sadly, as some one else noted and I agree--search does not work here!

that is so sweet! i just love baby birds!! we had a bird box when i was a kid, and i remember sitting out there for half hours on end and watching them through the hole in the box from a far. (with binouculars of course) that was a great video thanks for sharing!

A friend of mine sent it to me. I loved it too. There's nothing more peaceful than watching mother nature do her thing and allowing us to peek in!


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