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Black Sambo Recipe-make it Simple

Added: Sunday, January 20th 2008 at 12:38am by idcross10
Related Tags: recipe, drinks, food



I just want to share this simple recipe


First Layer:
1 cup water
2 sachet powdered unflavored gelatin(Knox)
1 big can condensed milk
1 big Nestle Cream

Second Layer:
1cup water
2 sachet powdered unflavored gelatin(Knox)
1 big can evaporated milk
1 cup cocoa powder
1 cup white sugar

For the first layer, mix all ingredients then cook over low heat. Pour in a mold, let it cool while preparing the second layer.For the second layer follow the first procedure then pour it on the same mold to make two layers. Let it cool before putting it in refrigerator.

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User Comments


whoa!! thanks dude!! you are such a great help!! =)

maraming salamat po. hehe

ei there,,,this is not the correct way to make a tasty black sambo... sorry but i can not share my recipe,... ii

hello? ok ka lng... if u hve nothing to say... just keep it for yourself... u r not helping... u'r such an insult... no one is asking that recipe of urs...

that's right, if you have nothing to share........isaksak mo sa lalamunan mo.....


thanks for the simple recipe.

to jace: wag kang makasarili. aanhin mo ung recipe? gagawa ka ba ng world wide chain of store specializing in making black sambo?

thnks so much for the recipe .. its so great and yummy the whole family love it.... sam

eiz3x! u bter kp urself off nlng on dz comment bx kng wla ka lng masabi ! mybe ur jst seekng 4 an attntxn sa mga viewers cguro u want meron talaga mgkakandarapa 2 ask ur own blck sambo recipe....u commentd bt nver shared nga! selfish! assuming ka rin dhil dka kila2x mgcocomnt ka nlng ng ganyan! prove it  kng mgboboast ka nlng rin!

thanks!im gona try it 2day!

elow po...tnx sa recipe...

ill try it...

tnx ulit


correct kayo dyan guys! selfish nga siya. pero may natuklasan ako how to prepare/make black sambo without the use of heat. yong 1 cup of water make it a hot (yong hot talaga ha?) water na lang. para doon mo na e melt yong knox gelatin then mix the remaining ingredients. same instruction to the 2nd layer.

Thank you soooooooo much! I made it for my daughter's birthday yesterday it was yummy!

how "big" is the nestle cream..? hmm.. any specifications..? hmm.. Like 350ml or something..?

ill try ur recipe.. give u my feedback after..

Thanks for sharing the recipe..


{#apploud.gif} {#arc.gif} {#cheerleader.gif} bravo

{#awesome.gif} {#arrow_go.gif}

thank you sooooooooooo much for the recipe.{#floating.gif}

me and my girlfriend loves to cook, we'll make black sambo nxt this week:)

thank you so much.. my son love's it!

pwede rin po para maka less... sa white-2pks knox, 1 big can evap,condensed milk, 1 all purpose cream or alaska crema at sa upper layer-2 pks knox,1 big can evap,1 cup ricoa cocoa powder, at 1/2cup sugar

meron po bang black sambo na no sugar kc sugar is food for cancer cells... I would like to prepare it for my mom but she's not allowed to eat food with sugar.... hope someone could help me.. hehe =D 


tnx for the recipe, ill try it!

thanx for the recipe..love it..yummy nga talaga...


tnx for d recipe., i'll try making it{#apploud.gif}

Tried it but it came out funny because i didnt wait for the white layer to cool down, so everything was mixed up.. Il try it again next week, the right way.. Thanks for the recipe..

Amazingly, your blog is the most useful I have ever met with. It meets my satisfaction.

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I tried your recipe. Its easy and simple. thanks a lot! But I used only 1 sachet of gelatin but it turn out right anyway.

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thank you po tlga... 

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thanks for sharing ur recipe!!!! ;)


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