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I Love North Carolina

Added: Thursday, February 9th 2012 at 9:44am by ILoveCats

I've had people tell me I should work for the Chamber of Commerce for North Carolina because I'm always telling people what a wonderful state it is to live in. Of course, I haven't lived anywhere else except for a six-month stay in Indianapolis, so I can't really compare it to other states.

The weather in NC is awesome. We do get all four seasons - with none too long or too harsh. Remind me of this in the sweltering dog days of August and my response might be different. But then summer is supposed to be hot, isn't it? 

Winter, which has been extremely mild this year for some reason, is just a few months with the coldest being after the first of the year.  We usually get one or two snows that only last a few days before they melt since the temperature here is always jumping around. Once every few years, we'll get a huge snow that might last a week or so, but that just gives me a good excuse to work from home since they don't put much money or effort into clearing anything but the main roads and interstates.

The spring and summer here are beautiful. It's a very green state if you drive along our highways or interstates. We have the beach at one end of the state and the mountains at the other end, so something to please everyone!

The mountains in the fall are absolutely GORGEOUS and so much fun to visit.

And with a long coastline, you can find any kind of beach life you might be looking for. We like to go over the July 4th holiday weekend, and if you're looking for a party beach, you can find it. If you prefer a more quiet family kind of beach, we have those too.

We're at the top of the real estate markets to watch this year, because of the great variety of affordable homes as well as the fact that home values have held relatively stable compared to other parts of the country. I read recently that 73% of the homes here are affordable to families with a median income.

Besides my personal opinions, I'm basing my thoughts here on the number of "transplants" I constantly run across in my daily life. I work on a large campus (not a university) and can't tell you how hard it is to actually find people who were born in North Carolina. People are actually surprised sometimes to find that I'm a native of the state because they run across so few, especially in the urban/suburban areas of NC.

So tell me what it is about YOUR state that you love so much. I'd love to hear. But this Tarheel is a Tarheel born and bred and will always call

North Carolina home.


User Comments

North Carolina is an absolutely beautiful state I agree!!  We were through there in October 2010 and there was snow in the high elevations plus the colorful foliage in the lower elevations.   I have friends living in Bryson City and we stopped there overnight.   I could live like that!!!!

The mountains are maybe not the most beautiful in the world. But living in the middle of the state, it's nice that in just a few hours I can either be at the beach or heading into the mountains. Glad you've had a taste of this beautiful state.

Thanks for sharing this. Sounds like another pretty awesome state. I'm one of those people who really prefer a few cloudy "dreary" looking days per week. I think a nice mixture helps you enjoy all the days better. I'll have to admit I don't know much at all about your state. I'll look it up and would love to see some pictures. Thanks for sharing.  ^..^

let me know your thoughts on any pics. you'll find a ton of them. there are a lot of coffee table photo books out there. again though, you really should visit. {#cool2.gif} {#cool2.gif} {#cool2.gif} your post reminded me to contact a friend in nc. she really likes it there. if we were close, i'd go visit.

I lived in Apex and then Chapel Hill in 1983-84 and I loved it there...I have only been back once since then and was amazed at how much has grown, but it's still beautiful! In fact, I'm about due for another visit to that fine state sometime soon...

I recall that you spent some time here. Yes - to take care of the transplants, things are growing all the time around here. Can't stop progress, I guess. There's still plenty of rural areas, so there's a little bit of something for everyone I suppose :-)

My first visit was in the spring in 1970 to see a dear college pal at Duke and we had such a great time, including a terrific bluegrass festival at UNC Chapel Hill. Then during my golfing heyday in the 1990s, I visited Pinehurst twice with friends. North Carolina is one of my favorites, with so much to offer, no matter what you are looking for. You are lucky to live there.

I've never golfed, but I've heard it's a golfer's paradise. There are lots of tournaments in the state each year. Chapel Hill is a lovely town and really hasn't changed a lot. The students there call it "Blue Heaven" and my favorite basketball team are the UNC Tarheels...who lost with one tic on the clock last night to their rivals Duke - yuck!  It was a heartbreaker.

I have been in all the states, but NC is still my choice. I live on the Crystal Coast.

Yes...I recall that now. So you see where I'm coming from. This state has so much to offer, even though we still have problems with a high unemployment rate. I'm wondering where that is because it seems my company is always hiring, although a certain amount of college is necessary.

I was born here and bred here, and I reckon I'll die here. You been in ALL the states??? How did that come about?  Just traveling?

I was a long-haul Trucker. My wife & I went to Hawaii & Alaska on vacation. The Crystal Coast extends from Swansboro to Moorehead. I live in Swansboro. I grew up in Chicago. I'm one of them Yankees that didn't go back, they have a special name for us, but I won't mention it.

Well like I said...lots of "transplants" here, but you're all welcome!! Mom and I took a cruise in Alaska a while back. It was great fun and felt like being in another country. Absolutely beautiful and natural. I might could live there since I love cold weather. But my heart is here in NC, so I reckon this is where I'll spend out the rest of my life.

How did you end up in North Carolina as a place to settle down at?

In WW2 I was stationed at Greensboro ORD, that's where I met my Waterloo. I met my first wife there. The worst battle of WW2 was the one I fit at Greensboro --- I lost that one. I got her out of the South, but I couldn't get the South out of her.

Looks and sounds absolutely beautiful Cats, love the autumn colors too. You had a very harsh winter not so long ago as I recall?

You just never know what to expect around here. Some winters are bitter cold. We've probably had have a dozen nights it's been under freezing, but February can fool us. This weekend it will get into the low 20s (5 celcius) brrrrrr...but then it will pop right back up. This can flip flop into March as well. Last year on Christmas night we got a 8 inch snow that was BEAUTIFUL! I do love snow..especially going outside at night while it's snowing. It's so quiet and the air feels and smells so good. Not sure we'll get any this year, but that just keeps it interesting. We've had bad ice storms as well and they suck. But so far it's been mild...mostly in the 50s or 60s (10-15 celcius) in the days and 40s in the evening. I like a colder winter, but take whatever mother nature has in store for us!  I'm not sure I could stand the heat you've been having. My friend in India tells me it's been cooler than normal there and it's making people sick since they are used to heat all the time!!

I'm having a difficult time with the heat wave we've been having. Another hot one today. It is an oppressive type of heat, not like up in Asia where the humidity makes it bearable. Plus, in Asia the heat never goes more that 32 or 33 degrees centigrade (that's around 90F) so temps over 100 degrees are rare.  I hate it because you get trapped indoors to avoid heat stress and it gets depressing.

Summer is my worst season, while it's the one most people seem to love because they are off taking vacations. I can't stand the heat. I could easliy live where it's cool all the time. I can put on enough clothes to be comfy in the winter. My house is warm, car is warm, office is warm...but in the summer I can't take off enough to get cool...I spend a lot of time inside too with air conditioning AND fans running. Hope you cool down a little soon. How long will the heat last?

Feb and March are probably the worst then it starts cooling down at the beginning of April.  April and May are beautiful...not hot, not cold...just perfect.  Warm enough to go to the beach and cool enough not to sweat like a pig...lol.

In the States I have lived in New York City, Hollywood, Laguna Beach and Malibu, California, Memphis, Tennessee, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida--each has its own particulars--I LOVED Memphis as a city, Southern California as a State, NYC is so unique it is in a category of its own BUT I don't want to/won't even visit live there anymore--I lived in Miami Beach in my 20s and it and I was wild, wild wild--now I am very content with living in Fort Lauderdale--a big city with a small town taste, near the beach, a lot of culture, fauna not to be believed and NUTS from all the other 49 States including North Carolina!!!

I like Ft. Lauderdale too, for some reason, and I've never been there. Maybe one day I'll get down your way.  I would think Hollywood would be really expensive..or anywhere in California. There's places I think would be fun to visit, including NYC, but I guess home is where the heart is, huh?

Now if I only had a heart!!!  LOL

Yours is a BIGGIE!!  ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I will NOT make a comment!!!

Nice mountain color in that pic.  I visited Asheville around 10 or 12 years ago, to visit Vanderbilt place.  That was really nice, as the grounds are beautiful and that place is really interesting (all sorts of "modern" plumbing/heating etc stuff built in).  The Asheville area looked nice, and the mountain air was a nice change coming from Charleston (pollen count was sky high at the time in Atlanta, Charleston, etc).  I also drove through a small town called Henderson, that I think is also in North Carolina.  It looked nice.  I remember thinking that those areas might not be so bad to live in. 

I think I'm spoiled here in California, with the weather and scenery we have, not to mention food and people.  Haven't seen too many other areas I'd like to live.

You're in the San Fransisco area right? I'm not much of a traveler, but if I ever do, that's on the top of my list. I've heard so many people say awesome things about the San Fran area regarding the people and just the whole ambiance of the place.

How are the prices in that area. I always hear how expensive California is.

Housing very expensive.  Food, restaurants, etc probably not much different than most larger cities. 

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