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Footfall Sequence of the Easy Gaits of Gaited Horses

Added: Wednesday, September 10th 2008 at 7:23pm by icelandichorses
Related Tags: education


The footfall sequence of the easy gaits of gaited horses is the same as the walk:


Left Hind, Left Front, Right Hind, Right Front.


It's the timing between the footfalls that determines what the gait is.

If the diagonal legs are landing closer in time, it will be a diagonal gait such as the fox trot.

If the lateral legs are landing closer in time, it will be a lateral gait, such as the stepping pace.

If the timing is even four-beats, it will be a square gait such as the running walk.


User Comments

interesting.  I love horses but know little about them

You can see my fun horse videos here:


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